Updated versions uploading and new versions :)

Fixed versions are being uploaded

To forgive me for that bug I also created a version with STANDARD SAMSUNG ICONS at the BOTTOM, if you don’t like the 3d ones!! πŸ˜€ Hope you like this πŸ™‚

n2o3_base: ONLINE
n2o3_INTERNATIONAL ( it is the same as n2o3_base, so it only has english in menu, but it includes all t9 and qwerty for all languages, DO NOT USE LANGUAGE PATCHES ON IT): ONLINE


84 thoughts on “Updated versions uploading and new versions :)

  1. ❗ Not perfect yet :!:after using one complete day, i started getting messages like this “System Error”….. after restart stuck at boot screen…..of if restarted stuck at final screen and freezez everything….cant read messages, unable to dial numbers etc…..there are sum bugs still, u have to make concern about them…..thanks in advance for reading above contents….regards

    you have some real problems bro πŸ™‚ don’t you think other people would have eaten me if those were real bugs? πŸ˜€
    seriously, have you done hardreset?

  2. Mohammed Ibrahim, did you hard reset before flash, and hard reset after flash? Also need to format E storage drive before and after too πŸ™„

  3. Yes buddy i do….just now i re-flash it again to give another try to know if there’s still same problem….thanks by the way for your kind concern…. 😐

    let me know if this time everything goes in the right way πŸ™‚
    don’t try to flash localization on the international version, if you’re doing it

  4. hahaha Faenil you forgot to say ‘Goodluck’ lol, theres over 150 000 ringtones on mobile 9, i think that will take me years, but yeah iv heard it before,dont know where, but every now and then i listen to that ringtone lol

    yep this is the effects it causes…people start listening to it randomly! πŸ˜€
    I think you should check FEATURED… πŸ™‚ that narrows the choice πŸ˜›

  5. Mohammed Ibrahim – Do what ashtan and Faenil said, iv flashed n203 base + arabic and is working wonderfull,installed all programs and without a single error, what you should do is hard reset your phone and install step by step,install only the base of n203 and then see if you have the same problems.

  6. 😐 so far so good 😐 installed 3 hours before and working fine so far….i do the same as explained by all buddies here….leme see if i face any problem this time……the best thing at this site, getting answers so fast….was using hyperx before but after v3 switched to faenil….and find faenil rom much more stable and faster than other with less/no bugs most of the time…..thanks all of you for your concern…will share if theres somthing wrong…keep rocking! πŸ˜›

    yess πŸ™‚ good πŸ˜›

  7. Ciao Faenil. Ho seguito il tuo consiglio sui tasti per il bootloader: confusione…. ROM spaventosa . Grazie. Donato ( frabasile)

    ti ringrazio veramemente πŸ™‚

  8. Great update. Thanks.

    One issue: If I call somebody then I don’t see that persons name any more. I see only the main screen.
    Not able to send for example DTMF signals for voicemails

    Am I only one or is this general?


    what do you mean? how is it possible that you only see the mainscreen?

  9. How can I upload to n2o3 icon from n2o2?

    just take the file from n2o3 C:/Icons and paste it to C:/Icons in n2o2…
    remember that this change will only affect Widget HS icons.

  10. Caro Faenil, ho stressato ben bene la rom tutta la giornata e devo dire che ho trovato due punti deboli:
    1) Comparto fotografico – Sebbene i colori siano + vivi e definiti, il rumore, soprattutto in caso di scarsa luminositΓ , Γ¨ davvero inaccettabile. Addirittura le foto mi vengono verdognole ai bordi! Con il comparto precedente ed i codec del Vivaz mi sembra che non fosse cosΓ¬.
    2) I messaggi “System error” in effetti ci sono e riguardano la guida. Qualsiasi guida venga selezionata, sia dei programmi di sistema (giΓ  in rom) che quelli installati, non funziona e mi restituisce il messaggio di errore (ma chi la usa la guida!?).
    Per il resto la rom è stabile e veloce ed ha buoni effetti grafici. Pertanto penso di tenerla perchè merita davvero (di sicuro è superiore alla HX-V4).
    Naturalmente, tu non fermarti e, studi ed esami a parte, “facce sognΓ !”
    Ciao a presto…

    ragazzi ma perchΓ¨ fate sempre le stesse osservazioni πŸ™ per la guida Γ¨ stato fatto un sondaggio, ed Γ¨ stato votato che la guida doveva essere tolta, ed Γ¨ stata tolta! Γ¨ normale che ora se prova ad entrarci dia errore! πŸ™ che strazio non ce la faccio piΓΉ :'(
    idem per il codec, tutti hanno votato il codec samsung, allora lo metto e…non vi va bene lo stesso πŸ™

  11. Of course, many many thanks to start off with Faenil. I flashed iSMS 1.02 onto n2o3 but now I cannot send texts (gets stuck in outbox with repeating trying to resend). I then tried to uninstall iSMS, rebooted, then tried again and same problem. It’s the same file that I used to install iSMS on Hx 3.29 fw so I know the program file isn’t broken. Does anyone know if it’s just not compatible with integrated vivaz msg app? Thank you!

  12. Oh right, not sure if this extra info is helpful but it’s the international n2o3 version that I installed. I know texting works on Hx 3.29 and that i didn’t check whether texting works before installing iSMS on n2o3 but I’m assuming it did. Thanks

    you should have checked before, maybe you have some problems with operator

  13. Mohamed, today,after 2weeks of using n2o2,the same system error apeared.I just removed baterry,tried start again,again,in the end the phone was Ok.Disable C2Z!


  14. Hello Faenil. Really hard work and insisting to make it bug-free. Thank you very much. And I have 2 suggests :

    May you make a patch to work with rompatcher as C2Z but you make it E2Z to save more free space on the C:\ drive. Second may you integrate (phone torch) by Harald Meyer: http://www.phonetorch.com licensed but after asking Harald Meyer to corporate with you in this matter.


    I had the same idea about e2z πŸ˜€ I just thought about it today or yesterday, don’t remember πŸ˜€
    about phonetorch, I don’t want all cfw to be the same…but I’ll look into it…

  15. hi again bro! An interesting problem awaits to be solved, hope you can help the Hungarian community with this. Well, contacts is the thing we have problems with. Double consonant last names are quite common in Hungary. One example is ie. Szabo. Well, when typing to look for this name, we can’t look for it as it is impossible to find names starting with sz. Only names starting with an s can be found. What is suprising that double consonant search does work when phone language is set to english. πŸ™ do you know why this can be? Can you help us out with this? Thanks a lot, your Hungarian friends.

    Just tried on italian language and it works ok…I don’t know why it shouldn’t work in hungarian…did you make the try with the same phone? it’s very very strange, seems like you are making something wrong…

  16. Achoo ~ Why would you want to install iSMS anyway when there is the ‘conversation’ app’ already built in?

    Maybe you should just start again and not bother with iSMS.

    he has some problem with the operator imho

  17. Faenil my friend, this weekend i take my phone for a test drive (photo test)and Man, the Samsung Jpeg codec from n2o3 rock’s , much better than n2o2 (color’s and Sharpness)incredble, With the video only the sound problem doesn’ rock but you gonna fixit soon.
    About Modem Jb1 and Jc1 there are no diferences to me, battery life the same, Gps sinal streng and speed the same call reception the same.
    Before n2o2 and n2o3 i had Hx V4 Speed SE Edition very fast Rom, a little bit faster then n2o2 but your n2o3 is the King of speed and the Kastor effects are incredible and i even like the Theme (much more speedy than Universal, my wife have Universal so i can tell you for sure).
    So i’m very happy with my new phone for the next 2 year’ or less πŸ˜†
    ThankΒ΄s a lot. πŸ˜‰

    wonderful thanks for your mini review πŸ˜€

  18. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    😐 tHaNkS fAeNil 😐

    nice πŸ˜€


  20. Caro Faenil sono due giorni che stresso tutto. Ottimo lavoro. Non fa una grinza. Veloce, reattivo, tutti i programmi funzionano alla grande. Nel caso, remoto hi!, che ti venisse in mente di fare la quattro, ti voglio ricordare che sul forum dell’Omnia di Facebook ci fu una grande richiesta per la chiamata vocale. Chi sa……

    ragazzi non ho piΓΉ tempo, devo studiare…

  21. hi faenil

    i have a request for you. N97 and other nokia brands have video ringtones and their owners make me jealous … can we have video ringtones?? is it possible?


    I have no clue about how to put videoringtones πŸ™‚

  22. ciao faenil, vorrei chiederti una cosa, visto che cercando sul sito non mi pare di aver trovato risposta… Γ¨ possibile fare in modo che l’i8910 venga riconosciuto da nokia ovi suite?

    non lo so…

  23. Faenil Bro!

    As for the double consonant name search: my friend muveszur (just like any countryman of mine registered here) can also confirm what I am saying, namely there is really no possibility in any Hungarian firware (I mean phone language is Hungarian)to search pretty common names like Szabo or Csaba, at the same time the same feature does work in any other language as the phone language. It is not a unique problem, all the Hungarian i8910 community has had this problem since the launch of this device, which is though just a little inconvenience, a solution would be like salvation for all of us! Say you can help us, Maestro! πŸ™‚

    ohhh I see…so it’s not a n2o3 problem…
    well than I have no idea bro πŸ™ and have no time to work on that, my time is finished I have to study now…I’ll only answer to comments and publish some patches from time to time…but I can’t waste days looking for samsung bugs…sorry πŸ™

  24. [cut]
    ragazzi ma perchΓ¨ fate sempre le stesse osservazioni πŸ™ per la guida Γ¨ stato fatto un sondaggio, ed Γ¨ stato votato che la guida doveva essere tolta, ed Γ¨ stata tolta! Γ¨ normale che ora se prova ad entrarci dia errore! πŸ™ che strazio non ce la faccio piΓΉ :’(
    idem per il codec, tutti hanno votato il codec samsung, allora lo metto e…non vi va bene lo stesso πŸ™


    bene πŸ™‚

  25. Hi, n2o3 is almost perfect, but 2 important thinks:

    1) Calendar – kinetic sroll is laging – very bad
    2) Music player – lack of deep bass – I know it for 100%(compare to n202)

    It is possible to fix it? Thanks for Your reply!

    already answered to the other comment of yours πŸ˜‰

  26. pls tell me how to install and use it successfully latest nokia messaging designed for nokia n97mini on n2o3 base standard icons ver. I was able to install it successfully but when i try to setup any email account on it i always get a error as Unable to connect to server pls try again. But this does not happen on my n97 mini. Is there any moded ver of it which works on ur fw and able use it same like n97mini? Pls waiting for ur reply. Thanks.

    I have never used it sorry..

  27. mate patch for NO KS in menu do you have ? where can i find it ?

    it would require a new n2o3 version…and all new localizations…I can’t do it now, I have to study…

  28. Hey Faenil, successfully flashed to n203.. but i face a weird problem.. i had made 2 backups before hard resetting – 1 of my contacts only, 1 of contacts and calendar.. after putting in n203, i restored the contacts using pc suite and i find that i have double the number of contacts.. each entry is duplicated.. and if i delete one, both vanish! can anyone here (since faenil’s on study leave πŸ˜‰ ) help me out on this one?

    unfortunately backups made with PC Studio always cause problems when imported in a new firmware…

  29. hi faenil, good job on your N2O3 VERSION, it is fast and stable… just a few concern on how to speed-up my games folder when accessing…

    just use the trick suggested by szakalit on hyperx’s website πŸ˜‰ that’s the only way we know to speed up the loading process…

  30. Hello.

    Thanks for good work on creating fw. I notice one thing. When flashed the N0203base ..and then took photos, everything was fast. You could even listen to music while taking pictures. But after flashing localization (nordic) ..then pre-focus was not enabled, taking pictures took long time as as old Samsung fw and could not listen to music while taking pics. Installing pre-focus back was easy but how I could get other functions back? Have anyone has same “problem”?

    Listening to music while taking photo is not possible with i8910, so if you managed to do that, you’ve been lucky πŸ˜‰
    if prefocus was not enabled, then something went wrong during the flashing progress…
    just make a hardreset… πŸ˜‰

    Thank you.

  31. Why no new firmwares? Waiting for Hyperx to release his next great firmware so u can steal his ideas and make them your own? πŸ‘Ώ

    yes bro, just waiting to copy all that hard work out of it πŸ˜‰

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