Updates about live chat, easier than before, chat with us! :)

Hi guys! I have moved the webchat to the main page now, so that everyone checking news can also write to the live chat if he wants to know people or just talk to me and ask questions! 🙂

I have also changed the chat login method…now you’ll be able to login with your facebook account, twitter account, or wordpress account too! 🙂

Now everyone can join the chat! I guess all of you have facebook or twitter or wordpress accounts 🙂

I’m just trying to make your life easier 🙂 Hope you appreciate it 🙂


27 thoughts on “Updates about live chat, easier than before, chat with us! :)

    1. coz I’m still coding for n2o5, and I’ve worked 6hours for it today!
      Without receiving a donation for months, so please, do not write such things.


      1. Mi stavo chiedendo:ma quanti cervelli hai in testa per seguire tutto questo iter?
        E c’è il solito sapientone che ………………………….!
        Fai in modo che questo FW stupisca per le tue qualità e non per
        le chiacchiere altrui.
        PS:come vedi sto imparando qualcosa da Fevves.Spero che mi perdoni.

  1. well, I realised whenever I access the blog I’m already on chat and people are saying hi etc, but I’m reading something else. Anyhow, it’s a nice add-on to the blog 😉

  2. We should go to faenil donations, because of his research is not for themselves, but for our services, we should sponsor him, because one changes system is very difficult!

  3. hello!faenil,You think everyone should donate how many money, I am willing to help your project. I am a Chinese, I should ask where donations.

    1. If everyone would donate 1€, 2€, I would be rich 🙂

      the fact is 1/10000 people donate something 😀

      getting donations from China is hard, but I think the bank transfter it the easiest solution…
      another one is MoneyGram, or something like that…

      if you know any other way to receive donations from China, please let me know 🙂

      I have received 2 donations in the last 5 months ^^ I’m working totally for free 😀

  4. I think, in our many people in China is willing to donate money, even if everyone pay a small amount of money, this is a pretty big quantity, after all Chinese, big power, more ha ha ha, you can go to the web site. [bbs.dospy.com]i8910prefecture, A lot of people like, because i8910 system is bad, very disappointed, they all look forward to your n205, they don’t know if you need help, I think they should be willing to, I’d be glad to help you. Are you use what communication software? Like qq, skype… convenient we exchange.

  5. I know, there is a website that can donations, but I don’t know if it can help you. You know that samsung i8320? This is limo OS. Some Chinese people, its donations, change the robot, in this website [http://www.limofans.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=22446&extra=page%3D1]If you will Chinese
    , you can use the same method. My English is so bad, I’m sorry…

  6. 矮油~,想不到在这还能遇到dospy上I8910区的人呢。It`s glad to see you here。
    Thank you for do so much to I8910 faenil .I`m from the bbs:dosy,there are many people expect the n2o5 firmware,please keep on it。
    About the donate,I think if you have the alipay,it will be easy to come true。

  7. 哈哈,楼上也是塞班论坛的吗?
    Yes, alipay, faenil, yesterday, I want to tell you pay treasure, but don’t know how to express.

  8. faenil ,You registered pay treasure platform? You should be simple learning Chinese, it is more convenient to you. Like I’m trying to learn English, or you can use the software to translate, ha ha…

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