good news for hungarians and portugueses

Ok n2o2 is now ready to get localizations…
in the next days I’ll be releasing Hungarian and Portugues versions 😉
and Arabic ones, if IF6 files are not bugged as IF2 ones are…

cheers 😉

9 thoughts on “good news for hungarians and portugueses

  1. what about if6 is working?

    still have to try, I’m working on chinese atm…
    I’ll try if6 tomorrow 😉
    I have to say that there is a low chance to get it working … arabic firmwares are too old… btw I’ll check it 😉

  2. hey …
    i am a big hyperx fan , but i triesd your firmware and i am really impressed ! everthing works excellent … very very good job 😀
    one question.. in the older firmware you released, there were some programms like 360 ting and so on for autoinstaller … is there a possibility to get these programms ?

    thx a lot


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