stuck on qt bug

Hi guys, before the release of n2o4 which is probably coming tomorrow evening (it’s 7pm now, expected release time, MIDNIGHT tomorrow)

I got some things wrong in my firmware and I discovered that it was because of QT Rc1…

I’m still stuck on that bug…as soon as I solve it, n2o4 will be out…

15 thoughts on “stuck on qt bug

  1. hello faenil,

    If your receiving this message it´s because i´m dead, i held you reponsible for that… Lol. I´m not dead but almost… Come on tell us what to expect from tnis new fw… Pleaseeeeeee.

  2. hi
    wouldn’t it be easier not to integrate qt, we can install it afterwards without any problems, in addition we can always easily update to new releases.
    i can’t stand the waiting…
    all the best for n2o4!

  3. Hello FAENIL

    Great work but if there is nothing depend on the integration of the QT so no need to integrate with N2O4 just let us install it by our selves.


  4. Sto aspettando con anzia la tua nuova Rom. e un momento cruciale per te e hyperx xche state rilasciando nuove Rom tutti e due. Io montero la migliore delle due. Buona fortuna e intanto, rilascia il change log no? Ormai ci siamo 🙂

  5. Hi Faenil,

    I’ve recently come to know of your ROMs and have heard some really good things.

    One of the things I wanted to ask you is whether you’re able to create a default standard for the keyboard settings.

    I know of course that there are different keyboard languages, however one thing which would be really great for those who send lots of emails is to have the alpha-numerical keys and the ‘@’ on the same page.

    Do you think this is possible?

    Apologies in advance, not quite sure if this is the right place where to put a request like this?


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