Dictionary –> MAYBE solution found! :)

Still have to try it coz I’m not at home during weekends 🙂

BUT, I think it will work…

so you will have a fully working dictionary in the next release!!

Enjoy! 😀

9 thoughts on “Dictionary –> MAYBE solution found! :)

  1. I guess people who use Dictionary will appreciate it. It would be even better to make a standalone SIS package that can be installed on E drive so it wouldn’t ‘steal’ precious space of Z, thus C drive too 😀

    unfortunately the .exe files resides in ROM, so I don’t think it’s going to work if I put all files on E 🙂
    but I will make some attempts 😀

  2. Faenil, great news!!! But I agree that the best thing is to let everything as much as possible on a SIS package and who needs it installs.

    PS: I want to install Adobe Reader and Quickoffice (full version with EDIT capabilities) but the phone says “cannot update” or “internal application, cannot install”. I also cannot remove the default ones, what can I do?

    to let you install full version I should delete the default quickoffice and adobe from the rom —> This means that people who don’t need the full version will not be able to get it anymore without downloading warez packages…
    I have to think about this…

  3. I would appreciate as well, if in next release you leave the “podcast” preinstalled program… Why did you take it out??

    Because nodoby uses it 🙂

  4. If you manage to get the Dictionary working & also the ability to turn camera sounds on/off for your next firmware that would be great. Any chance of getting the feature where the music player or video player is paused when phone is face down working ?. I know its not on the original firmware that yours is based on, but would be great if you could get that working.

    Still working on music and video mate 🙂

  5. @steve, hey bro u stole my comments, i was supposed to post that comment, ya faenil bro plz fix that music and vedio sensors. the only and only thing holding me back on hx is that sensor coz that is extremely cool.

  6. well great to hear that . I really needed it , as it was a free thingy :mrgreen:

    Also Faenil. I have been able to change the icons . It Works!!!!. The problem is somewhere in my inserting back the images , i think i made a mistake . Will make a new bar , 😛

    Its very hard to wait for new firmware 💡 😛 :mrgreen:

    Keep Rocking 😉

    Best Regards

    wonderful! 🙂 didn’t understand where the problem was though 🙂

  7. Thanks for the answer, but I do would use “podcast” program! :-/
    The problem is there are no other good programs that manage podcasts, therefore please leave it or at least ask with a poll if to leave it or not…

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