40 thoughts on “Need 5800 v52 Z Dump

    1. is your phone hacked? can you apply open4all patch in rompatcher?
      if so, then just open a good filemanager (not symbian default) like xplore, or FileBrowser, and just select all the folders and file in Z:/ drive, and copy them to a new folder in E:/

      then compress the folder into a zip file, upload it somewhere, and send me the link via email πŸ™‚

      let me know asap πŸ˜€

  1. Hey Faenil I will give you dump within 3 Hrs. My 5800 Got broken. But surely I am arranging from a friend and will give you download link before 11:00 am Indian ST on today

  2. N8 H2O problem after i installed yesterday

    1. Not possible to signin to facebook through ovi.
    2. Cant cancel call unless unlock phone using side unlock button (i think which was possible in original one)

    Thanks to give a such a beautiful firmware…..

    Hats up to u…….

    1. I already contacted the author weeks ago, I always try to please my “followers” πŸ™‚

      but he said he doesn’t know how to solve the problems that he has with i8910…

  3. but i knowed from a while that some modders port it to 5800 and 5530 … idont know but i can help you if you tell me .. i had the n97 and now i8910
    i modded a lot of firmware for n97

  4. thanks a lot man but i will find a way and when i make it for my i8910 i will send it to you

    iam sorry for my english

    but what did you mean when you say __drivers__

    did you mean the drivers for the sound and the screen …etc ??

      1. Could we not use other Arm oled drivers from a different similar device? i’ve noticed a few linux drivers around the net would be useful?

        Donghwa Lee is responsible for coding samsung oled panel drivers maybe you could be cheeky and ask him i have his samsung email address.
        i8910 deserves better than s^1

  5. and why the call recorder dont work on omnia hd ?? i know the audio server file is not like the nokia but what is the big secret about it πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Faenil! How is your best firm ever for i8910 as you have promised? We cant wait . Hope it will be released soon. Im using your n203 . N204 is quick , stable but camera is not good(i need camera). I highly appreciate your work. Nguyen Hp VietNam

  7. ciao faenil
    volevo chiederti se anche tu hai notato che l’hd quando scatta foto piu o meno da vicino a cose bianche o chiare col flash tende a farle tutte completamente bianche..
    come potrei ovviare al ploblema?
    faccio spesso foto col tel visto che non ho una digitale πŸ™‚
    ciao e grazie

    1. Grazie πŸ˜‰
      la sottoesposizione la uso sempre ma finisce per oscurare tutto >.< e il bianco rimane sempre troppo acceso.. proverΓ² con qualcosa per filtrare il flash.. grazie πŸ™‚

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