Ok guys, the Symbian Foundation CEO has suddenly left today…

Samsung, SE, also the CEO is now leaving Symbian to the destiny we all already know…

I was almost conviced to buy the Nokia N8…I wanted to give Symbian another chance, and I wanted to enjoy myself with new discoveries about the new OS…

But today I was in doubt…Everything is telling me Symbian won’t have a future, and it will probably die sooner than we can expect.

I don’t want to waste time and university marks and my mind sanity over it. I’m done. And this sad community we have in the symbian modding scene too, it is so stressful…

I think I will probably avoid buying the N8 (I haven’t decided which device I’ll buy as of now though, even if I have some ideas)… I thought about that for about one month, and now the time has come to make up my mind, working on Symbian is not worth the time and the stress it brings…

So, all these words mean 2 things:


Those who donated ONLY because they wanted me to buy the N8, can get full refund of the donation 😉 I would never steal anything from anyone, and if you just do not agree about my choices, you can have your money back 😉 just send me an email with the PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS asking for a refund and you’ll have it in <12hours  🙂

Whatever device I will buy, you can rest assured that I will work on it, I’ll study it, and try to make it better! And I’ll share everything I can with the community, because sharing is what makes the modding scene strong!

About i8910 mods:

I’m really sorry the faenilator is taking more time than I told you (I’m in big delay) but do know that I am costantly working on it! I want to better your user experience with i8910 and I’ll do what I can to accomplish my tasks! 🙂

I also have 2 MORE NEWS about i8910 modding!

Cheers guys

18 thoughts on “Disappointed…

  1. Secondo me fai una scelta saggia.. Per quanto io stesso sono stato utilizzatore di symbian sin dal 6600 per poi passare all’N80, al samsung sgh-i560v e infine all’omnia, mi accorgo di quanto non ci siano mai state delle reali innovazioni da parte di questa piattaforma, e symbian3 mi pare la stessa salsa dei precedenti sistemi operativi con qualche miglioria qua e là..niente di sostanzialmente nuovo.. personalmente sono deciso a tenere l’omnia sino ad inizio anno prossimo, dopodichè le scelte saranno 2: wp7 o android.

  2. Well shaggy it is good to hear that you are not going to leave our i8910 and give more life to it as you gave life before…:D

    Symbian was dead for me when they release N8 with Symbian^3 because there’s nothing different b/w S^1 and ^3. some of the features are better den previous releases but not so eye catching like Android and BADA have. they just patched or ported Symbian^1 to S^3 in my point of view as the icons and options are still same. I know Symbian^3 is opensource platform and easy to mod but i guess Symbian OS has no future. The main problem is no apps for the new OS. no new features except MULTI TOUCH input method.

    Anyhow, i would say don’t buy Nokia N8.. go for the Android or BADA.

    and for i8910 .. Keep modding and give lives to i8910 😀

    keep up the good work


    Fahad Ansari

  3. Friend I am so glad that you thought it over!
    I know somebody with the N8 and I think apart from the camera it is no improvement.
    Like me and Fevves think it is time to wait for one year to have the next killer-device.
    I do not like Android because atm it is nothing more than eyecatching.
    Wait for a FullHD device, make your studies and perhaps there will be a way to make
    S^3 apps and games to be run on S60v5.
    Nothing more to say – the i8910 is my device for the next year.
    Greetings Psy

  4. Come ti ho già detto, ogni tua scelta per noi utenti va bene, hai già dato tanto al modding! Peccato però, perchè forse non è detta l’ultima parola per Symbian, non ancora almeno.
    PS: non tenerci sulle spine….

  5. faenil purtroppo Symbian si sta auto-ammazzando da sola giorno dopo giorno. E N8 non li vale tutti quei soldi. Io fossi in te mi inizierei a dedicare su Android, che lì penso hai da sbizzarrirti 😉 Comunque sto provando da poco la tua n2o4 con la Swype, ed è fenomenale!!! Perfetta 😉

  6. ya gotta do what ya gotta do faenil..look after number 1…

    I will still follow your progress/developments no matter what you decide to buy, i think you have a bright future in whatever area of fone modding you decide to go into.

    i kinda thought that would happen with the symbian foundation, its dying a slow death

  7. I’m glad you made a stans and are ready to pursue a new path without giving up on i8910.

    I think… better yet, I know you’re making a wise choice 🙂

  8. Hi.

    First time writer here, but anyway, I’m long time Symbian/Qt/Memo/Meego developer from the sub-contractor of “Big N”. If I should put my money on something I would go for Meego/Qt.

    If I think of customability it will most probably be the best framework for that. We allready have N900(hw is what it is), but Meego will gome to it as firmware update(dual boot).

    I just hope HW will be good enough in real Meego device. Are they really phones anymore 🙂
    Of course there are doubts that how many manufacturers will adopt Meego platform, if it’s only nokia, then i’m not sure how it succeeds.

    Anyway for me it has two capabilities that beats all other mobile platforms. PC like java and full flash support. As an linux based platform there is unlimited possibilities if it hits market good.


  9. Faenillllll!!

    How are ya buddy, long time since i posted here, hope things are going well with you matey, its sad to see Symbian slowly dying from its wound 🙁 …Oh well the saying goes “what goes up has to come down!”.

    Regarding you keeping the i8910 and working towards it, yeah thus a good idea, help some others get the most out of it, im sure they will appreciate it and send a donation every now and then 🙂

    As for you looking for a new phone/OS, how about moving on to Android? fully open OS,allot of apps, but mostly The modders at xda devs are awesome!, friendly and supportive!!, you will fit right in, i noticed it doesnt have the “dog eat dog” motive like it is in the Symbian scene.

    Meego sounds good but it wont come out till next year, also it needs time for people to see if its going to succeed or go down like Maemo!!…. Just some ideas, would love to hear you join Android though 😉

    Anyway il send you a donation soon, havnt done that in a while since i got a Galaxy s a while ago. T.c 🙂

  10. sn00pking says:
    October 23rd, 2010 12:06 pm
    As for you looking for a new phone/OS, how about moving on to Android? fully open OS,allot of apps, but mostly The modders at xda devs are awesome!, friendly and supportive!!, you will fit right in, i noticed it doesnt have the “dog eat dog” motive like it is in the Symbian scene.

    I think that you nailed it there sn00p 😀 I’m sharing same exact thoughts!

        1. Thus right yeah, probably wait till next year when Gingerbread comes out, and phones with dual core cpu’s, that would be a nice move for a change 😉

  11. Ciaò Faenil
    Come vedi dai commenti;l’interesse per l’i8910 è molto sentito 🙂
    La perfezione stellare di n2o4 è indiscutibile;ma siamo insaziabili:
    Mi trovo d’accordo con Fevves che scrive:”mi sta servendo bene”.
    Pensa cosa succede se arrivasserò:qt+faenilator+vieochiamata+startbackup+++ 😀
    Quindi forza amico 😆 che hai ancora da fare con questo gioiellino 😉

    1. Speriamo che lo faccia rafforzato con qualche cosina già presente nel S^3 in tempo dovuto 😉

      Ma qualsiasi strada andrà a imboccare (in modo definitivo) non sbaglia, solo che la strada di Android e più lunga ma potrebbe durare più a lungo nel tempo.

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