Hi guys, for those of you who don’t know it, I already started working on the n2o5, the next custom firmware for i8910 Omnia HD, in January…

But I did not have enough time to finish it most of all because of the time it takes to finish the new faenilator, a symbian tweaking tool I’m developing…

I think I’ll have some spare time (finally) to work on it starting from the second week of March…I know that’s a lot of time, but do know that I’m not having a great time here studying things like formal languages and advanced authomatons… 🙂

Nonetheless, I’d like to know how many people are waiting for this firmware and for the new faenilator…just to know if “it’s worth” the time it takes… so I’d like you to vote on the poll I have just added, which is “Are you still waiting for a new custom firmware for i8910?”. The answers are “Yes, I’m eagerly waiting for the n2o5!” or “No, I don’t need a new firmware, you can spend your time on other platforms”

So, please, bring all your friends in here, and tell em to vote if they’re waiting for a new firmware for i8910!

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Certo che aspettiamo, Speriamo che sia il più possibile leggera perche passando dalla n2o3 alla n2o4 ho notato che l’ n2o4 è notevolmente + pesante anche se è più stabile cmq la aspettiamo per pasqua o per l’ unità d’ Italia?

  2. I think that you have to weigh up whether there is really anything else you can offer the poor i8910. I think every modder reached the endstop and there could be a lot of effort spent with very little gain.

    I think there is still benefit at working on the Symbian ^3 range of devices and with QT, despite the microsoft partnership Symbian will remain a great platform for modders for a long time yet.

  3. well finally!
    you know, I thought the loging to comment was the stupidest thing I saw in this blog. Im really glad its over. now anyone can help by commenting.
    and for the n2o5, we are waiting. thanks for the great work.
    and, I have to ask. cant you import nokia APIs? you know, to instal nokia apps on i8910?
    there is a specific application I know is not working on omniaHD, and I really hope it does. ION battery. I can instal it without any problem, but in the main menu, thers this error: batery API missing!
    there are other aplications too, like shakeme alpha, or any application from nokia beta labs.
    the whole omniaHD owners will owe you if you can do such thing.
    and sorry for my bad English.

  4. Certamente la aspettiamo, la N2o4 va divinamente e non conosce impallamenti o blocchi. Finchè c’è il cell , c’è speranza di un qualcosa di sempre sbalorditivo 😀 , quello che mi incuriosisce maggiormente sono le novità che apporterai

  5. passerò ad androidi con il samsung galaxy s2 quindi non farò
    in tempo a provare la 205,poi la 204 è già perfetta in tutto
    ad ogni modo vale sempre aspettare i tuoi lavori.sei un grande.

  6. Attendiamo con fiducia. Ovviamente i tuoi impegni hanno la massima priorità poi, si sa, l’attesa aumenta il piacere…
    Grazie per l’ottimo lavoro e in bocca al lupo.
    Un fedelissimo.

  7. I voted “YES” but do not get me wrong – after n2o4 I am not in desperate need of another firmware
    because the Queen is perfect!
    Your work is always appreciated by me and I will have at least the hours of fun with it as you will have spent in creating it!
    Greetings Psy

  8. hi

    i have some question for yo about i8910 :

    1- can you bring the android platform to our phone
    2- can i flash my omnia hd with n97 file >>> cuz i love the n97\n8 home screen

  9. There are things that can be done and even though those are not major breakthrough stuff, I think we should all welcome even tiniest improvements over already great and stable n2o4.

  10. Hi,voted yes, hope you continue.
    if you will, things i would like is Nokia bubbles by nokia beta labs. it is for the homescreen of symbian^3 based phones but i read it’s written in qt. so i guess it can be ported to i8910. awesome and useful! Also skype can be installed on our phones perfectly with chat and file exchange working but no phone calls can be done or received. i can’t believe we cannot use it.
    If any of these two can be done, there are 20 euros for you by me 😉
    i am sure a lot of people will donate too.
    bye and thanks

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  12. forza faenil aspettiamo tutti con inpazieza il tuo cfw nuovo speriamo piu presto possibile buon lavoro e in bocca al lupo per gli esami

  13. hey Faenil! my friends and i are still holding onto our i8910 because of your great cfw to unleash the potential of our phones. you can take your time to finish up the n2O5 as you don’t mind waiting a little longer. this is due to your cfw stability and bugfree and this is the main reason why i m choosing your n2O4 over hyperx cfw.

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