For those of you who have questions…live chat time tomorrow!

Tomorrow I’m going to spend the morning and afternoon in the live chat!

All people who want to talk to me to ask questions, suggest new features/mods, just give their idea to make my firmwares better, are welcome in the chat! 🙂


You just need to go to the LIVE CHAT page and register to chatroll and login! 🙂


I’ll be there from 10 to 12, and from 15 to 17! (Italian time 🙂 )

I hope you’ll all be able to clear your doubts in four hours! 🙂


So if you want to suggest new features, if you have some new ideas, or if you just want to have a chat, just come and livechat with me! 😉




14 thoughts on “For those of you who have questions…live chat time tomorrow!

  1. Hi… I hope the new firmware will 1000Mhz overclocking to CPU.
    Compatible with all the nokia software can, for example, I skpye and a bit of swype Suggestions, thank you.
    My English level is not high, please understanding.

  2. i want open folder applications have many apps faster than!and install many software of nokia on device!and i hope have keyboard international ex vietnam!hi

  3. Hello. I am a Chinese boy has been watching your site, especially n2o5. Give you some advice just a proposal: I hope the video to support the entire AF Thank you! Support for 3 more compatible or Symbian software on the line …
    I wish to you on behalf of the Chinese people. Come Great God

  4. hey faenil,
    Can u make music player to play as folder wise,

    Can music player have manual equalizer.

    One problem m facing somtimes, as u know that while talking, as we take the phone to ear, it gets rotated, and the touch screen gets unlocked and then hold/mute/end button touches by our chicks. Hope u understand. Can have solution.
    Best of luck for new bomb n205.

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