problems with bulgarian,slovenian,.. NORDIC AND TURKISH IS OK ;)

I’m sorry guys the IG4 firmware is bugged, like the IF2 Arabic…

I managed to solve the arabic problem using another firmware…
so now I need another firmware which includes Bulgarian and Romanian…

can anybody tell me the name of the firmware before IG4?

while I am having a different problem with czech localization, phone doesn’t start at all at the moment…
I’ll see what I can do 😉

UPDATE: TURKISH IS WORKING!!! thanks wolfturk!!!

Links are appreciated…

22 thoughts on “problems with bulgarian,slovenian,.. NORDIC AND TURKISH IS OK ;)

  1. there is another version with romanian language
    Stimate Domn,

    * PDA/CSC Ver : I8910XXIFB/I8910OROIG1 si
    PHONE : I8910XXIF2

    does it include Bulgarian?

  2. will be slovakian localization plz? 😉
    btw all owners of i8910 in slovakia love u 😀

    yes it will be ready this evening 😀
    send me the link of the slovakian forum please 😉

  3. try this I8910XXIFB + I8910XCSIF1. This should be the first Slovak firmware.This keeps the firmware I can go into service

    I’m trying with this one …
    edit: same problem, it boots up but it doesn’t show the country selection screen, it just keeps flashing grey screen…

  4. Hyperx’s because he must be able to take the final in its firmware cz / sk location but today I read that you got into an argument I have with you 😉

    ahahahh yeah 🙂 but maybe he just used a beta samsung firmware, which I’ll not be able to get…
    this problem is very strange, it seems like it doesn’t have the file for the country selection screen…if I plug it in usb, the popup appears “chargin” and it is written in Czech! So the language is there…but he has some problems getting over the first screen…

  5. sorry but it still bothers the title is probably a mistake there shall be an slovakian and not slovenian 😉

    there is Czech, Slovakian, and Slovenian in the firmware…where is the mistake? 😀

  6. Hi there, I am not sure if this is going to help you, but give it a try :mrgreen: .

    Bulgarian based (Bulgarian,Croatian,English,Hungarian,Romanian, Serbian) Firmware: (fix with croatian language)

    One more:

    That’s all. Let me know if this was a helpful. Keep up with the good work and don’t forget about us :mrgreen: .

    thanks man I’ll give those a look 😉
    edit: I have already tried with IG4 😉
    I’ll try with these two remaining
    edit: they’re not opensource…they’re .exe… I haven’t got time to make Z drive copy now… 🙁

  7. it is chinese fw I8910_II3 with slovenian java version

    but they’re all .exe files…
    ok I’ll make the Z dump…but you’ll have to wait tomorrow maybe… 🙁

  8. I think that Serbian and Croatian firms have to support Bulgarian Language. Another firmware is I8910XXIG4_OMX

    I already tried that…read all the comments please…

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