7 thoughts on “Video of n2o in action!!

  1. Liking this rom a lot. Nice and clean and crisp.
    No issues with the Joker effects. They’re speedy and I don’t know what the issue is with them screwing your eyes up. They’re not on the screen long enough!
    Battery is still on 4 bars after nearly 2 days of average use i.e. a few messages, loading all the app’s and a bit of Opera.
    A job well done faenil.

  2. hello my friend is that you could not add PT-PT or PT-BR?? I am very grateful! I guarantee that there would be many Brazilians or Portuguese who would join!

    very few brazilians so far ^^ call your friends and tell them to join! 🙂

  3. one quick question, but before that…n2o rom is awesome 😀
    after flashing your FW, can I do a hard resert? I think not (because of the files on E:), but in case if new official FW gets out and I will ofcourse wanna try it, there will be no problems, right?

    you SHOULD make a hard reset before and after flashing 😉 you won’t be able to flash with PC Studio, but you can flash the official firmwares with Symbian Flashing Tool, as if they were custom firmwares 😉

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