for those who don’t like the 3D Icons ^^

Hi guys this post is to talk about Icons change in the widget homescreen (and other hs which uses the same file)…

You know the n2o2 is the first rom in the world where you can change the icons in bottom widget homescreen 🙂

But I want to make you aware that changing the icon file in C won’t let you change all the icons…

REPLACING THE FILE IN C:\ICONS will NOT change OPTIONS, and EXIT, buttons, which will remain 3D…

I know it’s not perfect, but remember that in ALL the other roms you can’t change the widget icons at all! ^_^

4 thoughts on “for those who don’t like the 3D Icons ^^

  1. hey man i m not getting u where r the 3d icons,can u plz explian i m not able to get u

    the ones on bottom in the homescreen: telephone, contacts, messages ,menu…

  2. Is it possible that you show us a screenshot about the 3D buttons?
    I mean I get that the telephone, contacts, messages and menu icons are unique in your roms, but what I don’t understand is that little remark about the options and exit being 3D. What do they look like? 😳

    what I wanted to say is, you can’t change those OPTIONS and EXIT, they’ll remain what they are

  3. Good evening mate. But how to change the icons? What will be the size of the icons and what should we ‘rename’ it?

    I can’t make a guide about that…
    I’ll explain shortly…open siscontent hit on Create SIS, add samsungtoolbar.mif to the package, then hit Edit, and replace all the .svgb images into the .mif..
    codes of images and corresponding button (you have to change them with .svg icons you can find on the web):
    entry08 = TELEPHONE
    entry09 = unknown
    entry10 = OPTIONS
    entry11 = BACK,EXIT
    entry12 = MENU
    entry13 = MESSAGING
    entry14 = CONTACS
    entry15 = BACKGROUND widgets and menu
    entry16 = TOUCH
    entry17 = DONE

    Cheers 😉

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