Some info about 8 fake bugs (fake = you think them to be n2o5 bugs, but they’re not ;) )

I read many comments of people having problems with n2o5 and blaming me for bugs etc πŸ™‚

There are no confirmed bugs so far, maybe only one, which is not n2o5 related anyway….there are no bugs found in n2o5 so far πŸ˜‰ write in this post if you have any problem and I’ll try to solve them, and add relevant info to this post Β πŸ˜‰ but please read thisΒ before posting!


let’s see what the FAKE BUGS are about πŸ˜‰

1) Swype doesn’t work on n2o5 —-> IT WORKS, if you installed only max languages with n2o5_musthave.sis and you rebooted after installing n2o5_musthave.sis and after installing swype.


If you still have problems with swype, send me an email to with DETAILED info. Thanks πŸ™‚

2) Phonetorch doesn’t disable LED flash —-> This is phonetorch’s bug, I have already talked to the author, and he said that he won’t solve that because he doesn’t know how to solve it, given that it only happens on some i8910 official firmwares

3) I can’t install OviMaps//// OviMaps doesn’t start! Β  —-> Have you installed S60SOA_1.1 before installing OviMaps? Probably not, read hereΒ Β 


4) I installed OviMaps but I can’t find its icon! ———> OviMaps icon is in LBS folders in Menu!

5) Date of photos in Photo details is wrong by 1day and 1 hour! ——–> This is Samsung’s firmware bug, and it’s a known one, nothing to do about it πŸ˜‰ It’s always been there πŸ˜‰

6) I can’t install QtMobility —-> Official QtMobility package is not compatible with i8910, I have to make a modded QtMobility package, I’ll do that in the next days and I’ll let you have the modded package πŸ˜‰

7) I can’t install Qt 4.7.3! —-> You have to install Qt as one of the first components after you have flashed, because it has many dependencies on other softwares, and it could fail the installation if you install it when your phone already has lots of apps installed! πŸ˜‰

8) I can’t login to facebook using Vivaz’s facebook app! ——> Facebook’s app bug! It seems like it can be solved by logging in with a WRONG password, and then with the correct one!


As you see, they’re all fake bugs, nothing related to n2o5, so please, just have some patience when you have problems before saying that my firmwares are bugged, because they’ve been tested enough to avoid stupid bugs πŸ˜€



1) I get my phone into an infinite loop, have to reset it to make it boot! ——-> StartBackup’s problem, I’ve sent an email to madhacker, startbackup’s coder, I’ll wait for his answer to give you further info about that….in the meanwhile, DO NOT USE STARTBACKUP, AND DELETE C:/Sys/bin/domainsrv.exe and C:/sys/bin/boot1.exe if you can them in C:/sys/bin folder!

Β Anyway, startbackup works perfectly for lots of people, so there must be some other software conflicting with startbackup…


58 thoughts on “Some info about 8 fake bugs (fake = you think them to be n2o5 bugs, but they’re not ;) )

  1. One information about the Phonetorch app that might help finding the issue: I used to have HX-8 on my phone and Phonetorch was working fine. Maybe the developer can compare what changed in the code since that version and this one and so find the Led turn off bug.

      1. Thank you Faenil for including the app in the firmware and for checking out with the author. If he does not want to fix it, there is nothing to do…

      2. Hi!
        I have a problem: when i open the music player application/all songs, the phone doesn.t find any songs.This happens for both the memory card and the mass memory. Could you please tell me why this happens?

            1. please recheck everything because you must be doing something wrong πŸ˜‰ put musics in E:/MUSIC and then go into mediaplayer and press options-> Refresh

  2. Hey Faenil New RP+ 3.1 released…..

    Change-Log RP+ v3.0 > v3.1:
    + New: Lite Version is already Signed, you don’t need to sign it with a DevCert
    + Improved: InstallServer.rmp patch has been updated
    + Improved: RomPatcherAuto.exe has been renamed to RPPAuto.exe for better compatibility with Samsumg Omnia autostart.
    + NOTE: Due to UID change, you have to uninstall any previous RP+ version before installing RP+ 3.1 (but you can keep the *.ldd files)

    Any Way to get this in n205 ???
    Check Samsung Omnia Compatiblity. Now will work with s^3 Patches for s60v5 too.

  3. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never used Swype before, but it took a little while to figure out, that I had to select ‘QWERTY keyboard’ to get Swype. Thought there would be an extra ‘Swype’ option to select. There isn’t – but Swype works (or at least it eventually will work, when I get used to it…)

  4. Faenil,

    The firmware’s awesum, but i’m having a slight problem. All of my contacts appears to be double.

    I backed up my phone before flashing using normal backup. Any solutions?

    Thx and rgds,

    Noah πŸ˜‰

  5. hi faenil,

    thnx a lot for your great firmware,it work great!!!!
    but i have 1 problem: i can’t install any sis file even if i copy them to the thinkchangefolder.
    what do i do wrong???
    which patches must be enabled and which patches not???
    thnx for your help.

    1. I have the same problem since this morning!!! I don’t know what happened? Did you solved your problem?
      When I want to open SIS or JAR file in any file browser, nothing happens. πŸ™

  6. hi faenil,

    finally i found the problem by my self.
    i removed my SD card and now every sis file will install!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so the SD card is the problem,maybe it’s corrupt.

    greetings lambik

  7. Good, go back and stay there. Battery API has nothing changed so your statement is your own and only for yourself. w/e you’re doing with your phone depends entirely on you and if your battery is old, then don’t come here and blame someone else for your own failure to comprehend things.

    I simply love these blokes appearing from nowhere thinking someone else will change their diapers…

  8. Thank you faenil. everything is great.
    I don’t know what’s the reason of these things:
    I have installed n2o5 with Gadget in E mod and KineticScrolling menu,
    – on screen Lock button doesn’t work. I didn’t tried other home screens
    – when a sms delivered, an incoming sms sound hear with delivered popup, like you have a new messege.

  9. sorry for my bad english. i tested ehsan2004&hxv8-32&n204&n205 firmwares ,n205 is very good in speed and…but there is afew bugs and battery problem(my battery is very good in n204)

    1. which bugs? and there’s no battery problem, nothing changes in battery in firmwares, all firmwares handle the battery the same way…

      It’s just you users who always think there’s something new

  10. First I’d like to say that this is by far the best CFW out! It’s fast, responsive and beautiful! I do have a bug, I removed my microSD card and after I put it back I noticed that the background image disappeared. So I tried to reboot but then it got stuck in an infinite loop just showing Samsung i8910 then a black screen and back to Samsung i8910. This also happen to someone else so it’s not just me.

    1. you can’t put memory card out if your wallpaper is on the memory card…that will disappear of course…

      about the reboot, have you opened startbackup? it will cause problems like that

      1. Yes my wallpaper was on the memory card but after I put it back in doesn’t it come back?

        Oh yes I think i did open the start backup but I didn’t do anything.

        Thanks for the reply!

  11. Startbackup, Qik and using the Borealis by Pizero theme all make this rom go into an infinite boot loop. I am able to boot the phone and remove/deactivate the problems by removing mem card, SIM and holding camera button while booting.

  12. hello.
    Dont know, if its a bug, but sometimes after keyboard unlocking the phone freezes for 5 sec, when trying to open any section in the setting menu.

  13. Hello Faenil…jst a little update…sywpe really didnt worked on my phone after following your instructions last week…so it wasnt fake (^ ^ ..but…every problem has a solution.. i updated the swype via ovi store… i would advise anyone’s facing the same problem to do it as it solved mine since a week now… the latest version works indeed. πŸ™‚

  14. i had updated to n2o5 but am facing a problem with the i8910tuning its not opening up.please help i was using hx v11 before this. thqnks in advance. πŸ™‚

  15. No, qtmobility … QT Libraries 4.7.3 must instal…there is page up- must have softver n205 download and instal QT Libraries 4.7.3.. and i8910 tuning is work.

  16. If you want fm radio without headset go to filebrowser z/sys/bin/FMRadioTest.exe clik on it open and click 1. Rx Mode and again 1. Radio on and 4-5 key up-down to menage frequency..up volume is 6 key and down volume 7. πŸ˜‰

  17. Hi

    Just installes n2o5; looks awesome! but… I can not install Sygic 8.24 or 8.22 on it.
    I installed it sucessfully with other firmwares, but with this, after copying all the files to the mass memory and try to run setupsymbian.sis, it just ask me if I want to install it, after saying yes… it does nothing.

    also, I tried installiung QT…

    any clue?

      1. yes, it works now, but the samsung homescreen is not like the original is now fullscreen, it has the clock in the top-left of the screen, I can’t remove it, it’s not a widget, how can I remove it to look like the original??? Thanks for the firmware, this is the only thing I don’t like.

      1. First, I downloaded n2o5 with Gadget in E mod and KineticScrolling menu, and i didn’t like the homescreen,
        after that i downloaded n2o5 with kinetic scrolling menu, without Gadget-in-E mod and it works perfect

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