problems with arabic language

Hi guys I’m writing to let you know the status of the development ^^

I have extracted arabic and russian from their latest fw (arabic: JVIF2, russian XEJB1) and I have tried to flash the JC1 with the arabic language and italian and english, the result is:

everything works but it can’t open the menu, it says “system error”, and I have this problem only with ARABIC LANGUAGE…
it works smooth with italian and english…

I don’t know where is the problem at the moment, if anybody has an idea, let me know 😉

6 thoughts on “problems with arabic language

  1. maybe something ocured when extract arabic language , plz try to solve this problem there is many pepole waiting you

    I know mate…I’ll try hard to solve this… 🙁

  2. 😉 Hi!

    2 things that we’d like to see in new russian customized ROM:

    1) New desktop icons – more standard (bottom menu, messages, dialer icons), maybe nokia ones.
    2) Different effects, because this ones are kinda make most of people dizzy… I like Hyper’s from last ROM

    Thank u!!

    we’d like to see? are you the admin of a russian forum or what? 🙂

  3. The error message in the Arabian firmware says :

    System error X


    Thanks for that hard effort and hope that you can fix it.


  4. Just an honest representer 😉

    Indeed, those icons are good only if you have this “3D icons” theme set up, but for most of theme they are doesn’t fit. Yeah, good to have icons different from default ROM, but please make them more standart, as I said already: maybe from nokia or something else cute 😎

    And effects are indeed cool! But… only for 1 day… After that u get used to it and only get dizzy everi time they “flip around and fly”…

    You’ve done a great job! And I’m looking forward to install your new fixed Russain ROM, because of best battery life and best camera. Right noe I’m on last Hyper’s ROM and I’m not happy with battery life at all… 😐

    So I hope to see ur new masterpiece soon! 😉

    ok ^^

  5. Hi Faenil, many thanks for your hard work. I would like to help but how do we check the language code?

    don’t need it anymore 😉 thanks for the support ^^

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