7 thoughts on “postponed

  1. Hey Dude,
    don’t try to hurry up.

    “A good thing will last long and a better thing will even last longer”.

    Fix all the bugs, take the time you need and kick hyperx *** (you know what I mean)
    Because he finish his custom roms too fast, I think. You create one very very good and bugfree firmware and than you take time for the next one. That’s the better way I think.
    All in all you make a great job and I will flash your roms now and in the future. Give us the best you can in the time you need. I will wait till its reach the finish status.
    Keep on rockin’ Dude
    (Sry for my bad english…its 00:32 and I am from Germany 😉

  2. hi faenil,

    Not to worry, take your time, like in cooking food it takes time to make a great plate, much like in cooking roms, if you hurry it will be raw…

  3. Agrees with everyone here. A job worth doing, is worth doing well.

    Take your time and test thoroughly. An artist never rushes his work, it’ll be done when its done.

  4. i,ve checked ur page for the 100th time now in the past 12 hours… and its postponed.. hope in the next 12 hours will get to play wid da baby.. btw dnt mind waiting for the best things.. wat say ? will the baby beat the latest hx version.. my take.. sure yes?

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