Betatesting going on

betatesters received their copy of n2o4 baby 🙂

It seems like they’re very happy with it, the firmware is very stable and very fast,

it just needs some minor tweaks I’ll make when I have received the report from all the testers 😉

There will be a big surprise at release time, and not even betatester know of what I am talking about!! 🙂

n2o4 will be a great release 😉

29 thoughts on “Betatesting going on

  1. Did I tell you I had problems with my video ? When I flashed with your n203 and then with your patch I resolved it…the version of the cam is 16012-171-179

  2. scusa ho un altra domanda… come si può fare che il cel stia in gsm negli usi normali, chiamate e messaggi e passi automaticamente a umts/hsdpa quando tento la connessione in wap? sarebbe una cosa fantastica per me… 🙂

  3. Finora nessuno sa di quali sorprese parli 😀 Magari ci metti un bell’Android sul nostro Omnia HD? ;D hehehe ti faccio un monumento sacro in quel caso 😀 Ma te lo meriteresti comunque solo con la n2o3 😉 Attendiamo con ansia la n2o4…se comunque in futuro può servirti qualche altro beta-tester, io sono a disposizione 😉

  4. Hi faenil I follow your CFW and just want to understand and plz don’t be angry…
    when will be these suprises end? because at the end you are all playing around s^1 s60v5 OS…
    what can be more? because even you release n204, after 1 day if you say I find something special everybody will forget n204 and start to push for another release you know this is human nature.

    thx for the great show of expected n204

  5. Hi Faenil,

    Thanks for the update related to the feedback from Betatesters… I have used both N20X and HX-Vx series firmwares.. so far I gotta say N203 was and is the best so far.. Would love to have N204 on ma mobile.. Thanks a lot for the work and efforts u put into releasing these firmwares… Hope the surprises are the lest expected from any of your fans…. 🙂

    Kudos to u n ur team….. Take care

  6. Hi
    Thanks Faenil for the great efforts
    we are so desperate to see your Baby n204
    now we are counting down seconds 😀
    Quick Q;- If you switch to anoteher mobile do you continue release New FW or just forget i8910 users? ❓ 😕 🙄

  7. Love n203 with spb 3.5.0, “waiting patiently for an spb 5.0 compatible release” maybe ??, google maps, ovi app, sym torrent, spb tv, yahoo, allaboutsymbia app store, love my phone, also patiently waiting for n204, but also keeping a close eye on the development of an android port ? fully key mapp compatible, i know your also interested ?? if u do make it possible im willing to pay £300 for your effort, NO SHIT, i previously had the gt-i8000 omnia 2,win mo 6.5 pro custom firmare, “pimped” daughter spilt bubbles on it, grrrrrrrrrr lol, and before that the i900 omnia 1, win mo 6.5 custom firmware, any way thanks for n203 and the effort going and gone into n203. gavin83collins@hotmail, gav laa on i8910 forums

    sorry man I just can’t do it…

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