Things are getting worse for Symbian…

Symbian-guru, one of the greatest and most reliable Symbian website has closed down today…
Read one of the best post about N97, Symbian, and latest Nokia marketing choice…

Damn guys…we’re slowly sinking…

24 thoughts on “Things are getting worse for Symbian…

  1. well i’m going to stick to my i8910 , with or without symbian-guru.And I think a lot of people will do the same 😉

    I am a bit confused…

  2. Samsung i8910 HD can match the speed and specs even the upcoming models and it’s all because of you(thanks for that!!), and it all got the things we need like Garmin, Joiku, Office and some useful symbian apps. So before it sink, we got everything we need to survive.

    Yeh we do! Let’s kick their arses 😀

  3. I have send my OHD last month!!
    IMHO the future is Android. I buy a phone with android and day by day i love thi OS.

    Yeh maybe Android is the future…maybe iOS, maybe Bada, who knows…

  4. I’ve never heard of that Symbian-guru site before. I’m now quite happy with OHD. It’s fast, it has a nice camera and display.

    I’m not that happy…but I can’t find any other phone worth the change…

  5. It ‘s incredible, looks like a scene from “Forrest Gump” when Tom Hanks runs without a goal and a bunch of idiots following him without asking: why?!
    The Omnia HD (Symbian) is good? Working well? So why change!
    Actually I had the impression that the “Gurus” want a partnership with Nokia and that of its closure is just a provocation!

    why change? coz developers do not even remember what “Symbian OS” mean! 🙂

  6. Symbian destiny has nothing to do with Omnia HD itself but is indeed dying. Symbian is pretty decent if coupled with Opera + SPB Mobile Shell and we use it on the best Symbian phone ever: i8910. But that´s it, if I was going to buy a new phone I would choose Android or iOS.

    I’m happy to see you caught my point 😉

  7. Ciao , per me Voci solista SONO creare per ben AI Pubblicità nokia Che Ultimamente stanno Facendo … sono ca …. SONO semper i soliti e non Fanno niente di Nuovo, non c’e paragone in termini di Qualità di Costruzione Velocità foto / Video e soprattutto SCHERMO ! pero volevo dire / chiedere Una Cosa. solo poche settimane fa avevo l’ omnia col firmware Fotocamera incriminato , cioe L’ultimo , DOPO averlo scoperto MI SONO affrettato uno cambiarlo ma NELLA pò di Che ho notato guadagneto ho ONU Qualità foto ma video che ho SONO Nettamente Peggio . prima erano MOLTO Più nitidi / vividi ea Fuoco ( ANCHE SE Magari si dicevano andavano Fuori sincro DOPO qualche minuto ), ma adesso mi sembra di Aver peggiorato parecchio tempo condensato su campo …..

    non capisco bene cosa vuoi dire…

  8. I am modding my phones since 2003
    and my i8910 does everything I want immediately.
    I do not need spb shell nor I need android and I
    never visited symbian-guru.
    The fact is that I love seeing nearly a full desktop-picture
    and being able to start my favourite apps with the use of
    orange-tsunami, widgetizer and my media on left swipe
    with one simple touch or a swipe and a touch.
    Without modding – less fun imo.
    Greetings Psy

    I’m glad you’re satisfied with it 😉

  9. seems there’s more than the simple recognition of symbian sinking down, in this decision… no problem, never visited the site, maybe it was the site itself that was dying. i8910 is the best symbian cell out there, it does it’s job well and when it’ll need a replacement we’ll all choose another phone, but for now symbian can do everything

    it just misses a decent UI

  10. …ma questo purtroppo lo sapevamo già…sono troppi mesi che samsung&symbian ci hanno abbandonati e ciò che sta accadendo non è una novità. Ho immaginato più volte questo epilogo, ma fin’ora non ho trovato un degno concorrente con display e fotocamera alla pari di questo device. Nessun Android dopo un anno dall’uscita dell’Omnia HD ha prodotto un camera Phone all’altezza di questo. inoltre in uscita nei prossimi 3-4 mesi non ne ho visti di così rilevanti. Bello il Galaxy S ma nn ha flash 😕 , Bello il droid ma non è Amoled, bello il Desire ma non ha una fotocamera decente…Cosa compro? 700 euro di Iphone? ma non scherziamo…

    già, purtroppo non c’è ancora un telefono decente per sostituire l’omnia hd…

  11. appunto 😉 xgenerlex summed it all up! 2010 phone market is not innovative as one might think, hence no reasonable and good choice is there as of yet. i8910 stays to bash them all a bit in every segment 😀

  12. Hi guys.
    Who needs a guru? Who needs a leader?
    The people who do not think themselves.
    Symbian is an OS and no consumer goods. And it makes his work very good.
    There are many programes and our phone is with the help of such people like faenil, a miraculous device.
    If people always need the newest one and the most announced one,
    they should always buy this what one gets to believe in them as the best.

    the problem is sometimes the best os has got the worst hardware 🙁

  13. Yes Fevves! It’s a pity that there isn’t a good market similar at appstore or android market…but now our OmniaHD is still the Best compromise to use all multimedia applications…(photo,video,music,gps,web,high definition display etc…)…It makes me Happy! 😥

    that’s true…

  14. bro faenil , please make an n2o3 without ks menu , for more speed ! make a speed edition in ur style , better than hx ! i believe in you. i hope u finished good ur exams… please a non ks menu will be a great bless for me ! im with n2o3 from the beggining but i cant accustom with ks menu !

    ty in advance ! have a nice holiday btw 🙂 after you make the non ks menu :))

    I’ll think about that…making a non ks menu version means double versions for each langpack…

  15. Oh come on faenil. It’s 1 site and 1 mans personal opinion. It’s hardly the death of Symbian is it!! 🙄

    it’s the best site..most known (dailymobile started his site after he knew Symbian-guru…)

  16. Hi, I’d like to check, in n203, when i make calls to certain numbers which require me to “Press 1 for english, Press 2 for…”, I am unable to get the dialer to show and so cannot press the required keys. Once the call is conected, the phone screen just turns dark and will not come back on till i press the cancel call (red) button. I’ve tried holding the lock key, and pressing/holding all the other buttons but nothing works.

    I’ve also tried looking for a setting to disable this feature (Power Saving? Lights ?) but can’t find it.

    Any one have any idea?

    well unlocking the phone and pressing dialer on the screen should work…that’s what I do, at least…

  17. Hi, i’ve been following for a while your web pages. I wanted to ask you a question. You can put the Symbian ^3 in the i8910? Reading elsewhere it seems. For you? Thanks for the reply.

    theorically it is possible to port S^3…

  18. Faenil, you did a great job and I hope you not quit so soon… yeap, Symbian programmers support for a great marketplace isn´t all right, all Nokia hope rellays on the N8 and C9 or something like that… I still see that low battery specs and memory specs are quite disapointing but I think Nokia will get some market back with the Qt SDK open… I hope it bring back some light to Symbian/Nokia.

    What is f$#@ anoying is Android… I have a Nexus One, I prefer my Omnia HD for speed, integration, pics and offline gps… believe or not, I need only this, not the 334232132132132 apps on Android Store or the iOS with the really functional marketplace that all others obviously are trying to copy..

    But… people don´t want just a cell phone, they want MORE, they want that some gadget save theyr LAME lifes, and that´s it… that´s why you have the iPhone noobs saved from the symbian and winmo, and the Android force comming to washout with theyr 3.0 comming up.

    When looking thru 2010… I should say… 2011 will be Android year.. I hope Microsoft get back into mobile world with theyr Win7… I might Try the HD3 with the 1.5Ghz snapdragon and 1GB Ram… whf is that??? LOL..

    I hope Androind keep going stronger and in 2011 Nokia launch a f$#@ killer Communicator, that´s where it rules… GO NOKIA GO!!!

    Faenil, thanks always for your support!

    I agree with you, Nokia keeps making phones with too low hw specs 🙁 look at N8, it can barely open mediaplayer and webbrowser with two tabs!!

  19. I did try to unlock the phone with the unlock button on the right of the phone, but as mentioned, once the phone screen goes dark, no other button works except the cancel button 🙁

    there is something wrong with your setup then… ^^

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