Nemomobile Glacier UI, the first component: Button

Hello people πŸ™‚ I took inspiration from the current qtquickcontrols-tizen repo and built the repo for the new Nemo components for Glacier UI! So, first of all, a big thank you to Tomasz Olszak (nickname: tolszak) and JarosΕ‚aw_Staniek (nickname: staniek) for their awesome work on Qt for Tizen! I changed quite a lot of stuff […]

Links for n2o5 updated!

Hi guys! I’m sorry for the download server issues…I’m also very sad about that, because I had everything on there…I have lost all my custom firmwares (I did not keep n2o or litv2, my first cfws, on my hdd), and all the files I put on that server πŸ™ Anyway, thanks to, the most […]