Hire me!

Who I am

Have a look at the About me page to get more details about my character, attitude and my skills.

Also check out my blog if you’re interested in what I have been working on lately.

What I am looking for

I am fresh out of University, I got my master’s degree on Dec 2014.

I am currently looking for a job in the Qt/QML field. Here are some things I particularly enjoy:

  • UI development in QtQuick/QML (mobile, IVI, HMI, etc)
  • Middleware and low level libraries development in C++/Qt
  • Videogames development in C++/OpenGL/GLSL
  • Anything related to 3D graphics (visualization algorithms, etc)
  • Anything related to mobile UI and middleware programming

Have an offer for me?

Feel free to contact me via one of the social networks, the links are right below the page header.

If that fails, my email is “faenil AT i8910tuning THISISADOT com”


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