10 thoughts on “yeeeah!! Solution to sensor settings found!! :)

  1. if their codecs are the same. Then, its the perception of us, that is different.. hahaha.. Is there no way to change the engine? =D.. also, does Nokia have no codec? or their fw are a lot different?.. Anyway, a very nice find you got!! >_<.. different fw…^^

  2. Shortcut PhomeTorch By criskelo :mrgreen:

    I wanted to comment that as the shortcut that is available to PhomeTorch not working properly, because it uses much of the screen, I take the liberty of making a new widget that actually works.
    Remember for those who do not have, should install PhoneTorch



    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dmmw5io4jty/lamp.rar

  3. Why don t you just cook another ROM, All of these “improvements” (motion sensor, camera sound, dictionary) can be found in hx, liamstears and any other rom but yours.

    because they used different rofs…

  4. IMO there are still little things to make a new ROM.
    Besides: HX ROMs (which I´ve been using) seem to return some errors when installing some things and spend more battery than Faenil´s! Liam ROMs are made mostly for UK and lack proper T9 or localizations (as I´m from Portugal I get no T9)
    I´ve been using Faenil´s and for the moment 1)there is a Portuguese localization 2)it´s 100% stable 3)no “missing files” 4) spends less battery than HX´s. I´m loving it!!!
    What can be improved IMO? No contact rotation on SMS + more widgets (like HTC clock, etc) + more HQ built-in themes like the included one with colored icons on homescreen + remove adobe Reader/Quickoffice (as on Liam´s, so there we can install better full versions) + Flash Lite 3.1.4 (I can install on HX v3-29 but not on HX v4 or Faenil´s) + Opera Mobile 10 International (installed on D/E. It´s free) included + VirtualKeyMod 0.9.4 included (installed on D/E. It´s free) + Skyfire included (installed on D/E. It´s free)

  5. PS: I followed Faenil´s GUIDE to correct KS on MENU. After creating the extra folder I deleted it and now (with 12 icons on the menu) I only have to press ONCE to open things.

  6. mmick, o do hx já tem o T9 portugues, mas foi pk lhe lixei a cabeça… mas de facto o do faenil está melhor, concordo contigo!

    Faenil… i tell you (by email) that i will test the other ROM, but you didn’t believe in me 😛
    i’m changing again 😉

    I don’t understand what you’re trying to say 🙂

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