Need your opinion right now! :) Join and comment! :)

Hi guys, I have started to work on a new cfw for our beloved i8910!!! 😀

I’m sure it will be a great one, because of a special combo of things I have in my mind 😉

BUT, I need your opinion right now! 🙂

What are you still missing in actual cfws!? What would help you in your ordinary life?
Let me know your ideas guys! Tell your friends to join me and help me make the best cfw ever! 😉

News are coming this evening 🙂


63 thoughts on “Need your opinion right now! :) Join and comment! :)

  1. A bit late to this thread… but… I’d like the phone to ring through the headphones when i have them plugged in! I know it can cut the player out so you know there is a call but text/email alerts do not come through and you can easily miss them if listening to music.

    can anything be done about that?

  2. Better late as never…
    I wish mods for the music player:

    First: Add “play folder” to play the songs in a folder (with subfolders) instead of artist, album, genre or…
    The player is good, but this is the most needed feature in the player for me. ❗

    Second: Recall last played folder, album, … and song by next start, after closing the player or restart the phone. 💡

    Third: Disable CoverFlow as option, it’s nice but useless.

    Ring to headphones: I wish this also.

      1. If you can not mod it, then you can not do it, I know.

        But FolderPlay will not install. I used it on my N97 before the i8910. On N97 it works god.
        But on i8910 (original german firmware, N2O4, HX-V11) the installer abort everytime: “install not possible”.
        I have v1.08 and no newer version found today.
        Your new patch NokiaSiS will not help for this.

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