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  1. Sorry to disturb you faenil. But is there anyway to keep the phone phone dimmed like the 10% battery saver mode, even when the battery is full? It’ll be handy to read pdfs for hours. And can I use HX-pather in your firmware???

      1. I consistently run my i8910 at 900mhz without any issues whatsoever… only downside is decreased battery life when not in standby. Like when I use Opera browser through a WiFi connection, I only get about 3 hours from a fully charged battery.
        Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Feanil your the best modder i see so far… could i suggest to the next update of omnia hd, could you include threaded sms as a default one? hehehehe i lke these phone so much… tnx a lot more power!!!!

    1. and feanil can i ask something i download from your site these is the app facebook vivaz? when i try to install it is keep saying that jad and jar file attribute do not match? tnx for the reply

  3. hi mr faenil can u tell me how to put the rnd file browser in the phone without flashing it can u put it in a sis file too like the mods for n8 thnx in advance

  4. dear faenil
    i downloaded your custom firmware with arabic localization for my omnia hd ,and every thing works perfect ,exept that media player does not recognise any music file in my phone ! please tell me what to do?

  5. Hi Faenil just a quick question is there any chance that you are able to incorporate LEAP & WPA Enterprise authentication, as part of the wireless setup as currently is a real pain

  6. Hi! Faenil, I have a problem with N8. I wanted to install your H2O mod but it says Unable to install application from untrusted supplier…Yes, I signed it properly. Is it possible that something from the previous mods that I have deleted is left…should I flash my phone or what should I do?

  7. Привет, Faenil, я администратор сайта и у меня есть несколько идей и предложений к тебе! Прошу связаться со мной по email.
    Пишу на русском так как мой английский слаб.
    Жду письма на адрес

      1. translating comments is your task, not mine 🙂

        I can’t translate all comments just because users are lazy 🙂

        hope you understand 😉

  8. Hi there,

    i can’t use the facebook app from the vivaz theres always the same error: ” the process can not be finisched”


  9. Hi faenil,

    I have been using Your n2o4 firmware for a long time (hungarian langpack), it is a great firmware. The only thing I ran into is, that I cannot write an email in landscape mode (so with full QWERTY) only in portrait mode (it wont rotate). With normal text messages it works.
    Could you give a solution for this?
    Thanks a lot!

  10. Hi faenil, thanx for fantastic phoneware! Three questions though:
    1) When I click on the current profile on the homescreen I open a drop-down-menu for other profiles to choose from. Problem is that none of these profiles can be activated, they can just be highlighted on the drop-down-menu wich will not close. What can be done?

    2)How can nav3d and task3d be activated in n204 without PowerBoot?

    3)How can I get all 4 icons at the bottom of the screen when in FingerUse-mode also on the Menu-screen?

    Thank you!

  11. Hi there Faenil. Looks like you really know what ur doin with firmware. Is there a way to change the default directories for common file caches like SMS etc? These chew up quite a bit of ram and slow down the GUI. What files can I remove from the core drive without affecting performance negatively?


  12. my i8910 is having a problem now. from time to time it autometically goes to the USB connection mode even if I don’t connect it to any USB. SO, I can’t do anything in that mode. is there any solution to this? I tried a hard reset. but didn’t work.

    please help anyone if faenil bro is too busy…

  13. Hey there,

    first real good job with the new n205-firmware it’s awesome!!!

    But i got 1 question. i want to install the orginal theme from the i8910 but i can’t because the phone allways tells me that this theme is allready installed because it thinks that your theme is the Samsung Omnia HD Universal Original Theme.

    Any solution how i can fix this??

    Thanks alot 😉

    1. you can’t install original universal theme because there one file of it which is included in all custom firmwares…you have to install a modded version of it 😉

  14. Help! installed and everything went right, except that the keyboard no longer appears for me to type messages, contacts, etc. .. the numeric keypad to dial appears … ‘ve reinstalled and nothing …

  15. Hi,

    I installed this over HX-V11 but the phone keeps freezing and exiting from applications.

    I hard rest the E drive before install. Did I need to do format the C drive before installing your firmware?


  16. N205 is the best. I did not have the reboot problem with N205 until i installed mp3 players – both 360ting and TTPOD. There might be something conflicting in those apps. Hope this helps track down the reboot problem.

  17. Ciao Faenil, volevo chiederti un consiglio, visto che ancora non ne sono venuta a capo pur cambiando diversi firmware non risolvo il problema.
    Con il Firmware originale tutto funziona, ma se metto altri firm.. pure con il n205 la
    prima chiamata risulta sempre occupato alla seconda il telefono mi squilla.
    Mi consigli una soluzione o un firmware per il modem che non da problemi?
    Mi fai avere il firmware del modem che usano nelle versioni originali, sperando ri risolvere il fastidioso problemino? 🙂 buon lavoro e buon Studio, baci 🙂

    1. non saprei come aiutarti, mi spiace…

      ps se il modem non l’hai cambiato, è rimasto quello che avevi prima, non cambia quandi flash il firmware, devi flashare un altro file apposta per cambiare il mode 😉

  18. Ciao Faenil,
    ho un grande favore da chiederti, allora ho provato e straprovato a far leggere dal pc il cell in modalita’ bootloader e non riesco proprio, si vede che con windows 7 x64 non va…devo quindi per forza installare windows xp?

      1. quando hai attaccato il telefono via usb devi fare qualcosa sulla macchina virtual per far trasferire il cellulare da Win7 alla macchina virtuale.

        Sulla XPMode mi sembrà c’è direttamente in alto “Usb” o “Devices” non ricordo…clicchi lì, poi clicchi Attach affianco al cellulare (che nel mio caso mi sembra si chiami USB Driver).

        Prima di fare ciò ovviamente devi far partire l’exe del firmware sulla macchina virtuale

        1. si giusto…e fino a qua ci sono, infatti se il telefono e’ acceso ho l’opzione i8910 come usb da trasferire nei diveces perche’ e’ l’windows 7 che inanzitutto lo legge, ma se l’ho metto in bootloader il 7 mi da not recognized e di conseguenza nella virtual non c’e’ neanche…capito adesso?

          1. in teoria dovrebbe venirti nella virtual machine un “Usb Driver” come device se sei in bootloader…

            prova a installare i drivers per il flash anche su Win7

          2. e i driver li ho installati tutti…e solo la modalita’ bootloader che il sette non vuole riconoscerla perche’ non ha il driver, ma li ho provati tutti…

  19. Hi Faenil. I hope you’re well. I have made a small contribution to thank you for all your hard work. n205 is behaving quite well in the phone.

    However, I am having a problem installing QT apps, probably something to do with the Nokia Smart(!) Installer. They keep failing to install – well, it maybe the NSI fails to install properly as it appears in Installed apps but there’s no icon in Applications.

    i8910 Tuning and Wikitude work so QT seems to be ok. Has this been a problem for anyone else and do you have any ideas for a solution?

    Many thanks

    1. thank you very much! 🙂

      Sorry but I can’t help with that…NSI seems to have lots of problems on non official firmwares, don’t know what they’re related to..

  20. Guys i need serious help.The problem is that i changed i8910 lock code and now i can’t remember it.I can’t even turn the phone on because it always asks me for that code which i don’t know.Is there any way to reset it to 8×0 like it was in the beginning by flashing with some firmware because in the past some firmwares used to reset it.Thanks

  21. Hi Faenil and everybody. Thanks for great FW and apps. I´ve got a question about connecting to PC. It is no problem with connection i8910 with n205 using bluetooth, but with cable I don´t see any additional external disc in Linux, even Memory Card and also cannot connect by cable using Samsung PC Studio 7. I can connect it into Samsung PC Studio 7 by bluetooth only.
    Another think is Music player: My songs are stored on Memory Card and Music player has nothing in Library. I cannot attach any song into Library. Thanks for any help or suggestion.

    1. OK, the Music library is sorted. Formated the Memory card, put music files back. Nothing happened, but next day all songs were back in Library. No idea how 🙂

  22. Hi Faenil!
    Extremely happy with N205! I’m a first time flasher, so actually wasn’t sure about going for it but took a chance and i’m happy that i flashed my phone. I’m getting so much more out of my i8910 now. However, there seems to be an issue with my system sound. Suddenly the sound reduces to nil and one can hardly hear anything, when toggle the volume key, it shows 100% in the music player but negligible sound. I have to reboot the phone and the sound comes up, but after sometimes its silent again. What could be the reason behind this? I followed the instructions on the download page step by step. Can you find a solution for this issue, coz all of us know how important sound is on the i8910.

    Appreciate your help.
    Thanks in advance!

  23. Hi faenil, I flashed like you mentioned in your tutorial, but I can’t start the i8910 tuning app. If i try to start it the screen gets black for 4 seconds and then I’m back in menu. The same thing happens with “StartBackup”. Other apps are working fine (like PhoneTorch or RomPatcher). I’ve installed Euro language pack (German) and then n2o5_mustHave.sis, but nothing else. Any idea what is wrong?

  24. Sorry my bad english.
    I’m install N205 and phone is working but i can not install Turkis language pack.
    I’m plug USB cable on blue screen but phone is not detected.
    I’m stuck and i dont install OFW or other CFW.

  25. Hi Faenil,

    I have a problem installing Roadsync 5. It keeps saying that this version of Road sync is not for this phone but it does install in the HX firmware.

    Is there anything I can install from HX patcher to enable this?

    I want to use your firmware because it’s very stable.

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