first flash after months, working hard

Okay I spent the last few days planning the new features and changes of the n2o5…now I’m ready to make all those things come true 🙂


I have just flashed my i8910 for the first time in the last 3 months 🙂 Never had a problem with n2o4 during this time…it’s rock solid here…let’s hope n2o5 will keep up with it, despite the new features! 🙂

Stay tuned! ^_^


I’ll need the help of UI designers, creative people, and all of you who have fresh ideas for n2o5!

I know lots of you care about ovimaps 3.06, but I have no idea about how to solve that issue at the moment…I have not even made any research about that, because I don’t know what to look for atm….I could be easy, it could be undoable…don’t know if it’ll be there in n2o5…it’s not worth the time it could take.

Keep on commenting and suggesting, I always read your comments! 😉 Just stop asking for S^3 or Android, thanks 🙂

113 thoughts on “first flash after months, working hard

  1. Ciao Faenil,
    io insisto nel dire di non ascoltare chi ti chiede cose che gia ci sono sulla rom di hyperx,mettici solo del tuo e concentra tutto sull’interfaccia grafica con una nuova e bella homescreen con un bel tema e icone nuove e anche un font nuovo(non pacchiano pero’ ;)).Visto che come stabilita siamo ormai al top tutto quello che metterai sara in piu…Grazie

    1. ci sono tante cose che aggiungerò della v11, le modifiche comode sono comode…
      Cmq per il font non so…è difficile sceglierne uno che va bene per tutti…

  2. how about landscape home screen,or possibility to change it in landscape mode??
    I am asking cause other FW versions block my 8910 after change..
    and what about that new QT..
    What qt change in mob?speed?bugs??comands?

    1. homescreens are not made to be used in landscape, you can only use a flash homescreen made for landscape…but that’s not useful

      what about qt ? I did not understand your questions

  3. I think the HX patch can be installed in N2O5. And maybe you can try the video quality at 720p 30 fps to flash. It would be a good idea if you would install a new music player with editable equalizer.

    1. 30fps? Not possible, this is not N8 🙂

      HxPatch, what do you mean? Hx-Patcher? to do what?

      New musicplayer, tell me your favourite one, and we’ll see if other people agree 🙂

  4. KS from N8 – easy piece of cake and it’s more fluid then anything else I saw (using those settings for months now), Taylors tweak for resident apps should be one of “must_do” things as it frees up RAM and taskman from annoying clicking and taping for dialer, calendar, log etc etc.

    As for the rest you knwo what you can and can’t do and what we all expect from n2o5 :D:D:D

    Keep up with stability and speed 😀

    1. Ks from N8 —> I’ll look into it
      Taylor’s tweak —> it’s not taylor’s 🙂 btw, I never liked that mod because I think keeping those processes in the background speeds up the general UX…

  5. Yes i mean the HX Patcher for overclocking method. I think the HX Patcher for some people is very useful because you can overclock the processor. And as for the music player I would say so in style like Sony Ericsson Vivaz or Samsung i9000 Galaxy S. As for the other because to say?

    1. I can’t give you default equalizer, I can give you a new musicplayer (not default one) with equalizer, such as TuneWiki (if I recall correctly)

      About the HXPatcher, you can install it, where’s the problem?

      1. The overclkocking method doesn’t work on my i8910 n2o4. Can you say where ist the problem with my i8910. How would you do that? Would you take out the old music player and install One like TuneWiki?

  6. Ehi Faenil nella nuova custom rom potresti implementare l’aggiornamento per il flash player?Se non ricordo male sull’ i8910 siamo ancora con il flash lite 3.0 preinstallato e incomincia ad esser davvero un pò vecchiotto…. Ciauz

  7. non so era stato chiesto prima…sicuramente on è una cosa possibile da la chiedo per avere conferma che è impossibile:

    è possibile avere nella fotocamera l’auto focus con il touch?..cioè dove tocco mi mette a fuoco?

    1. direi che senza un programma apposito è impossibile, non so neanche se con un programma è possibile sinceramente…potrebbe mancare roba a livelli più bassi

  8. Nokia Bubbles se riesci a moddarlo….poi altri programmi nokia che si sono aggiornati ma che non abbiamo più moddato: OVI STORE nuovo e l ultima release della swype!!!!

    -font e ks dall n8…….eppoi inventati qualcosa…se m viene in mente qualche altra cs ti farò sapere! 🙂

    1. ma se nokia bubbles non parte cosa ci posso fare io 😀 è compilato per S^3, utilizzerà l’acc hw di S^3 probabilmente, per fare muovere fluide quelle bolle…

      l’ultima release di swype non va?

  9. ciao Faenil.. oltre a tutte le altre cose che aggiungerai, quella che m’interessa di più è quella del Overclock.
    aa!! adesso ke ci penso nn si potrebbe aggiungere un funzionalità per la fotocamera capace di fare lo zoom senza usare i tasti del volume??
    sai perché ti ho chiesto questo? perché quando vedo dei video,fatti da me, nei quali uso lo zoom, si sente il rumore dei tasti. Questo è stato, e lo è, un gran problema. Si potrebbe risolvere?? illuminami tu 🙂 risp

  10. faenil u r awesome person.. because u reply.. i think all mods r present now for i8910.. because of hx patcher.. just make n205 the fastest and stable.. and make the best camera settings… and tell us how to hav hx patcher on n205 when u release it…

    1. thanks man 🙂 I’m glad people appreciate my effort…replying to all people/questions is not an easy task…it requires PATIENCE 😀 I’m trying hard to do my best here 🙂

      About the camera settings, I think we already reached the max we can for i8910…

      about the theme, I already have the theme and some other nice graphic mods…but it’s not that one 😉

  11. I agree the camera and video have reached full potential. N203 and N204 settings are awesome, why mess with perfection? I think the rotation capabilities need to be tweaked further, I do like profile number pad to landscape qwerty rotation. Easier when trying to txt messages either on the go or when a lot of detail is needed to be typed in. Good for my business.

    I don’t care for most ideas on speed by overclocking as any decently tweaked software can beat raw power any-day. I really think this is probably your last chance to iron out any software glitches or holes that slow the i8910 down. Just give this firmware your best shot, but don’t be bottled down with trying to fix everything or make things work that just won’t. To be honest, just make the phone the best it can be with what it was originally intended. This is not an android or apple phone, its just a damn good fun phone to hack.

    Looking forward to this for a while now. I know you won’t disappoint! 🙂

  12. Si penso che vuoi dare la svolta bisognerebbe costruire un nuovo modo per gestire la homepage .Se vuoi posso farti qualche schizzo con nuove idee ma non ne so granche’ di programmazione……

    1. purtroppo le homescreen flash consumano troppa batteria, non possono essere il futuro…a parte che io conosco poco flashlite, ho solo fatto quella della n2o4

  13. dopo aver letto tante richieste impossibili (se una cosa compilata per s^3 non va su s^1..stop..non va,non c’e’ nulla da moddare!:-)..)io ti chiedo solamente di fare una release leggera e magari curata come qualita grafica (FONT,TEMA,ICONE)
    ciao e buona cucina!

  14. ok capito 🙂 Discorso far funzionare i programmi che trasformano il telefono in una segreteria telefonica.E’ possibile secondo te evadere il bug del firmware samsung ?Sappiamo tutti che questa limitazione e’ stata imposta da samsung a livello software e non hardware.

      1. Si praticamente qualunque programma symbian che permette di registrare le chiamate non va sul HD perche’ il firmware samsung per tutela la privacy non permette la registrazione !!!!
        Esistono programmi che permettono di trasformare il telefono in una segreteria telefonica con black list registrazione chiamate mes diversi a seconda delle persone che chiamano ma sul nostro samsung non vanno per colpa della casa madre.Usavo questi programmi con il primo symbian il mio fantastico nokia 7650 , oggi con un samsung hd non vanno .Colmo dei colmi

        1. ah ok ecco parli della registrazione delle chiamate…no non si può fare niente che io sappia, ci ha provato anche gente più esperta nel campo

      1. Buy a copy of this for a good lockscreen, you swipe to wake up the phone and can choose coloured or picture backgrounds. I’ve used it for 6 months, always installed with every new firmware.


        You have to make sure when you install to program in which buttons wake up the phone. Make sure you program in the camera button both with single press and when holding down. Also the hang up button is the same, program in single press and when held down. I only have the standard lock button and the menu button programmed to wake up the phone, then use finger swipe function to unlock it.

        Hope this helps.

  15. Might I suggest you release a couple of versions of your new firmware, like you’ve done before. Basic and ultimate versions per-say.

    I think releasing a basic version with no extras or homescreens, just a standard tweaked firmware, might be good for those who have lots of hacked software they simply must use or homescreens they can’t live without. Might help you identify problems or conflictions. You just know many will be hassling you later with “This or that doesn’t work”.

    Also release ultimate versions with every extra you can manage to give everyone a combination of your best work, tweaks and mods and homescreens. Those with software they simply have to add to the phone will then have to take their chances. At least then you can say “try the basic version first to check your added software isn’t the cause of a problem”.

    I’ve always admired in the past how you offer multiple choices of firmware styles.

  16. Hey faenil, I would love the idea of a third party music player. But I have used them (TTPod, tunewiki, lcg jukebox and powermp3) when I listen through headphones, and I receive a message or a call, the music plays out loud through the speakers for like a second which is very annoying. Would you be able to fix this? Thanks for your great work!

      1. Dont worry, we still love you and your firmwares just as much 😀
        respect to you for doing this for the community, apreciate your efforts alot. I cant wait till n2o5. Can I ask you how you came up with the idea to name your custom firmware releases n2ox?

  17. Hi Faenil, thank you for still making our phone alive!!!
    What I would like to have:

    – Something like completely integrated SPB Mobile Shall. It will be awesome to replace default Home screen with this one, and it has many features…

    – Music player will be really good, I like TTpod(heard that there is 4.0beta version with really good sound quality), but this problem … when receiving call, and sound comes from speakers, not from headphones, really annoying…

    – Swype with Cyrillic layout. Or make SlideIt working without bug in alarm menu, and calendar(completely no layout).

    – HX overclocking method … It’s really awesome, because my phone works approximately 4-6 days without charging. (Low performance 150, Normal 700)

    – Replace default photo Gallery with Resco Photo Viewer.

    I think that’s all 🙂
    Wish you good luck!

    PS Sorry for my english.

    1. 1. SpbShell—>It is a commercial software, I can’t integrate it, I have already talked to SPB about this 😉
      2. I can’t solve that problem unfortunately 🙁
      3. Isn’t swype with cyrillic already available at nokia’s betalabs?
      4. Use HXPatcher for that
      5. Same applies, RescoPhotoViewer is a commercial software, I can’t include it without their permission, and they denied that permission

      1. Thank you for answering!!!
        And thank you for the news about swype, I didn’t knew that. Installed and it works perfectly!!!

        Yes, I understand, that SPBShall and Resco Photo Viewer are commercial, but this is something about you should think. If you can, you could make something like this, take some interesting features from this programы “Everything new is old again”.

        Thanks again!

  18. I just want to thank you .

    You are giving so many of your hours for the people you don’t know will remember you in future or not.

    I salute your Work.

  19. 1. Tap focus on camera (wrd OFF)
    2. Shake to read sms.
    3. multiple flash homescreens (like have 3 inbuilt and with faenelator the ability to switch at will, without having to play with E: if this is not possible, please have an indepth tutorial on how to change homescreens)
    4. some app to block certain numbers other than handy blacklist.

    Cant wait for n205 =)

    1. 1. read other messages. I can’t do that
      2. you can use 3rd party software for this 😉
      3. well you don’t need a tutorial, just paste gadget.swf in E:/ and you’re done 🙂 then the other files are all related to that particular homescreen (some homescreens have icons.xml, and so on)
      4. oh come on this is not app searching, this is firmware cooking! You can look for that app 🙂

  20. I know this may be a dumb question, but in terms of Symbian 3, android, why can’t you or hyperx try running them from a SD-Card instead of trying to flash it, as I noted that the HD2 for example can be hacked to run android via a memory card.

  21. I used n204 for a while and found it to be very buggy. It reset all the time and had all sorts of issues with various programs. I use spb shell, youlu address book and a few others that autostart with the phone and there were all sorts of issues.

    Will 205 have these issues fixed and be more stable?

  22. Well I’ve found one thing very annoying, in the menu, when a folder has many programs, it takes many time to open it, can you do something about it? Thank you.

  23. i have not use N2Ox series yet. Have tried HyperX recently. There are a few annoying thing which i think are there in N2Ox series as well:-
    1. When we go into application/tools/office, screen transition is very smooth. But when we go into settings, the screen flashes and comes back(probably because screen layout changes from grid to list). Can we have this as smooth as application everywhere.
    2. In HX rom, when i install any software which brings some pics (icons) with it, those pics also become visible in galary. Not sure if this problem is there in your Roms.
    3. some people say that camera performs better on DDIG3 firmware. Can you check and include it if its true.

  24. Hi Faenil,
    glad to see you again here 🙂

    some things that I remember now:
    – Solve the call recording ability and answering machine (I think it’s related to software)

    – remove delay when opening application folder (HX has done it).

    – replace phone book keyboard. also add autoroate keyboard.

    – Auto focus during recording (as you said before I think this one was impossible)

    – compatibility to install any nokia apps.

    Sorry if my English isn’t very well 😉

  25. Keep posting new updates.its nice to hear from you.
    good to know you are thinking for ovi maps 3.06.I am looking for that for a while.Please mod it for Omnia HD.
    Ad of course we want to see some cool gadgets.

  26. ciao Faenil, la n2o4 era quasi perfetta a mio avviso che sarà difficile superarla,cmq ti domando se nella n2o5 si potrebbero migliorare queste cose
    1) nella fotocamera da fastidio che le foto vengono mosse, sopratutto se non c’è buona luce e se utilizzo l’effetto notte della camera bisogna avere una mano perfettamente ferma,se si potesse fare qualcosa sarebbe grandioso
    2) una cosa che mi da fastidio è il fatto che il cellulare si oscuri lo schermo (che ho impostato a 10 secondi) anche quando sta girando applicazione o un gioco. Quando si guarda un video, il blocco del cellulare non funziona e il video si vede tranquillamente senza che la retroilluminazione si abbassi dopo tot secondi o che si metta in pausa,mentre se avvio un’applicazione o un gioco e non tocco lo schermo per tot secondi, il cellulare va in pausa e si oscura. Sarebbe bello che per le applicazioni e per i giochi che avvio in quell’istante il cellulare si comporti come se stesse girando un video e quindi non vada in risparmio energetico quando sono attive (spero di essere stato chiaro eheh)
    3) sarebbe bello poter aver anche sistemato il bug della cartella dei giochi,quando ci entro ci impiega moltissimo a caricare le icone dentro quella cartella,mentre nelle altre cartelle è velocissimo,solo nella cartella dei giochi ci impiega davvero molto (sopratutto se i giochi dentro al terminale sono parecchi)
    4) un’altra cosa che da fastidio e che il symbian crea cartelle vuote, anche per i giorni in cui non scattiamo fotografie. Sarebbe bello che creasse una cartella con la data solo se quel determinato giorno scatto una foto, per non creare troppa confusione di cartelle senza utilizzo.
    5) sarebbe avere il taskmanager 3d di default questa volta, è troppo bello e utile per non lascialo
    6) infine qualunque altra miglioria ai firmati hd sarebbe davvero molto ben gradita, non so se potresti far qualcosa ma ad esempio quello che mi da fastidio è che quando la camera dell’omnia registra contro sole si oscuri davvero troppo (mentre n8 molto di meno) sarebbe bello se si oscurasse di meno nei cambi di luce (ovviamente è solo l’idea non so che da un punta di vista software si possa apportare una tale miglioria ma chieder non nuoce 😉

    Per il resto i tuoi firmware hanno già fatto miracoli per il nostro terminale, grazie mille e buon lavoro 😉

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