How to flash my roms!

Hi guys, I have written a short tutorial to teach you how to flash my roms πŸ™‚

There it is πŸ™‚

Prerequisites: WINXP, or a virtual machine running WINXP

Things to know:
– Flashing the phone will void the phone warranty
– Only Flash if you have a fully charged battery
– Don’t unplug the phone during the flashing process, and DO NOT DO ANYTHING ON THE PC WHILE FLASHING (this helps avoiding random problems)

Files you need: FLASHING KIT

1) Install MS XML 4.0 SP2 (it’s included in the flashing kit)

2) Install Usb Drivers (SSDN_V1.1.8 … , and Samsung Mobile Usb Driver (they’re included in the flashing kit)

3) Make a backup of your E drive, as the flashing process will FORMAT the E DRIVE (this helps avoiding random problems, don’t ask me to delete this feature πŸ™‚ )

4) Make a HardReset by dialling *#7370# (lock code: 00000000)

5) Switch your phone off, and then switch it on by holding VolUp key (leftside) + Lock key (rightside) + PowerOn button

6) You will see a blue screen, this is called the “bootloader mode”

7) Now start the .exe which you have extracted from the compressed fw you have downloaded from the download page

8) Plug the phone to USB

9) In this right moment, you will see that the big DOWNLOAD button is not grayed out anymore, and it can be hit…

10) Hit Download button, and wait for the flashing process to finish πŸ™‚ (it will take 3-4minutes πŸ˜‰ )

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  1. Guide to run viritual OS on Vista/Windows 7 Home Premium!


    Works like a champ!!!

    Thanks to svenny000

    this is warez, I have to delete it sorry πŸ™‚
    the guide wants you to download un unofficial copy of windows xp ^^

  2. I just updated my i8910 firmware to n202 and updating it is as easy as 1-2-3, and i’m also a newbie(a li’l bit nervous) just follow the guide and you’ll be fine. Theres a lot of changes (Very good changes) compare to local updates from Samsung. Thanks so much for the good work faenil!! More power!!

    you’re welcome πŸ™‚

  3. Need help! Which files I must install from faenil_flashingkit? Only .exe files or no?

    two .exes, the ony starting with SSDN and the other starting with Samsung Mobile Driver πŸ˜‰

  4. HI WHILE SETTING UP FOR FLASHING I GOT A MESSAGE THAT this installation cannot be run directly by launching the MSI package. it said i need to run setup.exe this happens when i try to install the samsung mobile usb driver. thanks pls help πŸ™

    read the guide again πŸ˜‰ the name is not setup.exe πŸ˜‰

  5. Whassup!
    Awesome FW.. You’ve reached Croatia too man!..Thanx a bunch!

    Just one question, after flashing with n2o2 , should I do another hard reset?

    only if you have problems πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Faenil, I am a newbie.. Can i follow this same procedure for flashing samsung official firmwares too? I am in warranty period. I want to try your n202, but if anything goes wrong, i want to revert back to my official firmware using the above easy procedures. Please advise.

    no, it is a bit different…

  7. Hi Faenil!

    First, I would like to commend you for having a wonderful job making these custom FWs!

    I would just like to ask if I can update to your CFW(n202) from my official(stock) firmware I8910JVIF6?

    of course πŸ˜‰ Download n2o3, not n2o2…and then download your language pack (arabic?)

  8. Hi Faenil;
    I still have my original FW I8910XXIF. Do i need to flash to tle latest Italian firmware before I can flash your rom to my fone?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. hi, when i try to install SAMSUNG Mobile USB DRIVER( v1.6, a screem pops up saying “This installation cannot be run by directly launching the MSI package, you must run setup.exe. I followed every step of the tutorial.
    Please Help??

    my fault, you need to start setup.exe…. πŸ™‚

  10. The whole tutorial doesnt mention anything bout symbian tool or even its download link, lol the the most imp thing which would process flashing πŸ˜‰

    I didn’t mention it because it is not needed πŸ™‚ you just need to start the .exe file, none cares about the name of the software if you don’t need to know it πŸ™‚

  11. If i install a language pack, lets sai like chinese, i’ll be able to see the chinese caracters even without it selected? I’m asking this because i have some programs that are in oriental languages, and all i can see are squares (kind of a try to get it right).

    I’m not 100% sure but yeah you should be able to see chinese characters…do notice that chinese input method does not work …

  12. hi there,

    i have flashed to n2o3 and did hard reset as phone was running slow..
    now, software seems to be fast however network signals are not coming at home..
    wen i go out it gives one or two signals but shows no service at home..
    flashed again and updated modem to jc1, still no change at all..
    what could the cause..?
    was working fine before flashing..
    is there a fault in handset or any special settings needs to be changed..
    any suggestions from ur end..

    maybe you have high gsm and noservice in 3g mode..
    and you have set the phone to only connect to 3g network…

  13. hi dear thanx for replying..
    im not that tech savy..
    so could u please explain..
    how to change settings and where to go..

    Settings-> Connectivity –>Network –> Network Mode πŸ˜‰

  14. Faenil, I’ve enjoyed Hyperx’s firmwares for a while, but if I was to try your n2o3:

    Will OVI store work? it’s not working on my HX-V5. Any luck with your rom?

    What about OVI maps? I’m using it a lot.

    Other reasons why n2o3 may be worth trying?

    they’re both working πŸ˜‰ other reasons? well, read the changelog and see if it has something you like πŸ™‚

  15. Ok it looks nice! However, I can not get OVI store to work?

    On May 14 you posted this: “I’m sorry guys, betatester didn’t notice this…. πŸ™ I had to test n2o3 to notice it…. Nokia services don’t work at the moment. OviStore, login at OviMaps, Windows Live Messenger (uses Nokia WebService) I’m looking for a fix…”

    Where’s the fix then?

    OVI maps installed fine, but where can I find it? It’s not in the Applications folder? Other stuff I installed isn’t there either?

    The Conversations App is nice, but is there a way I can change the appearance? The Hyperx version had little more balloon-like text bubbles, more like on the iphone. If not it’s no big deal :o)

    OviStore works perfectly πŸ˜‰
    OviMaps is in SamsungLBS folder, read changelog before flashing roms please…

  16. Ok, I got OVI store working too – with the app downoaded from HX’s site. Guess there’s not much else to ask for πŸ˜› Real nice work faenil ❗

    Still have to look for those applications, though. And those text bubbles… No seriously – I really can’t complain! Thanks!

    Looking forward to that Qt – whatever it is…!

    it’s very starnge that text bubbles are different….are you sure?

  17. Yes. The bubbles in the N2O3 Conversation App don’t have callouts, and fill the whole screen width. In the Thread-SMS (HX-V5) it’s more like the iphone, looks nicer I think. But it is a small thing.

    But in the HX-V5 Thread-SMS the T9 isn’t localized, which is a disaster.

    What’s bugging me more is that when I use the camera it is really really slow in responding after taking a picture or video. Can be almost a minute. Really annoying because the camera is the main reason for me getting the i8910.

    Is it something in the settings?

    so that’s why, I was right, it’s not the same app, it’s Conv vs threadsms, that’s why they’re different…
    about videos and photos, never happened to me…

  18. Hi Faenil,

    til now, i’m not able to flash ur firmware on my phone because i have a pc with windows vista and i don’t have any windows xp cds…

    is there any possibilities to still flash ur fw…

    i would be happy πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Faenil: I used to Make a HardReset before and after flashing, but now I dont see the AFTER indication, is it necesary to Make a HardReset after flashing ?


  20. Hi intersted in flashing my i8910 with n204 but in the process a)when do i install the language pack, b) can u install 2 or more language packs and c) this might be a bit silly but in the Faenil_FlashingKit which one is the n204 fw?( i am a newbie) many thanks

    a) after you flash the fw, which you have to download from the n2o4 download page
    b) what do you need that for? n2o4 has all keyboards, do you use fw menu in 2 languages?

  21. Hi anks for replying. So after u flash fw u leave the phone connected to computer and install language pack? and b) is the language pack for the menu or for the keyboard? many thanks

    unplug and replug usb and flash language pack
    language pack is for menu languages, you have all keyboard languages (except chinese) in base versions

  22. also i’ve read some forums that if fw is not installed properly it can leave the phone as a brick ie useless so what can i do to prevent this? many thanks and sorry about so many questions but as i said before i am a newbie.

  23. How come i cant type chinese words in my message even after flashing to n2o4?how to use the international keyboard? πŸ™ plz help me,thanks!

    you have to flash the chinese langpack and set language to chinese

  24. Hi many thanks for uploading fw. Just finished installing on phone. Really really good and easy. Just wanted to know how do u change the nspeed kastors effects?

  25. Anyone else get the problem of C: Drive files that are not in folders disappearing once you run the files in the Flash Kit?

    Originally i thought it was the actual Rom that caused it the 1st time, but the same thing happened and it’s something to do with the files in the Flash kit. Deletes everything on C Drive that is not in a folder so images, .exes etc but doesn’t delete .pdf files.

    Anyone have any idea why that is?

    Thanks πŸ˜•

    sorry could you explain your problem in other words?

  26. The same thing happened when i first installed Hyperx rom many months ago, but i don’t think it’s the Rom causing the problem, but instead the other files, either the msxml file or the files in the USB folders.

    Basically on my desktop computer, i end up saving things on my root C:\ drive. Like i edit a photo and instead of saving it to a folder, i just put it in the harddrives C:\ directory. I have a few files in C:\ directory.

    When i ran those files in the flashkit, for some reason all the files in the C:\ got deleted, but everything in folders was OK, for example C:\windows was FINE C:\program files was fine etc. But everything not in folders, example C:\photo.jpg got deleted.

    Any idea why this happens? Anyone else experience this? I’m using Windows XP SP3 on a very powerful multicore PC. It’s a very strange problem. It’s almost like something is sending a instruction to delete files in C:\ drive.

    Base mind, i did uninstall the flashkit and reinstalled them again so could the problem have been caused when i was uninstalling? Never happens with other software.

    it’s very strange…I have no idea why this should happen…

    1. Ok, i think the reason those PDF files did not get deleted is because they were “read only” as a lot of PDFs are when downloaded from online. That’s probably what protected them. Not sure why all the other files in my computers C:\ drive got deleted but the folders did not get deleted. Very weird πŸ˜•

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  28. Hi Faenil, congratulations for your wonderful job. I had installed your version 2.03 with no glitches, but with 2.04 I get this message when I start the Flashing Tool:
    Wait for Loading File
    Loading File Fail = 8

    Then nothing happens. I tried with both gadget and no gadget. Same error. Can you help me please?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi I am also having this problem. I am currently running N203 and had no problems installing it. I have tried re installing the flashing kit files. Does anyone ay ideas?

  29. Im probably dumb but I cant find this .exe file and is fw short from firmware?
    7) Now start the .exe which you have extracted from the compressed fw you have downloaded from the download page
    I have n2o3 and i did hard reset…and Im stucked here…pls help?

  30. And one other thing Im changing from n2o3 to n2o4 because my battery lasts about 36h and just now I found that it may be because of SPB shell? Is this true? And which firmware is better for battery life? Thank you!

  31. Hi Faenil,

    in my i8910 the details i get is like
    software version:I8910DDIG3
    software version date:17/07/2009
    custom version:I8910INUIG4
    custom version date:17/07/2009
    language set :08
    Latest update: not updated

    Phone memory is : 50 MB
    Mass memory : 16 GB

    while going through site i saw many blogs and posts with ” cooked roms,custom roms,custom firmware ” etc ..
    am new in this and i didnt understand what exactly these do.
    please dont feel this as a stupid question i have no idea regarding this..
    I am from india and i heard samsung omnia hd is having above 200 mb ram and is having good speed but in my phone its slow and whn using applications it shows “General : Already in use” and when installing softwares “certificate error”..

    so please give me a little description on this ..


    thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  32. 7) Now start the .exe which you have extracted from the compressed fw you have downloaded from the download page

    the file i have download is n2o4_gadg_WDROFF_fixed.7z

    Where is the .exe??

  33. Wow, its good to see N204 working in my phone, Faenil, the firmware is good, clean and fast. but need Cosmetic changes…!

    secondly, i have samsung widget theme on, how to access other widgets? where r they?

  34. hi

    i think, the H20 custom firmware is not for the nokia E7 but for NOkia N8!!!!
    i can found original uda file for E7 on navifirm
    can you me explain?
    thanks for your work

  35. “9) In this right moment, you will see that the big DOWNLOAD button is not grayed out anymore, and it can be hit…”

    …well that big DOWNLOAD button is allways grayed ,dont turn on green…what can i do ?

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