12 thoughts on “fixed version release time: 10:30pm (it’s 7:45pm now)

  1. Hi, I just wana ask will You add anything plus or modify anything in n2o2 with hungarian language?

    THX for answering!


    no mate 😉 I had the chance to include hungarian t9, but I didn’t because I want to make the hungarian version as soon as possible 😉 I think tuesday 🙂

  2. Yessss!!! 30 more minutes…

    Changelog included???

    yeah changelog included 🙂 mate they will be online at 9:30, but I could forget something, so this time I’ll take 1hour as a compromise 🙂

  3. Hi there! 😉

    I got 4 advices to make your ROM just perfect!!!

    1) Use kastor effects from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U_tGGn8Abc

    Also, please note! If you delete “emerge menu” effects files on Z: —> Helps to get rid of that annoying white square in the top of menu when effects are turned on!!!

    2) Please use Nokia icons for desktop bottom BY DEFAULT instead of ugly 3D ones…

    3) Use FULL-SIZE buttons for qwerty mode, looks MUCH BETTER!!

    4) Please disable Photo-Contacts in your “Non 3D taskman” version of ROM to give a little bit more battery life…

    By the way exept theese 4 points – YOUR ROM IS PERFECT!!! =) GOOD JOB!!! =)

    (Af for me – I’m not gonna reflash from K2 FULL until theese 4 points are done… 🙁 )

    I’d like to make a good donation for our saviour! And advice everyone to do that! Because his job is excellent!!! ❗

    1) Man you can change kastors by yourself, I’ll make a guide about that 😉
    2) people like 3d icons, I’m sorry you don’t 🙁 Btw, my firmware is the only one in the world in which you can change the icons of widget homescreen just by changing the file in C:\icons\ (only Options and Exit buttons will not change)
    3) How can I do this? I never used qwerty so I don’t know tricks about it
    4) Photocontact has been deleted 😉 where have you seen it? ^^ with my fw with Basic Homescreen and Kastors disabled, you have 191.5Mb of RAM!!! Do you need more? 😉 that’s a lot, and I didn’t disable any system process from startup 😉

    Hope things are now clear to you 😉

  4. TNANK YOU! I guess I’ll try your new fixed ROM! 😉

    By the way, camera (vido/photo) in your rom is perfect! The BEST i say… How did you do that? 😀

    vivaz codec + camera settings optimized by me and a friend of mine + good jpeg codec 😉
    and in the version which I’ll release in the next hours, photo will be better! 😉

  5. Mate, one more request if you happen to have more time: could you please delete the download folders (images, sound etc) in the built-in browser? Just maintain the recently visited pages and home. I don’t know about what others would say, but for me, I don’t need it.

    If you have time chap, if only you have time.

    Thanks a lot.

    Ok mate you’re talking about preferred website right? 😉 I don’t know how to do that at the moment, but it shouldn’t be difficult, I’ll give it a look on tuesday 🙂

  6. Hi Faenil,

    I would appreciate, if You put off the E:\ Full formatting from your ROMs.
    And why? The full formatting bring us, that the E:\ will formatting after a 3 buttons Hard Reset too…And it makes us easily lost data.
    For exaple: I don’t backup my E:\ drive daily. And there are some important photos, but I do some bad things with my phone, and it isn’t switch on without a 3 buttons Hard Reset. And it cause data losting.

    In my opinion, it is an importan quastion.
    All the best,

    I’m sorry mate but it would easily cause bugs for people who don’t make hard resets…I have to leave that 😉

  7. Hi Faenil

    congratulations for your great effort in making a nice, fast and powerful rom, I simply love this rom.

    I can’t wait to try the fixed version…I was wondering whether is there any chance to have the powerdictionary back.

    I don’t think so, use slovoed 😉

  8. Faenil,

    Is it possible to delete all file after hard reset EXCEPT the music, images and videos?
    It would be a compromise solution.

    If not, not problem, your ROM my favourite!

    I can’t do that because I should put commands for singular folders like:
    Delete E:\Private
    delete E:\resource

    and what if I miss a folder which only one user has installed, and that folder causes problem?
    Deleting everything makes me sure that phone is clean 😉

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