is it worth flashing to n2o3 if I already have n2o2? here is what you get :)

Hi guys here is the list of changes…
one months have gove since n2o2 appeared…

and these the things I have improved in my firmware:
FASTEST KASTOR EFFECTS YOU’VE EVER SEEN! CREATED BY JOKER2009 ON PURPOSE, only for n2o3!! (thank you so much dear friend 🙂 )
Videoplayer 1.0.88 for better subtitles IS BACK, THANKS FOR THE HEADUP
Nokia File Browser 4.5 ADDED
Dictionary is back
Transparent NavBar ADDED
VideoSilencing and MusicSilencing sensor settings are back
– Default theme changed to Modded Precision by faenil&liamstears (thanks bro 😉 )
– Default incall volume set to 8
– Context Object size reduced to 2kb for better performance (system tweak)
– VIVAZ CONVERSATIONS ADDED IN MESSAGING CENTRE (it doesn’t eat ram nor C space, so I decided to add it)
Samsung Jpeg Codec ADDED
Wifi Widget ADDED
– Landscape rotation mod ADDED
– No memory icon mod ADDED (I’ll upload a .sis patch if you want it back 😉 so no problem 🙂 )
Shutter sound can be muted
– Autofocus, start&stop video recording sound are back 🙂 but they can be silented
– Default Browser bookmars removed!! (many of you asked this 🙂 )
– “E:\Shared” folder added to the folder excluded by the gallery (powerMp3 related)
– “Help” and “About” REMOVED from TOOLS
– default SAMSUNG folder added, with all samsung softwares inside
– New WEB folder, where you’ll find the default browser, Opera Mobile (if installed), and Skyfire (if installed)
– NDrive icon (if installed) will be in SamsungLBS folder
– PowerMP3 icon is in Media now
– Changed default SMS tone
– changed default ringtone

I hope I haven’t forgot anything 🙂

cheers 🙂

I’ll upload a video in the afternoon 🙂

It’s 5:23am now…been working all the night again…
time to go to bed now…got lesson at 12am…

cheers 😀

34 thoughts on “is it worth flashing to n2o3 if I already have n2o2? here is what you get :)

  1. Awesome mate. eagerly waiting for ur next release. Have used firmware by HX and other cookers but yours is the best and stable. Keep rocking.

  2. Good work dear friend good dreams. 🙄
    What about Universal Theme ?? can i install Universal Hybrid with no problems ??

    Greetings from Portugal.
    Um grande abraço para todos os Tugas aqui presentes, que pelos vistos já são muitos. 😛

  3. Sono in trepitante attesa del rilascio della nuova rom e, conoscendoti, sarà sicuramente una rom da URLOOOOO.
    Grazie e complimenti per tutto ciò che fai, sei proprio un grande!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi mate,

    Please don’t use Videoplayer 1.0.88 because not only does it crash but the divx movies are not as smooth on this version. They more or less sorted the issue out on the latest version ( so downgrading the player is, unfortunately, a step backwards and this issue completely cancels out the benefits of “better subtitles”.

    Why is everyone all of a sudden obsessed with downgrading the video player anyway? Are the subtitles actually that bad on

    If you do decide to go with 1.0.88 is there any way we can manually upgrade? If not then unfortunately I’ll stick with N202.

    Thanks all your hard work,


  5. Ciao Faenil ottimo lavoro! 😉

    Io sono niente di queste versioni del lettore video, però se è vero la l’ultima è migliore a parte i sottotitoli anch’io sarei per mettere la!
    Io i sottotitoli non gli ho mai utilizzati per esempio.. 🙄

    cmq vedi tu..
    Grazie di tutto!
    Buonagiornata!! 🙂

  6. One reminder here 😛

    ‘WEB’ folder is something most of people who like customizing their phone like greatly. This is not an ordinary looking folder – it’s properly SKINNED and if your theme is having a proper icon, you’ll get it just the way it is supposed to be: dedicated internet folder icon instead of bland plain folder one.

    This is one of those small yet godd add ons, so try not erasing that folder as you won’t be able to recreate it properly yourself, unless you know what it takes to have it skinned properly again! :D:D:D

    As for the rest I see this is evolving in right direction, giving our phone another great and strong breath of life confronted to other symbian released phones.

    Keep up the great work Faenil, you’re work is utmost appreciated!

    ps: only @Faenil – And if you need some custom animations you know I’m willing to give it a shot like for ‘CrySis’ project (I could easily pas you my own psd and gif files from CrySIS or work on that as a base start 😉 Same stands for some custom made sounds etc…

    give me a whistle if you need me 🙂

  7. Thank you very much bro. Can you fix smart reader in rus localization please? There are only en, esp and fr languages, not russian 🙄

  8. Szia srácok!

    Egy kicsit zavaró, hogy a hozzászólások kb fele olasz nyelven van, amikor az internet nemzetközi nyelve az angol. Tudom hogy Faenil olasz és sok honfitársa aktív itt, de könyörgöm írjatok már angolul, mert így nagyon kellemetlen nekünk, nem olaszoknak. Köszönöm, hogy vettétek a fáradságot elolvasni és lefordítani ezt. 🙂

    Use google translate and you will see what I wanted to tell you all , my Italian friends! 🙂

  9. Anche io sono soddisfatto della gestione sottotitoli fatta dal player della n2o2, versione, ci vedo settimanalmente LOST 🙂 (ev. una sis per aggiornare il lettore per chi lo volesse…)

    Tra le altre feature sarebbe possibile avere il TELEFONO (cioè il tastierino per comporre i numeri) anche come applicazione oltre che nella barra in basso vicino alla Rubrica? Altrimenti non è possibile utilizzarlo col tema Full Page.

    Un’altra cosa di minima importanza: possibile che GMail debba avere un’icona così brutta e sgranata? Non c’è un Tema che la sostituisca come viene fatto ad es. con Fring e Google Maps che hanno la loro icona Precision?

    Grazie per il qualità del tuo lavoro e per tua la dispobilità

  10. I am with funky If you do decide to go with 1.0.88 is there any way we can manually upgrade? Also give Fevves a whistle to corporate. And thank you very much for this great hard work.


  11. faenil my friend. Another outstanding effort through the night for our benefit. It is much appreciated.

    If you make the changes, re the player and Fevves’s web folder, then I will jump across and join the party again. Currently using Liam’s latest firmware and more than impressed with its functionality and stability.

    However, I also greatly enjoy using your firmware as well. Keep up the good work mate. :mrgreen:

    guys! here’s the traitor!!! catch him! ahahahah
    nice to see you prozac 😛
    Videplayer is already back 😉

  12. Web folder in n2o3 is exactly what I described (trust me, I already have it on my Faenils private build CrySis v1.0 cfw and same thing will be there in Faenils n2o3), so it attains and sticks to an icon represented in the theme you use. At this point I don’t know if modded theme by Liam and Faenil has an icon element for it, but I assure you every 3rd party s60v5 theme – if properly skinned! – has it, and you’ll see what changes 🙂 It’s just a nice add-on Samsung took away from us. Skinning an icon for it is a gate to skin properly any custom made folder you like. I never saw this incorporated in any other FW except Faenils.

    I must state (again) that I always liked approach of CFW like Faneil is doing: wipe off all that is not really needed, enhance all that you can obtaining overall greater system speed and usabillity without ever breaking essential phone functionality. Hardcore and yet simple without bloat and exaggerated approach to cooking process. This is the way to go IMHO.

    This is one of those reasons I’m donating to him on almost regular bases (whenever I have some spare cash) as his CFW work is something I like the most amongst i8910 scene, apart from Liamstears own CFW builds, though I know other cooks are giving their best to push teh limits as well, just their limits don’t coincide with my own in few matters 😉

    I can’t wait to see how n2o3 performs for you guys and girls 🙂

    And remember, we all can contribute in one way or another so our cook(s) can provide better FWs for all of us. Extensive testing, constructive feedback and few other bits should be more then welcome.

    @michimichi: Gmail is a Java app, so you can make an icon for it yourself too (yes, I speak Italian well, but this being international blog I use only English and so should you). I have Gmail app with my custom icon that is not grainy at all 😉

    Bro I sent you an email 😉 get back to me asap 🙂
    seems like the icon for web folder is not there in precision theme

  13. wow …. fast reply ( like your firmware 😀 ) one question though .. can we expect N97 Home Screen Any day in I8910. ?
    though i am not an admirer of N97 i liked their idea of HS. SPB mobile shell can be another option but that wud cost me few dollars so i rather donate to this forum than to SPB. :mrgreen:



    spb shell is way better than n97 hs in my opinion…btw, if there’s someone that has a little chance of making n97 hs work, it is Szakalit…which is now working with hyperx..

    Szakalit is great, so expect something from him (and people will start yelling that hyperx made it xD)

  14. well well
    being political correct, (cough, cough) i am here to appreciate HyperX and Szakalit and off course You.

    AFAIK N97 HS will be free if ported to I8910 so my point is valid coz of money involved in it.
    yes there will be ppl who will crack SPB and yell Voila but i think thats just not the right way.
    any how. thanks for ur tip …i am eagerly waiting for evening to use ur ROM..

  15. Credo sia facilissimo aggiungere le tre icone extra alla Full Page…e sarebbe una figata averle già installate….

    causa problemi nelle altre hs se non sbaglio…

  16. hey mitico!!grande notizia la tua!!sarà prevista anche una versione con la sola lingua italiana come avevi detto tempo fa?grazie…
    p.s.: sei forte!!

  17. Mate forget the video can we have the fw pretty please im soo exited 😀 😛
    did u have any luck with the FM Transmitter? no worries if you didnt 😎

    didn’t even try…don’t know what to do about it 🙂

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