Chinese localization fixed ;)

Check the download page 🙂

There were some missing files for the English language in the chinese localizations…

everything should be ok now…

let me hear your feedbacks! 😉

6 thoughts on “Chinese localization fixed ;)

  1. Thank You ! Faenil 😉

    you’re welcome 🙂 I’m working days and nights on this fw 🙂 I hope everything is ok now…let me know if there is any problem please 😉

  2. thanks a lot~
    i will try it too,and i just wonder if i flash the rom,should i need to reflash the rom to make the 3d navigation work?(u know,i don’t know the way to make it work,is it a patch or anthor rom flashing?)

    you just need to start Z:/sys/bin/Nav3dApp.exe with a file manager and then set it to autostartup with a 3rd party task manager like Jbak 😉
    Notice that you’ll have mymedia on leftswipe, when you are using mymedia hold the finger for less than one second before scrolling, otherwise it will go back to the homescreen 😉

  3. o my god !you make a big update on this chinese rom !i just update my phone to this new rom !it is working great !thank you for you hardwork ! 😛

  4. Hi faenil, this rom is really, but unfortunately I found an issue whenever I choose Chinese Input (HK) as writing language. Whenever this option is chosen, the new message input window just close immediately when a click on the message input line is detected. I guess it happens on all input area as well. Please help.

  5. To add more details on the issue, it happens when phone language is not the same as writing language, e.g. phone language = English and writing language = Chinese (HK)

    I tried those and all was ok….I ‘ll give it a look as soon as I have time 😉

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