flash homescreen expert needed

I have an idea is there anyone out there who knows how to make flash homescreen in short time?

andrecavallari, waspbloke, if you’re reading, I need you 😉


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  1. taln to Joker, the one who made some pretty good kastor effects, and homescreen flash animations, maybe he will give you the Aquarium one. IT OS GREAT ! anyway, i sold my phone a few weeks ago.

  2. dude listen me…. u got to give fixed music player…. because its very important….
    there r many ppl which hate hx v8 but r forced to love it just because of fixed music player…

    plzzzz give fixed kinetic scroll in n204…

  3. Why not forget about the Flash Home screen just for now, work on that when someone perfects it.

    But right now, why not just release the n204 with a perfect working Samsung Touchwiz home screen with all the other new features it has?


  4. Hi.


    hungarian link. They can help, you only have to make a registration. The name of the forum is SWF Modding. The name of the main administrator is Bukest. It’s a Hungarian language site but you will find where to send and e-mail or you can use the Google translator if you need help.

    good night. Vice

  5. hi.
    cant wait for n2o4…
    using v8 right now. I dont get it though, why would somone hate a free firmware?
    by the way, I wanted to ask somthing, in HX-V8, lockscreen app is not integrated. we can siply remove it and instal somthing else ( or nothing at all.). I wanted to know if you can do the same faenil. slidnlock application cant pass somsong default lockscreen, made it worthless.

    and V8 wallpaper is really good. its colors shows how great an AMOLED display is. ( my friend likes this wallpaper and I sent it to him, when we cmpare the image on each others phone ( he has an HD2.) the look on his face was very interesting… :D) it would be nice if you find a wallpaper that has enogh colors…
    tnx for your great work…

  6. i hate samsung music player, the sound quality is very very bad, also i dont undestand how you can use a player without an ordinary equalizer, use lcg jukebox for example it has all what a good player must have and the sound quality is good, samsung player is crap!

  7. Dear Faenil,
    Will u plz make n204 flashable in windows 7. I don’t have windows xp and I know no1 who still uses xp.
    Will greatly appreciate it.
    Thx and rgds!

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