Contributing to Sony Open Devices: Sony Xperia 5 IV enablement

Last month, like every year since 2016 or so :D, I attended FOSDEM.

I had the pleasure to finally meet Caleb, who I had known for their efforts in mainlining the Snapdragon 845 SoC, but also Alin Jerpelea, Senior Open Source Software Architect at Sony, who I had so far mostly interacted with via the Sony Open Devices github bugtracker, where I had been been reporting issues affecting Sony’s AOSP image on my XZ2 Compact.

I had been following the Open Devices project for a few years already , but I recently got in closer contact with their community in an effort to contribute some time to mainlining their devices and contributing to Sony’s effort.

As part of that, I will be spending some of the very little spare time available to lend a hand and iron out issues in running Sony’s AOSP Android 13 on Sony Xperia 5 IV (aka pdx224, Nagara platfom) 🙂

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