Szakalit is back

As many of you already knew, Szakalit, member of PNHT team, had some serious health problems during the last months, that’s why PNHT guys have been a bit quiet in the meanwhile… (even though Adonix and the others have lots of experience too)

But now he’s back, and he said he’ll start working on symbian asap!

I’m looking forward to what they’ll publish in the coming months πŸ˜‰ the more we are, the more chance we have to make great mods for all users worldwide πŸ™‚




13 thoughts on “Szakalit is back

  1. Please can you mod OVI maps 3.6 for n204.
    I am waiting and checking your page 2 times a day for new updates.
    Oh i clicks on ads too.
    Please Just tell me if I will put map3.6 modified by Kundi for nokia CFW in rofs of i8910, Will that work good ?

    Please reply soon .
    I will be highely thankful to you.

  2. Please modders try to port Symbian^3 to Smasung Omnia HD …. I know you guys can… if Omnia HD can run a Hacked Windows mobile 7 then symbian3 will be peanuts for it…

    plz do it… we will make u rich… thats for sure…

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