working on n2o5 (i8910 custom firmware)

I have made some other attempts to move kastor effects to E, qwerties, and all that stuff…I made lots of attempts…

But the kastor in E mod is not working, and the qwerty mod has the bug I already told you about…

I’ll look for some new mods in the next days. Who knows, something wonderful could be just behind the corner


71 thoughts on “working on n2o5 (i8910 custom firmware)

      1. I can not think of whom he needs these mods.
        useless mods.
        no meanings to install n2o5.
        work at something new and interesting.
        For example, from E7 ‘work with external USB drives and HDD drives (should have the power) “

  1. Hi Faenil,
    Very nice to here that u have started working on the long-awaited no5.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!

    Could u please integrate the N8 Dialer and the widget home screen in ur no5? U can do it because the screen resolution of N8 and our i8910 HD is the same.
    Please, do it for thousands of ur Fans. Thank You !!!

    1. screen solution is not the only thing that matters 😀
      S^1 and S^3 have different kernel modules, lots of system calls have been replaced/rewritten/deprecated, so I can’t do that

  2. Hi faenil 🙂

    How do I send you an on/off screen boot animation I did for the i8910, and I think that users might like?

    The music is yours n2o4.


  3. In the gallery, make theme effects can turn on/off along with the general option (not constant ON like in n204), because it’s pretty buggy.
    Bye and thanks for still taking care of us i8910 users.

  4. Hey Faenil,

    Can you make a mod,that in widescreen mode you have the standard qwerty keyboard and in portrait the mini qwerty or dayhandinput?
    Always changing in the keyboard menu is not very comfortable.
    And are you able to write a program,that can lower the sensitivity of the microphone automatically when you record a video?

    Most important is speed,of course 🙂

    Thank you for your work

  5. no,dnt want it,cuz I write msgs in different languages almost always!

    but what about a more powerful faenilator,sth like HX patcher,sth that can change everything?!

  6. Ah and i would think it’s a bad idea to move such important things to E.
    Doesn’t this lower the speed of the firmware?
    The Mass Memory is not as fast as the Phone Memory.

    1. the problem’s not the speed, it’s that everything you move to E will be unavailable when you connect the phone to pc via Usb mass storage.
      This said, I use C: for all my mods, to avoid bugs which HX (for example) ignores.

  7. Hey there Faenil…… I’m a necommer to your site…..

    Just wondering…. with your keybard mod… could you replace the second screen that shows up when you type out a text, replace it with just the keyboard ontop of the screen displaying the text???


  8. ciao, come prima cosa complimenti x il lavoro, grazie a te abbiamo sempre il nostro i8910 al top..! Nella nuova rom sarebbe bello avere l’ultima versione di flash, poter settare la cpu come con l hx patcher.. 🙂 e il potere uppare le foto direttamente su facebook, avere le foto geolocalizzate tramite celle gsm, e il supporto x exchenge non sarebbe male 🙂 so chiedere molto, sono solo degli spunti/suggerimenti, spero ti possano servire..!

    1. no tu mi stai chiedendo funzionalità completamente nuove 🙂 mica me le invento da zero 😛

      l’hxpatcher funzionerà.
      L’ultima flash renderebbe il cell instabile.

  9. Hi Faenil, first of all Thanks for still keeping the modding on i8910 alive, kudos to all efforts u put in with ur busy schedule n studies,,. I know u r a modder and do the best which can be possible incorporated in the ROM, curiously waiting for N205.. Thanks again..

    1. Why would you want to have it in the CWF anyways, it’s more DL for anyone and stand alone flashing of modem part is a piece of cake anyways 🙂 I say, let go of it, modem is not needed at all in CFW as anyone can flash its own by hand 😀

      1. Io farei cosi….

        Q: Posso avere Skype sul i8910?
        A: SI! Basterebbe installarlo e chattare con gli amici su Skype, ma niente telefonate!

        Q: Posso overclockare mio i8910?
        A: Si! Usa HX-Patcher che trovi in rete oppure aspetta che rilascio la mia nuova n2o5!

        Q: Posso avere nuovo e migliore Flash Player?
        A: Si! Compra nuovo e diverso cellulare!

        Q: S^3?
        A: N8, C7, Et etc etc etc!

        Q: N8 UI?
        A: Compra N8!

        che palle davvero 😀

    1. thanks for the suggestion 😉 about the content of the ads, I have waited for the first month to see which categories are most clicked…even if these days I get like nothing from ads 🙁

  10. I’ll suggest to let go of Kastors in E – I’s not so important and people should enjoy Kastors you picked (fastest, most stable and good looking ones), if not there is a Python program for that and more 😉

    Concentrate on some greater things and stability, seeing yu’re going to provide HX-Patcher compatibilty etc.

    Do try to explore app/games installation limit as it is present in latest build (over 150 installed apps and CFW is not opening apps manager anymore, tho organize/remove is still doing the job)

    These are only advices, nothing more 🙂

  11. Nothing but only 2 things:

    1. Compatibility with newer versions of Skype… your old modded versions hav expired and you cant update everytime… Ome clean US English Localization if its not working on International Qwety

    2. Compatibility with HX patcher since that is an awesome utility… Faenilator is good but HX patcher is superb… hope u can overclock too… :p..

    and not to forget , 3D task manager autostart like the one in HXPatcher…

    I loved ur FW but didnt install only for the reason that its no more Swype compatible… you should have ID changer like in HX patcher…

    1. n2o5 is Swype compatible, it depend what Swype installation you tried and.or how skilled (hardcore) you are so you can make it installable… don’t be lazy 😉

      ID changer… you can do that with CRE files, you don’t even need HX-Patcher for that re browser, OVI store etc etc and quite few S^3 games/apps does not require complete phone ID switcher.

  12. ciao faenil, se riesci in qualche modo ad ottenere le foto in verticale e per quanto riguarda l’oc se pensi sia dannoso rimane comunque l’underclock che è utilissimo…
    e cosi giusto per abbellimento se vuoi sostituire la barra di avvio con qualche bella animazione…

  13. hi,faenil, Thanks for your great job for us. but i have a problem with my i8910HD , i couldn’t install qt-mobility-symbian-1.1.0-s60.sis which is inside of Nokia SDK1.1TP. the warning message is: The package is not supported for devices from this manufacturer. please try a selfsigned version of the package instead.
    i used your n2o4 fw, and installed nokia qt_smart_installer4.7.1.sis from Nokia SDK1.1TP.
    i also installed your old version of i8910qtinstaller sucessfully that have qtmobility1.0, i have to say it’s so cool.

    i know i need to signed my own qt-mobility file, but to me it’s too hard to solve this problem . I am a qt programer, nokia’s certificate is so boring that i can’t say anything.

    we will be appreciate if you help us out and release a new version i8910qtinstaller that include latest qtmobility libs. thank you very much.

  14. trust me I am not lazy, been tring faenil’s n204…

    I tried n204 NO-international-qwerty- swype-enabled-WDROFF, but i could install only the Faenil’s Modded international and resulting on 32mb space in my C: and in no way it was accepting the Latest versions of swype “Its meant for Nokia Phones only”…

    I tried to install HX patcher to change ID and then try but still no use…

    Only ur OVI i could manage to install supplied by ur CRE file…

    you mean there is a seperate CRE file for Swype and with that i can install all new Swypes or do I hav to modify isntallation of Swype i mean the SIS file…?

  15. Are u including Underclocking like in HX patcher…?

    that saves me battery alot.. i normally set it to 350Mhz and it does the job well and gives me 50% extra battery timing… only on video recording in 720p i reset it to normal or overclock it…

    and please tell us, is that ur last Mod? if yes then I am going to change my mobile after 3-4 months :)… if u had not released this last one then probably I would hav sold it by now….

  16. Hi, first of all, greets from Poland and many thanks for supporting Polish and Swype in your mod. Only thing I miss is the ID changer and underclocking while IDLE.

    Best Regards

  17. Ciao Faenil complimenti ancora per il tuo meraviglioso lavoro e sopratutto per non aver abbandonato l’ottimo ed evergreen i8910,io monto la tua (perfetta) n204 con tastiera swipe ,spb shell (fantastica) e l’ultima hx patcher con l’overclock e tutti i vari mod per il kinetic scroll ed i settaggi per la fotocamera ed i frame rate a 25 fps,devo dire che il cell và una bomba ora,però perchè c’è un però se io dovessi formattare dovrei reinstallare tutto da capo (compresi i vari parametri da aggiungere nella cartella private) cosa altro si può volere ancora (a parte il multitouch) da questo oramai quasi perfetto smartphone?
    secondo me il top sarebbe un custom firmware con tutto quello che ho elencato sopra,sara mai possibile,ti assicuro che il mio ora è pressochè perfetto e la batteria mi dura anche 3 giorni, sarà mai possibile avere tutto in unico tuo fantastico firmware?
    ciao e grazie.

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