you all know I’m here, and I care about you

I’m working on a new university F# programming project I have to finish within tomorrow, that’s why I haven’t posted anything during the last week.

You know I don’t write that type of things (I’m referring to the fake faenil still writing thrivial things in his comments)

so please be calm, and do know that n2o5 is still there and it won’t be deleted for any reason.

Now, I’m back to programming…


cheers 😉


9 thoughts on “you all know I’m here, and I care about you

  1. Hello, I have been using your n2o4, that is a nearly perfect version, looking forward to the better n2o5, despise all sorts of rumors. After n2o5, if can transplant android, you are great forensic I8910, ha ha, I Mars!

  2. Ciao faenil, anche se c’è in giro un milantatore…ci vuol poco per capire che l’originale sei tu. Grazie per tutto il lavoro che stai facendo.

  3. Final Fantasy VIII picture is with faenil’s name when commenting. Easy to spot. If no FFVIII pic, then ignore the comment, its a fake. (FFVII and FFIX are my favorite all-time games by the way:) )

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