Do you like rotating kastors?? VOTE!

Hi guys this is a fast poll
it regards the KASTOR EFFECT produced when you open an app FROM MENU, as somebody said they were too complex and fast rotating.
I have to choose between the fast rotating effect (the one which zooms in and then rotate 2,3 times) and the “diagonal” kastor which is the one you get when you start an application from the HOMESCREEN

Which one do you prefer when you open apps from menu?
2) REPLACE IT WITH THE DIAGONAL EFFECT (so you’ll have same effect when open things from homescreen and from menu)

Crazy rotating or diagonal kastor for opening things from menu?

  • 2) REPLACE IT WITH THE DIAGONAL EFFECT (so you'll have same effect when open things from homescreen and from menu) (47%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 34

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18 thoughts on “Do you like rotating kastors?? VOTE!

  1. guys vote for the crazy rotating kastors.. these r the best in the world.. vote vote and vote only it.. ufff i cant wait for n202 with same kastors used in n20…

  2. hi faenil.. look the rotating one r winning.. u said its a fast poll… dicison is made already.. 10 for rotating and 6 for simple non eye catcher kastors.. u said its fast… hey stop the poll man before its too late for me…
    hey stop the poll.. plz… also hey stop the poll… also hey stop it man.. running out of time. lolz.. hey stop it now..

    hey man don’t go crazy 🙂 you can always change kastor with c2z ^^

  3. the reason i am going crazy is that i dont know how to change the kastors.. u hav done masters in that.. u know everything.. isnt it better to go for the best thing.. why going for the simple one..

    coz lots of people I trust told me those rotating effects are complex…
    and I agree…

  4. wat is this.. i hav been chating with my gf from last 50 min.. still the poll is not stopped…

    votes are nearly the same, I think I’ll use diagonal ones. 😉
    sorry man 🙂

  5. but still the rotating one is winning.. which means its better.. anyhow will try to put the rotating one tonight.. hope i will put them..
    one question.. the link which u give is for zooming or warped effect.. which u used in the gran n20..

    that is only a guide to help you install kastors…
    the kastors of n2o can be downloaded here 😉

  6. just really want to taste your creation, very much want to. can you give download minor problems, but you then patches do?

    sorry I don’t understand what you are trying to say.. ^^

  7. sorry for my Google 🙂 😀

    ahahaha 🙂 download link will be available in 2 hours I think 🙂
    I still have to prepare a nice changelog…and upload files…
    I’m still adding lastminute nice mods 🙂

  8. thanks sir.. i really is ur biggest fan… ur roms r awesome… hey but something is missing.. isnt it.. the 3d taskmanager.. why do u give saperate patch for it so the one can put them after flashing phone by flashing that patch..
    hyperx is doing that.. why dont u tooo..

    ok bye now i am going to study.. hope after 3 hours rom will be available..

    The will be Task and NoTask editions 😉

  9. Faenil always great compliments for your professional work especially for the way you always be to please our customers the best possible we do hope to talk about this a fantastic career and best wishes for your new masterpiece.Thanksss

    thanks for you nice words 🙂
    you’re the ones who makes me go on!

  10. Is it possible to change the function of the keylock, so that you could switch from portrait to landscape mode? 😀

    I don’t think so 🙂 I don’t know ^^

  11. Hi Faenil hope that you are doing will in your exams good luck man. Really your work is amazing and I like it very much. May I ask you to see if you can let the FM transmitter work or not and is it possible to make auto-focus in video recording or not ? Also may you let the radio work without the handset ? And let i8910 HD work with NOKIA suite as N97. At last have a nice day.


    exams: worse than I imagined, too much time spent on roms…I hope to be helpful at least…
    fm transmitter: I think it’s not going to work..
    autofocus: I think it is theorically possible, but I don’t have time to make attempts…even if I only have one thing to try at the moment, which is likely not going to work 🙂
    n97: I read something about this…I’ll look into it as I have time…(never xD)

    have a nice day 🙂

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