Hi guys comment on this post and write all the things that you’d like to have in the new firmware 😉

as fast as you can please 🙂

commeeeent 😀

131 thoughts on “Suggestions!! WRITE ALL WHAT YOU’D LIKE TO HAVE IN NEW FW!!

  1. This will never work, there are too many people with different opinions on what a phone should do!
    I suggest that you make a stripped back rom with all of the current fixes & ask what additional patches would be best ie, Sound, sensors, and so on….
    I don’t know if it is possible for you to create one of you self install packs that give you the option to install all apps or just select a random few???
    I am also curious if it is possible to make it easier to change the left & right swipe function?

    I was trying to make a fully modular rom…but it’s not working…

  2. When I switched off the i8910 then turn it on again I found the registry calls deleted I mean that when you go Menu -> Tools -> Logs and try to see the missed calls or the incoming calls or the dialed one you found all these field empty this thing does not happened in NOKIA when you switched off the mobile then turn it on again it happens when you take the battery out from the mobile only may you able to fix that issue. Another thing why when I press on Telephone to make a call then when I finished it by pressing the RED BUTTON the call end but if you go to the task manager you will find that the Log program is running in the back also this thing does not happen in NOKIA the same thing happen when you write a SMS then go to options and choose exit then if you go to the task manager you will find that the messages program is running in the back that let me after worked by any program I go to the task manager and check if the program still working in the back to turn it of by the task manager program please if you can solve this problem make it.


    I have no idea on how to solve this… 🙁 it has been the same in all firmwares…

  3. Is it possible to replace the i8910 music player with the N97’s?
    I know that you cant have both because they use the same App. UID…

    Tried that…not working…the have different dlls

  4. ciao faenil. capisco che non vuoi integrare nelle tue rom cose già fatte da hyperx però qui c’è davvero molta gente che ti chiede di implementare conversations nei messaggi (compreso me). puoi farlo?

    verrà fatto un sondaggio…non è che mi piace tanto conv…

  5. remove roadsync ,help,about,smart reader,quick office,adobe PDF,my media,compass 😈

    lots of people want mymedia and smartreader and compass…ok about the others

  6. in rif al commento #32 della prima pag.
    1)photocontacts a griglia e non una foto sull’altra..
    cioè una sorta di photogallery scrollabile che selezionando la foto si possa chiamare, inviare sms…

  7. I have one wish. Try to find solution for one anoying situation. When the mobile is disconecting from bluetooth hands free (at that time is already in pocket) for while the display start to be active. During this time some short messagess are sent, some alarms are set etc. Solution: after disconection from hands free – no activation of display – the display must stay locked. If you will find solution I will be more than happy. Thanks for your job. M.

  8. Hello,
    I really miss the name spelling and voice dialing present in all Nokia smartphones! I cant believe a 2009 phone don’t have voice dialing(the i8910)! Can you fix that?

  9. All new to me but loving your work so far.
    As for me well I would not mind a better player added, able to play more file formats.
    Battery monitor.
    Choice of few themes.
    Few of the most wanted apps as voted for.
    ovi maps.
    HTC clock with weather.
    I know most of these things you can get off the net but just nice if they were all in one place as soon as fw is installed.
    Oh and been able to film in macro without having to do that silly thing of hitting your phone lol

  10. can u include some useful apps like garmin and good games? is it possible? thanks a lot!! and also please make a thread on how to install quake 3 arena on our Omnia HD.

    there are no good games for free…and garmin is not for free 😉

  11. hello Faenil. Is it possible to change all the themes icons to universal icons because other icons look crap. or perhaps a setting to do this if u want to.

    just install universal theme?

  12. many people would like a portrait qwerty keyboard. —> cool! Don’t have to turn the phone all the time! :mrgreen:

    autofocus and qwerty are not possible at the moment…
    for all the others it is il possible, but I can’t do them

  13. hallo ,

    Was ich mir wünschem wprde wäre:

    Alle menüs im landscape und normalen modus 🙂

    ThreadSms in “nachrichten” zu integrieren :

    Die cpu zu übertakten und untertakten.

    Bei den bildern im dateimanager auch durch wischen von bild zu bild zu switchen (wie in der galerie)..

    Und vllt dieses blööde problem, wenn man z.b. Im keller ist wo kein empfang ist, dann wieder ins “freie” kommt dass das handy minuten braucht um wieder das signaL aufzunehmen.

    Vllt qt von nokia zum laufen zu bringen.

    Und den homescreen vom n97 zu intigrieren :b

    Hoffe es ist alles machbar

    Habe von der hyperx firmware zu deiner gewechselt, ich muss sagen deine finde ich besser.
    Würdest du jetzt noch die paar sachen ändern wääre es top 😉

    Liebe grüße aus braunschweig

    I’m sorry man but I don’t understand german, could you please write the comment in english ? ^_^

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