Little chance to get KS in menu :)

Hi guys the new firmware from Nokia for 5800 brings kinetic scrolling into the menu!!!

I’ll try to import it in our beloved phone tomorrow, as I’m not at home now 🙂

There is a little chance that it will work, but I hope it will… ^^

Cheers 🙂

11 thoughts on “Little chance to get KS in menu :)

  1. sorry mate but i dont think this would work….proove me wrong i want you to proove me wrong but why to whait nokia’s 5800 firmware that brings KS in menu and not to use from the n97 that has it long time ago???

    i think that this would be possible if only you had access to core files but as i know nobody can repack/rebuild whatever the core files yet

    im not an expert i hope you make it mate just using things i’ve learned over other forums

  2. wat is this bro… now again i hav to flash my phone.. i thought that n202 fixed is the perfect… now again i hav to put music, pics, videos, apps, themes etc in hd..

    i hope we will get the new firmware tonight or tomorrow..

    when its gonna release..


    don’t know
    man I can’t know the future, if new things are out, what should I do? leave my roms with old things?

  3. didnt get wat u said… u ok…

    It’s not my fault if you want to reflash because there is a new feature…n2o2 has no bugs, it is only a new feature…

  4. you are erasing the comment which I sent why?

    me and hyperx decided to delete all the comments about us in this post 😉
    no problems with you mate 🙂

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