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Hi guys…this post is about supporting me…

I noticed that even though turkish, czech, and other communities use my firmwares most than any other from any other cooker, I read very few review about it πŸ™‚ This could be a good news because people are satisfied with it, but this could also be a bad news, if people do not make a review because they think none needs it πŸ™‚

Are you a journalist, have you made a review about one of my firmwares? If so, let me know the website so that I can give it a look and read what people do and do not appreciate in my firmwares πŸ˜‰

If you’re not a journalist/blogger and you want to support my work but, e.g. you don’t have spare money to donate, why not to suggest some of the websites about tech and mobile phones to make a review about n2o3?

I am very proud of n2o3, and I am so happy that most of the “expert” people in the i8910 scene use my firmwares, and I always try to give them as much support as possible because I do care about their opinions (no offence to newbies…. πŸ™‚ )
so I think it just needs more advertising πŸ™‚
But please do not spam forums, that’s not correct.
Just drop an email to bloggers or journalists who writes about mobile phones or symbian in general if you’re happy with n2o3 and you think that it deserves to get more widespread than it is at the moment πŸ™‚

Another great news:
2/3 of the 1100+ people who voted in the poll think that n2o3 IS THE FASTEST i8910 CUSTOM FIRMWARE!!! Thanks guys!!!

17 thoughts on “Spread the word! :)

  1. So… You want us make a propaganda operation for you and your goddamn n2o3 :mrgreen: ? Of course, sir πŸ˜‰ . Since I use your n2o3, each time I see a question like “which CFW is the best?”, “which FW should I flash my phone?”, I always returned “N2O3” πŸ˜› .

    In my real life, I’m really fed up with propaganda/ advertisement, but “spread the word” for the best i8910 cooker is totally different 😎 .

    P/S: For your previous post, it sounds good that your exams were not as bad as expected. Keep focusing on them. And in August, I personally expected the source of n2o3, and maybe a guide to recook it (I just want to recook something, like integrate some apps πŸ˜‰ ).

  2. Instead of wasting time , either focus on your studies or come up with real f.w. update. I had tested your n203 and didnt really see any difference/innovation as compared to other cooker’s fw , Yet it was a good fw no denying that. I check out your website once in a while to see any new real innovation you working on.. but you are all talk than action. Grow up man, betting on past achievements doesnot show your real talent, I kno this is your hobby and you dont really owe any one.. yet announcing every now and then about doing your propaganda, talking bout your achievements.. giving sarcastic statements to other cookers shows pseudo success has entered your head. Better focus on your academics, and come back with real update when you finally get time hence stop engaging people to sing ya songs and praises. Good luck and god bless.

    to avoid other “mature” people like you making such comments, I won’t answer to your comment publicly.
    but if you want the answers and you want to know what I think of what you have written here, just drop me a line at faenil@http://bernabei.me and I will clear all your doubts.

  3. What ist your problem mate?
    It is on you to know what you like or not.
    I donΒ΄t think that faenil has invited you to use his FW.
    It was your choise. And it is faenilΒ΄s choise to write on his
    own page everything he wants.
    Enjoy your stay here.

    @ faenil: DonΒ΄t mater those peoples.
    Be focused on your exames

  4. I totally agree with Epic Fail. You see Faenil, i like your work but you see actions speak louder than words, afterall your work should should carry your name forward and not by any god damn proaganda. That’s not the case with you, as you have been all talk from quite a while.

    Of course I have been all talk from half May, and you know why, don’t you? I can’t work on new things right now, I thought that was clear. why attacking me in this way? I really don’t see the point. I just told that there is a way to support me, tell people about my works (N2O3)…I really don’t see what matters that I have been in pause for studying during the last period…

  5. Calm down brotha, No one is attacking you man. All people tryna say is focus on ya books and then when you have time focus on firmware. your n2o3 was good and its allready famous. If you want to reach to wider audience… you need to focus more on your fw and add something concrete ..hyper-x aka andy although been criticized for last 2 fws yet is pretty famous in in the symbian world… he brought back the our HD outta the grave and still is bringing new features especially his speed v6 beta is awesome with amazing battery life. We love your work man.. but we want you complete ya exams and then cum back with something BETTER AND WORTHWHILE and you ill c your work will speak for itself.

    Cain Douglas

    Your words are much nicer…and I got the message.

  6. LMAO, look who’s rearing his ugly head here… the very same guy that got slapped for trying to screw up someone else when he wanted his private build, got the beta and then said it’s his own work. Nice One NOT. Get a life already, will you?

    Yes, I’m talking about uglycoyoute (epic fail)…

  7. Hi Faenil,

    First of all, thx for bringing my phone out of
    it’s grave. I can’t thank you enough. It’s

    Second, I’ll blog about you.

    Third, what I see as a growing trend is: give the
    software FREE (like your n2o3). Then take a small
    submission fee (with pay-pal for example) for PREMIUM support. Which is a
    basically membership site/or membership forum. So
    that you can focus your attention and get what
    you deserve from people who (really) care πŸ™‚

    I’ll be the first subscriber.

    I think a lot of people are making some decent
    money (especially in theme business) from this
    business model.

    Having the only alive custom FW for i8910, I think
    you must try your chances there. If you have any
    ideas or wanna talk you can always drop me a line from my e-mail.

    Best Regards from Turkey :mrgreen:

    very nice idea…thanks, I will think about it πŸ™‚

  8. phonebook like iphone
    and to change background and the font colour like iphone…
    can you?

    I can’t change the phonebook sorry πŸ™‚
    about the background and font, I am sure lots of people don’t like iphone’s font…so I can’t do that …
    I have to use something which most people will like…:)

  9. ciao faenil, sono mesi che seguo il tuo blog e lo ritengo uno dei migliori della rete a riguardo.
    ieri ho provato ad installare l’ultima release del tuo firmware, ma non mi funziona.. πŸ™ mi sapresti dire come mai?

    dovresti dirmi che problema hai altrimenti non posso aiutarti πŸ™‚

  10. Spread da word my Arse.. Even da newbie cooker Taylor makes a better and smooth fw as compared to yours. Your fw has less c drive space..slow theme effects..and nothing new to offer.

    clean your mouth, switch your brain on, and then write again, and you’ll have my answer

  11. ‘Newbie cooker’ Taylor is no N00b if you followed his work in Hungarian XM5800 scene, kudos to him for his work, but your comment here is simply utter crap – serves as a reminder of human stupidity: you never mounted both and saw potentials of each of them. You’re simply pouring out gibberish where it doesn’t belong. That only states what kind of immature person you are. Clap, clap… now crawl back under that small rock of yours you (might) call ‘manners’…

    None is forcing you to mount n2o3 or any other CFW, so simply keep away from n203 seeing you already built your own opinion based on your lousy prejudice and ill manners.

    Better yet, go create your own CFW, I guess you would be the king of the scene – NOT, poor thing…

  12. And so the flamers have arrived πŸ™‚ The one thing i love about them is that they are so predictable πŸ™„

    Anyways, keep the posts coming. Also about your personal stuff or anything else you want to share. I actually care about you and what you’re up to IRL etc and i think many of your fans feel the same way.
    Apparently the haters just press F5 all the time and when they don’t see a release they can flame, they flame the other posts you make πŸ˜†

    Kind regards

  13. Ahhh WarCow, that’s so sweet: “I actually care about you”. It brings a tear to my eye! πŸ˜‰

    Don’t worry about us faenil. I’m still on, and loving, n2o3. Very stable and no crashes at all. Running mobileshell and the Orange homescreen and it just gets on with the job.

    As for the comments from the cocks above, LMFAO. So lame. So childish. So predictable. So do one and fcuk off!

    thanks bro… πŸ™‚

  14. You don’t need to propaganda ur CFW, if the product is the best out there, it will get publicitized automatically πŸ™‚

    you’re right…but the problem is something is going against me…

  15. Hi faenil,
    I am really disappointed with your work. Instead of wasting doing what you are not really able to do, you should study in order to approve you exames and get your grade as soon as possible. I highly reccomend you to abandone this kind of stuff because you think to be an expert in the field, and of course you are not.
    PS: it is a joke, O am proud of you. you brother

    man I got a heart attack πŸ™‚ you bad boy πŸ˜€

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