QtMobility fixed

To those of you who could not install qtmobility, there was a problem with the package on my server, it was not complete…

maybe there was some error during the upload…

I have reuploaded the complete package now, get it and install it πŸ˜‰

Check its size after you have downloaded it, it must be 2505428bytes (2.38mb), the corrupted one was 1.8Mb more or less.

34 thoughts on “QtMobility fixed

  1. What Faenil want to say is that the hash must be

    CRC32 : 50252d40
    MD5 : 30d5794d8c1d2abb1b109b227a1a4bd4
    SHA-1 : 93e4c91ebb162515fbba86094243dffb45f8cc56
    MD4 : a3dd92a8dd763877e8fd27c54a893916
    SHA256: b822f2dc27a5e6b0fa0e64b104135bee381436400435c5a006c31bc2849db2ac
    MD2 : f39c23f82635c436ef08e094625fb6ca

    now check it against whichever you like and you can
    be sure that you get the correct file.

  2. by the way I don’t know why when I install this QT I had ti remove
    any third party font I’ve Installed or phone get restarted on running
    any QT application

  3. It’s like that always,if you were using fontrounter… dunno for manually copied fonts. I hope it’s not like that πŸ™ no gain and beauty in using my phone with that horrible default Nokia sans…

    1. to reply to myself: manually changing fonts (renaming and putting font folder in E:\resources) works just fine. I’m using ubuntu font right now happily with all qt apps πŸ˜€

      1. Ciao Fevves,
        come dici,come dici?siccome anche a me fa abbastanza cag..e quell’orribile font di serie,perche non ci dici qualcosa di piu circa questo metodo manuale?Se riuscissimo anche in questo sarebbe perfetto… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ih ih!

  4. Thanks Faenil for this fantastic firmware, the n2o5 firmware kind of revamped my phone with SPB Shell, and now better than new.
    Finally I can delay my thoughts for an Android phone.

    You should already have received a donation for the work.

  5. Hi Faenil,
    qtmobility works fine now…
    I appreciate your work day after day more and more.
    It’s very fast and fluid,it seems to be born for this phone
    Samsung should change the name of his device in “i8910 Tiger”! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€
    You really deserved a donation (what I can, I’m unemployed at the moment πŸ™ )
    Thanks Bro

  6. Ciao Faenil, grazie per il tuo lavoro inanzitutto, perΓ² ho un PROBLEMINO, aggiornato OviStore e cambiato ID del cell, ma mi dice “risorsa non esistente”, e dello store non mi fa vedere nulla, capita solo a me? Magari mi puoi dire la procedura esatta per il cambio dell’ID, tipo riavviare il cell o cose simili. Grazie

  7. hey faenil,
    first of all, your new firmware is just awesome, really good!
    I think its best custom made firmware for i8910, and i don’t say this only for getting help for these two problems i found:

    1. i can’t change my ring tone. Okay, i can change, but it doesn’t assume it. There is always this samsung tune ( and i hate it )when someone is calling me
    2. the alarm clock has been silent last morning, but didn’t change any settings there. So i went to work one hour too late ( but this has not been soo bad πŸ˜‰

    I hope you still have time and joy to help me !
    Thank you very much!!

    Greetings from Germany

  8. hello.
    Dont know, if its a bug, but sometimes after keyboard unlocking the phone freezes for 5 sec, when trying to open any section in the setting menu.

  9. If you want fm radio without headset go to filebrowser z/sys/bin/FMRadioTest.exe clik on it open and click 1. Rx Mode and again 1. Radio on and 4-5 key up-down to menage frequency..up volume is 6 key and down volume 7. πŸ˜‰

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