Turkish version released :) Indonesian added to the poll :)

hi guys this is for you 🙂

and it works smooth ^^

Menu : English, Turkish <-------> T9: English, Turkish 🙂

Enjoy turkish friends!! 🙂

ps I have added the Indonesian to the localization poll, come on indonesian guys, let’s show me that you want this firmware! 😀

8 thoughts on “Turkish version released :) Indonesian added to the poll :)

  1. hey im really happy and impressed with ur progress in i8910 world .ur gr8 and to get to another level can u plz intergrate n97 widget screen to our omnia hd ? 😈 😈 :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    mate it’s more likely to get Symbian^3 hs working on HD, than N97 hs…
    even if both experiments have looow chance of success 🙂

  2. faniel is it possible to make hd multitouch ? 💡 💡 i dnt think cause it need atleast 1ghz cpu am i ryt?? ❓ ❓ also i have a bug sm tymes sensor got disable automatically in ur latest rm euro version with task 3d 😐 😐 wot to do? ❓

    sensor got disables? what do you mean?
    by the way, no you’re not right :D…the multitouch just need a proper implementation in the operating system, and we just don’t have it (we can’t code it by ourself, that would be too difficult..)
    hope it is clear now 🙂

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