Upload has started:

I’ll update you about the progress in this thread,
in the meanwhile I’m preparing a nice changelog… 😉

EURO n2o2 NOTASK3D: Uploaded
EURO n2o2 TASK3D: Uploaded
RUSSIAN n2o2 NOTASK3D: Uploaded
RUSSIAN n2o2 TASK3D: Uploaded

Working on changelog (20mins to finish)


13 thoughts on “Uploading

  1. now wat is difference between EURO AND RUSSIAN… do u mean to say these r default languages

    euro: italian, english, spanish, french, german languages in all the firmware
    russian: russian, lithuanian, latvian, ukrainian, estonian languages in all the firmware

  2. we mast wait again? i woudnt sleep tonight untile not test your firmware

    sorry man for waiting 🙁 I added more things…
    I’ve done it for you 🙁

  3. Faenil…basya che non mi fai stare sveglio quasi tutta la notte anche oggi…sei un grande 😛

    raga non potete immagine le sfighe che succedono…prima mi ero dimenticato di cancellare una icona, poi di cambiare una cosa, poi aveva dato errore megaupload, poi avevo trovato un bug…
    un macello….non potete immaginare che pressione poi… 🙂

  4. Faenil…immagino tutto il casino che sta dietro una rom…figuriamoci poi a fare funzionare tutto come si deve…se solo samsung lavorasse come Faenil…THE BEST 😆

    ahahah ma no dai non esageriamo 😛

  5. yo man!
    cant you allready put a link for the EURO 2no2 TASK3D ?
    so i dont have to wait for the rest and changelog?:P

    I can’t because people who don’t read anything would start begging 🙂

  6. Looking forward to the firmware which I know will be good.

    Just hope that all the people that find the Vote button also find the Donate button. 🙂

    thanks bro 🙂 I hope that too ^_^

  7. Man you are teasing us from yesterday so bad. You move release time further and further, further on. That’s not fair. Though if you are Italian – it’s fine

    someone said “1 day is better than 1 bug ” 🙂

  8. You may never reach pefection. Should we wait forever?
    35 minutes are over)

    man I’m just waiting for the process to finish…
    and I’m still finishing the changelog…
    have patience please

  9. I found one bug! When I installed a Garmin, it didn’t start. With other rom the same installation had been working very well.

    I’m looking into this…I only changed the icons…I don’t know why it shouldn’t start…
    I verified that sygic works correctly

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