SAM is born! (Symbian-Android Modders group) and world’s first N8 modified CFW (not only hack) is here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present you: SAM!!!!!

I am glad to tell you that from this very day, CODeRUS, fonix232 and me are working together to make the modding screen better and bigger.
While CODeRUS and I will work on modding of Symbian^3 and mostly the N8 (I’ll keep spending most of my time on i8910 in this period 😉 ), fonix232 is making some pretty nice tutorials, mods, apps, ROMS for Android (specifically for the HTC G1), and also, we are working on getting Android, or ANY Linux based mobile OS to our dear N8 (and of course the i8910 too, do not forget about that little precious phoney ). We haven’t had any good result yet, so WE DON’T HAVE ANY LINUX RUNNING ON SYMBIAN PHONES…but we’re trying hard to make it happen…even if chances are very low 🙁

Also I am presenting you the first whole ever Nokia N8 UDA-based firmware, by CODeRUS! With tiring work, he made this great mod, so here it is, take it!
– removed Show open applications from the top of menus
– disabled Charging notes
– removed FM transmitter on/off notifications
– removed Leave offline mode query to access network. Only for power key event! *
– bluetooth stays on when switching to offline mode
– added fixed FileBrowser S^3 (full access to filesystem) **
– built-in File manager can see sys, resource and edit private folders. also can see root of C drive.
– Lock screen and keyboard replaced by Reboot phone
– starup tone and mbm animation moved to C drive
– my own installserver for installing unsigned with all capabilities

* i cant launch homescreen widget dlls from с now
** removed startup and marking notifications, elements are marked only by one.



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23 thoughts on “SAM is born! (Symbian-Android Modders group) and world’s first N8 modified CFW (not only hack) is here!

  1. 😯

    Stai dicendo che potremmo avere android nel nostro Omniahd? Oppure è una rom che emula le schermate 😎 , ci hai messo la pulce nell’orecchio 😆

  2. Congrutalazioni 😀
    Faenil:vedere due nomi del calibro di il.socio e fonix232 (mamma mia) 😀
    Mi perdonino gli altri sono nuovo 😀
    Forza SAM

  3. Hey Faenil,

    Congratulation!!! for your new group of modding.. and you guys are doing really fantastic JOB (especially for Symbian or i8910). Thats really unbelievable if you guys will get the chance of porting Android or Linux on i8910 or N8. but my concern is that… why do not you guys try to port Symbian^3 to i8910….???;):P it would be great and highly appreciable.;). android is good but not that much reliable and mature as our Symbian OS is…! Anyways, Keep up the good work and wish ya best of luck for you future projects… and keep our i8910 ALIVE as much as you can…:D

    Best Regards,
    Fahad Ansari

  4. Great news, a bunch of very good modders teaming up is always a good thing, especially the names involved in this!!

    If i had one suggestion for new additions to cfw’s, i would ask for integration of app

    Things like opera or skyfire…(i know we shouldnt, but the same was said for trackid and conversations from SE Vivaz

  5. faenil you’ve got No idea how long I’ve been combing the web to find something on these lines. The android port for n8 is gonna be a hit believe me. Imagine all those apps on the n8. But i really gotta know…… How are you proposing to port android to the n8? By cracking the bootloader or by using a dual boot? And just one more question ……. I was wondering if meego would be off limits for the n8?

  6. hmmm well…. Wonder what it will take to obtain a copy of myriad’s alien dalvik? We could support you in anyway we can . Even if we can obtain a maemo version of it we can then port it to run on symbian

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