Links for n2o5 updated!

Hi guys!

I’m sorry for the download server issues…I’m also very sad about that, because I had everything on there…I have lost all my custom firmwares (I did not keep n2o or litv2, my first cfws, on my hdd), and all the files I put on that server 🙁

Anyway, thanks to, the most well-known i8910 czech community, we have all links back!

You can download n2o5 from here!


Very few people have donated for n2o5.. 🙁 so if you still wish to thank me for all the work done for i8910, feel free to drop a donation using the button on the right.


Thanks everyone, and thanks to for the links!! 🙂




59 thoughts on “Links for n2o5 updated!

  1. Hi faenil… Are you still going to make a new firmware?
    If you aren’t going to make one, I’ll install you n2o5.
    I just know your firmware, and i want to try it.
    Because right now i’m using HX Firmware, and it’s not stable enough for me.

    Thank you for all your works.

  2. Ciao, ti faccio i miei complimenti del lavoro che fai, Ti posso chiedere una cortesia?, prima di no2o5 avevo no2o3, mi trovavo molto bene, per un errore mio non lo piu’ sul mio computer, come posso averla di nuovo, me la potresti mandare tu?,, nell’attesa di una tua risposta ti porgo distinti saluti

  3. Ciao Faenil,
    io sono uno di quelli che ancora non hanno donato…..
    come gia ti avevo detto al momento sono disoccupato ma tra qualche giorno dovrebbe entrarmi qualcosa 🙂 🙂
    I primi 10€ che spendero saranno per il tuo lavoro

  4. Hi, faenil!
    First of all: very big thanks for new firmware!
    And the second – I have several questions to you:

    1. How can be solved a problem with white square in “Options” menu?
    2. Where “Must-have software for n2o5” download links can be found now?
    3. Where I can find theme from n2o5?

  5. Hey Faenil, as you can see, Im back haha 😀
    I really need your help, I can not use my i8910, because of a bug i mentioned today! Of course Im on n2o5. So my problem is, when I startup my phone, it stucks on the loading screen and doesnt move, so i cant boot my phone anymore 🙁
    Please help me, if you have an answer :/

  6. hey friends, can anyone help me? my battery drains very fast these days, specially if i open g-maps within 2 minutes it comes to one bar. i re-flashed it, but no improvement. any help.. :((

    1. Yes 😀 There is a solution for you 🙂
      Just follow these steps but follow carefully!!!
      – Charge your battery until its fully Charged
      – press *#0228#
      – then press back once then tap [5] Reset VBATT Cal data
      – drain the battery until it shuts down, then when its shut down, Hold down the Volume up, Lock and Right soft key( 3rd key from Left ) Your phone will enter boot mode
      -Now you need to wait until the blue screen disappears and the black screen appears
      – then recharge your battery with phone off to 100% battery ITS IMPORTANT TO NOT STARTUP YOUR PHONE NOW!!
      – If you followed all these steps, your battery life will be much better!
      Its like a new battery ;D

        1. yes, it’s a valid thing. Many people tried it and with their usualusage battery improved, though if battery is faulting and is a td bit old it won’t hold for long… I did it, and it resets the battery just fine, porting it to be what it once was (i.e. almost like new).

  7. Yes, earlier, before I did this, I played with full charged battery a 3D game like Ferrari GT ( Symbian Version with 60 MB i think ) or Sims 3 for probably 1 hour and my battery was drained! Now when I play 1 hour, my battery wents from 7 dots to 6 dots! A great Improvemnent!! Try it 🙂 It will work 😉

  8. hey clicktune,
    thanks man, once i did this earlier and it worked, but not this time, may be my bat. life has fallen down. anyways.. m trying other ways.

      1. I flashed my phone with n2o5, once! installed everything and restarted y phone and it stucks on the boot mode! Then I flashed my phone again! Did everything you said in your Installation Tutorial and DID NOT INSTALL ANYTHING!! So its just clean n2o5 without any installation! Then I restarted my phone and It did not boot??!!

  9. Hey Faenil,
    ho letto in giro di alcuni rumors riguardo un prossimo interesse di samsung a Meego.
    Non so quanto possa essere vero ma di certo sarebbe interessantissimo.
    E sarebbe anche un modo per poter continuare a usufruire del tuo futuro lavoro.

  10. Hi,
    I have problem with barcode readers in N2o5. Non of theme work 🙁 I have tried: ScanLife, I-Nigma and UPCode. camera rotates wrong and it can’t detect any barcode. I think it’s a problem with camera modifications that you have made in this version.
    Please help me to solve this problem. I need a QR Barcode Reader

      1. Problem Solved! 😀
        There is BeeTagg version that works great on i8910. Less than 2 Seconds to scan a QR Code. No rotate problem at all. Thanks 😉

  11. FINALLY GOT IT NOW!!! The BOOT Problem is solved! Tried it with n2o5 and Codec Dark 3.2! When you install i8910tuning app, dont change the Firmware ID, change only if you want to connect to Ovi Suite and after that deactivate it! Otherwise your phone will not boot after a restart! I had this problem on n2o5 and Codec! So now I use n2o5 since 3 days and it works perfect 😀

  12. Faenil, is there any way to uninstall Roadsync? I get this error when trying to sync to Outlook:

    I receive an error code 0x7370F04 (messageManagerErrCorruptInstall)


    This can usually be solved by uninstalling RoadSync, turning the phone off and on, then reinstalling RoadSync. To uninstall RoadSync for S60:

    Press the Menu button to open the main menu screen.
    Open the Tools or Installat. folder.
    Open the App Manager program (“App. mgr.”).
    Scroll down to select RoadSync, press Options, and select Remove (press Yes to confirm).
    Scroll down to select RoadSyncInstaller, press Options, and select Remove (press Yes to confirm).
    Once it has been uninstalled, turn the phone completely off, then turn it on again. Reinstall RoadSync to see if it works. If the same error happens after uninstalling & reinstalling RoadSync, try these steps:

    Back out of RoadSync completely, then open the program again.
    On the Auto Discovery screen which asks for email address and password only, press the Options button and select “Skip”.
    This will skip the Auto Discovery and go right to the “verify” screen. Enter all of your server settings and try to verify.

    I can’t find it in the Installed Apps to uninstall. I have a newer version 4.004 but I need to uninstall the previous version to install this one.

    Please HELP!

    1. It’s been working perfectly for the last couple of months and then all of a sudden I get the error. I really hope I don’t need to re-flash so that I can use Roadsync.

  13. Ciao sono nuovo, ho il mio i8910 unlocked facendo l’update con N205 resta unlocked ? Io vivo in USA e uso il mio i8910 con Tmobile USA, prende solo 2G, spero che riesci a trovare il sistema di far ricevere 3G.
    Ti ringrazio anticipatamene
    Mike Loca

  14. Hi Faenil. Thanks very much for your firmware. It is working fine. I wanted to add SmartReader, but its not available on either the server or the site.

    Would you happen to have a copy of the n2o3_smartreader.sis still with you somewhere?

    Thanks in advance.

  15. dear faenil,
    can you upload files for enabling 3d taskmanager and navigation and other files that has been lost like samsung original application?
    and can you upload some custom homescreen such as orange homescreen?
    or can you tell me where can i find those files?

    thank you for your hard work, i like your i8910 tuning software. 🙂

      1. thx… 🙂

        it’s just a small things compared to your work here…
        will you still creating for a new firmwares?

        perhaps if it’s possible you can add some custom homescreen…

        i’m waiting for your next firmware

        1. Hey but what the next firmware or homesreen? Faenil sold his i8910
          The i8910’s time is finished and you must enjoy it now,to the max of his possibilities.
          Take it easy ;D
          🙂 🙂

          1. Maxed out or not, simply enjoy the phone, it’s not dead ’till you drop it onto concrete, slide and bouce out, turn off and then hit by passing car reducing it to tiny bits and pieces… Then IT’S DEAD! LOL!

            … not mine, mine is alive and kicking, without a single scratch and doing its job it did as always, back from Faenil’s first CFW I mounted upto one I’m having atm! 😉

  16. btw, new Nokia (OVI) Store is out, Swype skinning is possible, just need people to us their phone and modify some bits by themselves… it’s always better and better if you know how to use it 😉

  17. due cosette:

    1) come mai i8910tuning (sotto applicazioni)che credo sia compreso nella n2o5, quando clikko sull’icona non parte?
    2) come mai dopo aver installato sygic 10 sotto applicazioni non si crea l’icona? da dove lo accio partire?

    GRAIZE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Qt Mobility non serve per i8910tuning, serve Qt 😉

          E comunque, per installare Qt Mobility, hai bisogno di aver già installato Qt

          Buona giornata 😉

  18. i have do it reset calibratin battery *#0228# -[5] Reset VBATT Cal data
    & now i have problems,battery hold max 1 day & i cannot recharge battery over 4bars,recharge time is cca 30min,and stops.???
    i was try with new battery,and same problem.pls help!!!?
    -hard reset doesnt help.

      1. Lordkyron hello. Just one question about this method: i did it because i also had the same battery problem, i probably typed something wrong (the code) and now i can’t charge the phone.It opens when i connect the charger but it does not charge at all. Any solution about this? If you can send me any suggestion at Thanks in advance.

  19. hi everyone can i install the spb shell 3d application in i8910 by changing the phone Id to n8 or to c6 cze this app is for S^3 and not for s^1 so plz let me know if any of you can make it possible for us..

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