n2o2 coming (italian, english) and russian localization ;)

n2o2 is almost ready, it will be online in couple of hours 😉

just want to remember you that DICTIONARY IS NOT WORKING AND HAS BEEN DELETED..
this is the only bad news, otherwise I think this rom is perfect 🙂

4 thoughts on “n2o2 coming (italian, english) and russian localization ;)

  1. great job Faenil! So we are now waiting for Chinese’s firmware 😛

    yeah, but it will take some days, my exam has been anticipated to tuesday 20…
    after that day, I’ll finish localizations…
    thanks ^_^

  2. Will be this rom based on Hong Kong JC1? Whill it have 190MB of free RAM?
    I don’t understand how it is possible to do this, because hyperx did the same but his rom has nothing, only 194MB of free ram and better battery.

    Will you please integrate international keyboard? If you answer is no, can you give us suggestion how can we put this inside the rom, because is exe file?!?!?


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