Let’s start it (README PLEASE)

Hi guys, it’s faenil here 🙂

Many of you know who I am, know what I have done in the past, (my first custom rom, the first rom in the world to implement java 2.0.1 runtimes in an i8910 firmware: http://forums.samsungi8910omnia.com/samsung-i8910-omnia-hd-custom-roms-cooked-roms/4801-firmware-customfw-javaedition-jeig2_b1-07-09-09-a.html),  know the problems that I’ve had during the last months, which took me away from the rom cooking scene 🙂

Whilst many of you probably won’t even know what my real name is… ^^

I am Andrea, and I am an italian boy ;-)

I study Computer Science at “Università di Pisa” and I am at the second year of university :mrgreen:

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of computer science and this has led me to develop many interests in many different fields…

During the last few years, I’ve been wandering through forums about security, forums about mobile phones, forums about hardware, and I’m still interested in all those subjects :grin:

In one of the first days which followed the one I bought my Omnia HD ( used 🙂 315€ in august) I read a guide about rofs unpacking tools (I think it was an article on the international forum) and that really made me curious… I was used to hack my SE k750i (and it was so funny to replace the audio and cam drivers with Far Manager 🙂 ), and now that I had a new device, I realised that I had the chance to enjoy myself as I did with the k750i… :cool:

So I contacted sev7en (hi, dear friend :smile:) which was the person who helped me most during the first days…even because at that time he was the only one to make custom firmwares…I owe him a beer :mrgreen:

After a few days, my first rom was out (read first lines), and I was so happy to see a new java engine running on my phone, with the amazing 250%  performance boost in Java 3D  apps!!! :twisted: http://www.ipmart-forum.it/showthread.php?t=170073

I kept on cooking until late september arrived, and the university began to absorb my spare time…and university, plus personal life problems, made me close my kitchen :mrgreen:

Btw, I never stopped reading news on forums and following the scene ;-)

Now, it’s time to continue the work that I have left behind me…

I’ll make new custom roms, and I’ll make polls very often, thus being able to make a rom that is perfect for most of the users…

I believe that you all will help me in this project ;-)

I also added a DONATE button to my site, and a funny thermometer which shows the current goal to reach…

this month, the goal is 18€ (the price I have to pay to host the blog monthly), and I really appreciate if any of you will be so kind to contribute :oops:

By the way, I want to state that it is completely optional!! :lol:

I have very nice news for this weeks, stay tuned!!!



9 thoughts on “Let’s start it (README PLEASE)

  1. ciao Andrea, spero che il blog si riempia, comunque cosa si può fare per fixare lo java della rom di jined? secondo me è la migliore in circolazione!

  2. come ha detto anche lo stesso jined, non conviene stare a provare a fare impianti vari per mettere il java fixato su un altra rom, molto probabilmente si creerebbero bug…
    il mio consiglio è di aspettare la sua jb2 oppure la mia (quella che sto preparando è una jb2) 😉

  3. Hopefully I’ll get my debt card recharged tommorow and then you’ll be able to pay this month dues for your blog 😀
    I always like helping honest and hard working people like yourself and I’m not ashamed of my own coding igonrance by doing so, nor I’m paying for anything here. I simply appreciate work of others by donating.

    I can tell you have class and style. Keep it rollling. 😀


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