How to improve battery life! Tutorial :)

There are lots of people whose battery lasts for half day…

most of the people using n2o2 told me that they had the longest battery life ever !

So, I decided to write this short post to give you some advices regardin battery life, for those who are not happy with the actual battery life πŸ™‚

Thanks to SIMON who has copied this tutorial from don’t know where πŸ™‚

β€œTips to improve battery life
1 menu>settings>connectivity>admin settings>packet data>packet data connection – change to β€œwhen needed”
2 menu>settings>connectivity>video sharing>video sharing – change to β€œoff”
3 menu>settings>connectivity>wireless lan>options>settings>show WLAN availability – change to β€œNever”
4 menu>settings>connectivity>wireless lan>options>settings>Internet connectivity test – change to Ask every time
5 menu>settings>connectivity>wireless lan>options>settings>options>advanced settings>TX power level – change to β€œ10 mW”
6 IF YOU DON’T USE 3G THEN DISABLE IT (it’s very resource hungry)!! —>menu>settings>connectivity>Network>Network Mode>GSM

Let me know if it works on your phone πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “How to improve battery life! Tutorial :)

  1. If my battery doesn’t last for 5 days, I will go after you!!!
    Hi ya mate, long time no see or hear or chat…whatever.
    Thanks for the info. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  2. I already wrote such tutorial on (I think), it works very well but DEFAULT settings on most ROMs are already like that.

    In real life the most important are:
    1) use GSM (instead of Dual or 3G)
    2) turn off Bluetooth when not in use
    3) decrease brightness (= put on Manual and then in Minimum)
    4) decrease the time to Dim/turn off screen light

    Wifi on 10mW, etc have little impact on battery life.

  3. Some additional hints:

    Things that eat up the battery:
    – Theme effects
    – Kastor effects
    – Widgets which don’t kill the network connection (like Ciskelo clock)
    – 3D effects like the ones used in SPB
    – GPS (especially Garmin if the process TSRAutostart.exe keeps running in the background)
    – Bluetooth
    – Compass
    – Wireless LAN
    – Massive use of acceleration sensor
    – Loudspeaker (especially with tweaked Audio_Tune settings)
    – UMTS (if you got poor reception)
    – Any use of the phone in areas with poor network reception (even in idle mode)
    – Any non-black screen background (AMOLEDs save energy with PURE BLACK backgrounds only)
    – Installing applications or application data on drive F: (memory card)
    – Any applications running in the background

  4. Also widgets that do constantly flip, tick etc (use java scripts really fast) is going to influence battery life. At the end, it’s each to his own. If I can get a day with all advanced options of a smartphone i8910 is, then I’m satisfied and I’m getting a day and a half when:
    I’m using 3G instead of GSM for network
    Use heavy java scripted widgets
    Use 3G/WiFi internet for at least 2 hours per day
    Make 3-5 photos and 1-2 5 minutes HD video
    Use my phone set on full brightness as I don’t like dimmed screens at all
    Use GPS in various apps for 15-20 minutes
    Make ~10 calls and ~10-15 SMS texts
    Watching few videos and listen to an hour or 2 of music via headphones

    That is enough for my daily usage and I have a healthy habit to recharge my phone every night so I don’t care to optimize it further (aside common ‘tricks’).

    If my battery drops below 1 day of named usage – then it will be the time to change my battery as my phone has 11 moths of working life (till now) and li-ion batteries get thrashed and lose capacity over time, you know πŸ˜‰

  5. im on my second full day with my normal use, i find the net is the real killer for my battery when its using the packet data or whatever that little symbol under the 3G sign is lol. And yes it is off the hd users forum πŸ˜‰

  6. I have been using most of those settings to increase battery life….i also turn of the gps but all of a sudden i cant access its location in the menu via….. MENU>SETTINGS>PHONE>APPLICATION SETTINGS……whenever i try opening that location it just closes and goes to main menu! do u kno why that is…..its not just with ur firmware by the way, so i’m not saying its a bug πŸ˜† but even official samsung firmware give that issue after a while…..

    I have no idea sorry πŸ™‚

  7. Symbios: Try the NEW (not v2.02) Java beta of Nokialabs; this should solve your problem which occurs after installing and deinstalling certain Java applications.

    Brower: πŸ˜€ – My list is not intended to make people switch off all of their phone’s goodies – you may just pick your poison. πŸ˜€
    But VERY often people don’t know about the recource eaters they might have enabled; usually they blame it on the firmware. :/

    Fevves: Good point about aging of LiIon batteries. This is what no seller will ever tell you: LiIon batteries degrade up from the first hour after manufacturing; after about 1.5 years usually they’re ready for the trash bin; this may happen REAL faster if the battery gets heated up to about 50 Β°C – trashed.
    That’s why I HATE devices with built-in batteries which hit the market like an epidemic; most people like iPrune users are too happy with that, because they still believe in eternal battery capacities and all lies manufacturers provide.

    All: Don’t buy batteries in advance, e. g. for having a spare after 1.5 years of use of the original battery. Makes NO sense, because your spare battery will degrade as well with almost the same speed, even if you don’t use it. Result: TWO dead batteries after a while. So also watch for the manufacturing date if buying a spare.

  8. I agree with Fevves
    With the difference that using my phone as the day can be very diverse.

    I commented that my old Sony Ericsson w800, k790, Nokia N73, Nokia N95, and comment, none of them lasted more than me one day the battery, I believe that given the i8910 that I use, is the longest Battery life has almost two days.

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