8 thoughts on “lastminute bug fixed!!

  1. That is great man, does it have English too? πŸ˜‰

    ofc it does, one is english/italian
    the other is russian and other similar languages…

    where is the IF6 dump mate? πŸ™‚ you have low chances to get arabic without that…:)

  2. hey faenil.. bro plz put that rotating kastors.. these r the best kastor me my friend my family my gf ever saw.. i lov them.. and surely ppl also loved them..

    here take it as a request.. take a pole… ask ppl to vote..

    or release u can release it with both kastors.. release with rotating kastors also..

    i shall be so kind of u..

    waiting for ur reply..

    I don’t know man…ok I’ll make a fast poll…

  3. yeah do it make a fast pole… kastors r most important to catch the eyes for others.. these rotating ones r awesome.. diagonal kastors r simple.. very simple.. hav a fast poll..

  4. WOW!Thanks man for the gift ;-)anytime u need something…just ask..thanks again..l have something to do this days…l’m sure it will be the best firmware!Respect!

    just tried, it works. Romanian T9 is in πŸ™‚
    just want to help bro πŸ˜‰

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