first arabic problem solved, second one coming

Hi guys I fixed the System Error problem in arabic translation but there is a new problem now…

when I open Settings , it exits to Menu after a few seconds…

does anybody know how to solve that?

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  1. when Correction problem comes another problem
    oh my god 😡

    importing languages can be the easiest thing to do, but also the hardest…it depends on lots of things…
    and it takes time, and it’s boring…

  2. i will waiting you
    take your time

    thanks bro, at the moment I’m writing a bash script for the university…I can’t work on the rom today…if not tonight…

  3. I’ve got the same problem now, I know that there are some problem in replacing theme # 37 which is for Arabic language, but I couldn’t get how to solve it yet. :mrgreen:

    which same problem? system error?

  4. Yes, when I changed the language it says System Error, then it re pots, I am just trying to help, but I think I can’t :mrgreen:

    don’t give up mate 😉 I’ll write the solution to you via email

  5. I mean the languages are linked with DLLs that operate them, if we just replaced the files inside the folders, it wont work, because the DLLs in folder (syspin) are linked to the same language that operate them in folder (10207254themes2704867382705137512710673331.0) , please ignore me if my questions are for a beginners :mrgreen:

    most of the dlls only look for the language code, and then look for the files of that language code…
    so importing only language files is enough (t9, qwerty ecc need other files)

  6. Thanks Feanil,
    That is the answer that I am looking for, so no problems if I used another language in deferment language folders :mrgreen:

    nice 🙂 let me know for the dump 😉

  7. Hi faenil!

    This bug is never been solved by anyone(I think), just Samsung. If you import the languages from an older fw to the newest the settings menu will crash everytime. I have this problem too. But we get an update from Samsung(with kinetic scrollig) and it’s fixed this bug. So, good luck!

    ps.: and thanks for your reply.(dead ubootloader)

    best regards,


    what do you mean? is there a newer version with kinetic for Arabic countries?

  8. no, it isn’t. Im talking about the hungarian language. 1 months ago, i haved this problem and unable to fix it. But samsung made an update(with kinetic scrolling) and fixed this. So, a hundred of files are generating this bug, but i haven’t got any idea which is it. You need the updated files from samsung. That’s the bad truth. 🙁 but come on, maybe you will find! 🙂

    ok thanks for the head up 🙂 which is the hungarian fw with kinetic? ^_^

  9. I’m send the download link in pm on forums.samsungi8910… 🙂 You just only need to copy that( it is in folder structure) to the rofs2 and rofs3 and edit bootdata.txt. Maybe like this: 17,d 😛 😀

    Thanks. 🙂

    ahhaha 🙂 yeah 17,d 🙂
    please send me the link to the latest rom, not only hungarian files, so that I can include other languages together with hungarian 😉

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