fixed version uploaded soon ;)

Hi guys I read some of you had problems with Ovi Maps, Garmin, Compass, Conversation…

that is due to the same problem, and I already made a fixed version this afternoon but then I had to leave home and haven’t had time to upload all the four versions…


10 thoughts on “fixed version uploaded soon ;)

  1. Hi
    could you built-in app called “Interactive Voice Call Master” (IVCM) in the firmware. It designed for symbian V5 but it had never used in any Samsung symbian

    I can’t…it’s not free..

  2. mann u dont worry.. it will be perfect.. but as u give me the link for ovi maps… it was not catching gps signal.. will now it will catch the signal or not.. with ovi maps..

  3. Ciao faenil, ti lascio questo link “!”. vedi se puΓ² servirti. buon lavoro.

  4. Hi, thanks a lot for this version. I have just made a donation to u.

    Btw, is it possible to remove the beep sound when we start video recording? And there are too many folders categorized by date for video and photos we shoot, any way to make those photos or videos store in a same folder?

    I will delete the video recording sound, but I can’t do the other thing πŸ™‚

  5. Great work m8!l forgot to tell you that the default browser crash sometimes,but maybe it is just me.l hope the new version it will be perfect like you says πŸ™‚ BTW when will you release the fixed one?…

    yeah the browser crashes sometimes, unfortunately that is not my fault…it’s JC1’s… crashes on heavy websites…I moved cache to RAM and set it to 0

  6. my dear when u r giving the fixed one.. i am waiting for this thing for a lot time before.. is it cumming today…

    it will be online in 2:30 hours more or less…

  7. 5 pezzetti di ferro per ricompensare il tuo grande lavoro sono il minimo.Donazione avvenuta.
    In attesa della fixed…non ci farai dormire nemmeno stanotte….LOL
    Sei sempre cosΓ¬ gentile e rispondi a tutti…Grazie a Te Faenil

    ti ringrazio caro πŸ™‚ cerco solo di accontentare un po’ tutti, e di rispondere sempre..
    non Γ¨ bello andare ogni minuto a controllare il blog e non trovare una risposta per te (generico) πŸ™‚
    grazie mille per la donazione πŸ™‚ ce ne vorrebbero tanti come te πŸ˜€
    no dai oggi alle 10 Γ¨ online veramente, spero di non aver dimenticato niente, e avrete circa 3mb in piΓΉ in c πŸ˜€

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