chance to have a fix for the bugged widget hs

Guys there is a chance that the idea I had regarding how to solve the widget hs bug while using the “gadget in E” mod is a good one….

I have to work on it tomorrow 🙂

I hope to give you good news as soon as possible 🙂


28 thoughts on “chance to have a fix for the bugged widget hs

  1. Well waiting for something is relly very very tiring 😀

    We hope to see this firmware comeout soon. ELSE we have nothing else but to wait . Just a quick question will the portrait keyboard from C6 firmware and the homescreen be ported 😉

    Still on n203 and satisfied with it

    Wish you best of the Luck

    Best Regards

  2. hi faenil,

    share with us the new features, otherwise you run the risk, that someone else introduce the same features as you, and you loose all the credits, hard word and the fresh/new idea concept…


  3. @danielvieira

    Faenil does good not to reveal what he is doing, this way the others can’t copy him first. However I doubt he will be innovative at all. Looking forward to see what his new firmware will look like even though so far I prefer HX firmwares by far.

  4. @i8910lover funny you should say that as i find the exact opposite, faenils firmwares are fast and bug free, HX’s look all snazzy but my preference is definitely with N203 so far. I have every faith in faenil delivering yet another smooth release. I’m hoping he’s been busy with something qt too :p

  5. N203 has nothing, no features, that’s why it is “bugfree”. HX V7 is bug free and is the one i’m using now, it absolutely blows n203 out of the water. Faster, more features and same stability. HXV8 had a couple of bugs that are being worked on and when fixed it will be even better compared to V7. N203 is obsolete. Maybe in N204 things will change. I’m a fan of competition and i’ll use whatever firmware adds more features and makes my user experience better. So far HX has no equals.

    just one word…..


  6. I personally use HX’s ROMs because they’re a better fit for how I like to use the phone, but to say Faenil’s ROMs are less stable is ridiculous. Andy likes to bring in a lot of new stuff to push the envelope of what we can achieve on our phones, but sometimes that’s at the expense of it being thoroughly tested. He’s in a bad position because everyone demands that he adds in features or fixes stuff so he pushes out his firmware very fast. Faenil takes longer to test and release and while he does sometimes add new stuff that no one else is doing (yet), usually it’s the core features which have been tested well and are more stable. Which is better? For me, it’s HX. But to say that Faenil’s work isn’t as good or as stable is just dumb. Let’s stick to healthy competition rather than trying to incite a war.

  7. @ HX CFW fans

    ANDY is a collector developers ideas and he did not mention the name of the developer idea else someone come out and tell him that is not your idea it is for somebody else at this moment he write the copyright of the idea in his changelog not because he want that but because he made these CFW ( Coustom FirmWare ) for free and if he continue and lie he will lose the fan and the donation. Also he know if he make these CFW by money he will not get money like what he get by the donation. You said that FAENIL take his time to test and present his CFW do you know why ?! because he working technically and want to give you a complete work free of bugs as he can. Also ANDY when he know the bugs and get the ideas to solve it why he did not solve it and then make a version free of the bugs he always leave them and go to another version why he did not try to put all the good ideas in a perfect CFW to let you always need him and that is not fair. I do not hate ANDY no I appreciate his work and any tiny develop work to our phone Omnia HD i8910 but I hope that these works to be completed and free of bugs as possible.

  8. I think we all want a bug free phone at the end of the day. All of the cookers are doing fantastic jobs and doing it in their own way. I don’t always agree with how Andy goes about his business, but as I said, how he cooks his ROMs works best personally for me, even though I would definitely say they’re not overall as bug-free as Faenil’s.

    We have to remember that every cooker borrows ideas from everyone, really, and no one is forced to pay anything for their CFW if they don’t want. And then in case of Andy, he is abiding by PHNT’s wishes to not give out his HX Patcher app, and that got him a lot of criticism. It looks like Faenil is doing his own version of this app, which is great news and hopefully he’ll make it available for every cooker. Andy’s is clearly still in development and has some bugs, and I’d expect Faenil’s will have a few bugs first of all too. That’s the thing about these CFW’s – we all have to remember that they are really beta software to a degree, and some are better cooked than others at certain times. In this case, I think Faenil’s is better cooked than Andy’s, but it may not be the case for the next one (considering it’s taking a while for Faenil to release it, it’s likely his will have less bugs but you never know).

    Like I said, I think healthy competition is awesome and even if people do steal ideas from others, so what? At the end of the day *we* win – our i8910 phones become better. It would be a shame if everyone spent more time arguing and bashing the cookers rather than saying thank you (to all of them) for doing such a great job for us.

  9. @OP and post itself: that would be rather nice and great feature ’cause everyone could use modded flash modded gadget.sfw files instead of default TouchWiz at their preference. If you manage this, it will be plus one great and bug free feature in upcoming n2o4. If not, I think n2o4 users can live with usual c2z ways, but none can say you haven’t tried 😉

    as for ‘wishes’ LT is mentioning – it’s quite the other way around. For the rest – each to his own etc. But what is the point of this total OT nonsense in the first place… I thought we’re to comment on possibility to have E drive gadget without bugs… and guess what – it still is.

    Some people are simply blind (not to say something lse seeing few posters fails really really short) to acknowledge faenils post, COMMENT ON THAT (!) and simply tend to post usual BS like ‘when you’ll release it’ or ‘mine is bigger then yours’ odd comments.

  10. @Fevves – I’m just going by what Andy has posted about this in the past.

    And agree, we should get back on topic. It just annoys me when people come on either modder’s forum to criticize them and talk up the competition’s firmware. What’s the point? Use what you like. Every modder will do something what suits someone better, be it ROMs or the way they go about their business.

    But yes, all the best Faenil – I hope you can work out a solution to the HS. Andy’s implementation currently doesn’t work correctly from E:\ so it would be great if you could pull that off.

  11. @i8910lover

    You´re right althoug i believe you´re wrong, because revealing the ebd doesn´t mean that other know the path, what i want to say is people will not know how to do, and if they try we all know that is not as good as faenil´s, well when someone is good no one beats him just like that…

    Although i understad.


  12. Faenil i’cant chenge the audio in the movies. Exist another video player for samsungi8910? When i plug the cellphone on tv, no appear the subtitles on tv just in the cell phonne.
    I tried to put the animation wall paper but doesn´t work, can you helpme my friend?

  13. Another proof that HX are better is that they are more popular, Check how many comments has each new post of andy’s compared to faenil’s. After all this time, it is obviously more popular because it’s better and people get a better user experience using it. However Faenil’s work is of course very good compared to the original firmware. Just not up to the level of HX. Release this firmware so we see what you created this time. Good luck.

    man I think you need some counseling…come to live chat and I’ll give you my msn address…
    stop talking without knowing facts, please.

    If you won’t come, then it means you’re just not up to what you say…

  14. @ i8910lover – There are only more comments because of thick and stupid people asking for the same undeliverable things time after time after time. ‘When will we get Android on our 8919?’ or ‘When can you put Symbian 3 on our 8910?’ or ‘When will our 8910 dish out money when we want it?’. All total bollocks and totally unrealistic but still they ask every single bloody month!!

    And if faenil’s firmware has ‘nothing and no features’ …..why waste your time coming on here? Surely there are some porn sites that you haven’t visited yet!

  15. Someone give i8910lover a torch, must be dark that far up hx’s ass :p. Dude we’re all here for the same reason don’t get fanboy’d up over any one particular thing, embrace the love from all cookers equally. We all have our personal favourites but there is no need to be disrespectful to anyone, especially those who are helping you without ask for anything bar some positive/constructive feedback, a thank you and/or a donation if possible. Be a lover not a hater 🙂

  16. Speaking of stupid comments written on HX’s forum, read the comment above me. I’m not a fanboy, i just think that right now is AHEAD, and I come here cause I love my phone and i am curiosu to see what Faenil will create. If it’s better I will use that, but right now Faenil is falling behind. Faenil I didn’t log on live chat when you said, cause I was offline and I only now saw your comment.

  17. I really don’t understand what kind of discussion is it?
    if someone read the comments on HX page, 95% of them are “go HX, good job, waiting new release” like that. if you think that these kind of words are comment then nothing to say.

  18. @i8910lover: are you ok? don’t you feel deezy? cold? stupid?
    so you think HX is far better than any n2ox. why are you here? lets think of this possibility that everyone here would finaly belive you. will you be happy if faenil decides to end his work for this devise? then what? you know, right now, andy has posted that he’s working on some new features, in answer of n2ox CFWs. what if there were no cookers beside Andy? you think then he worked this good?
    ok, we got it. you are curius to see what faenils doing. but comments like your erely ones make peple stop free suporting of this phone. no one likes to work for you if you dont appriciate it.
    Im using HX-V8 right now. but I know faenils work is great too.
    tnx faenil.

    @chenchao:yes it is.
    this phone is a nice piece of hardware, which lacks a good OS too use it.
    android is woeking on HTC HD. which has a 525mh CPU, and no graphic accelerator.
    but no one can port android on i8910 without the help of samsung.( no one couldn’t till now.)
    the problem is bootloader. the files are with samsung. and decripting bootloader it self on this device is way too hard.
    I actually wanted too ask samsung to do this. if we manage to get enoghe people to spred the word that we are not happy whit this OS, ( with all the” samsung think about his costumers and apple wont”) we might get what we wish for.
    I post this on HX site, but I didnt get any answers.
    can you do somthing like this faenil?
    can you write an open letter to samsung? we can sign it.

    Man samsung doesn’t care about this device, it won’t even answer to the letter…it’s a battle lost at its beginning

  19. che razza di gente inbecille che fa sti commenti..potreste benissimo infliarvi in qualche sito porno a masturbarvi piuttosto che venir qui a sputar sentenze senza nemmeno sapere di cosa state parlando..un esempio e’ quel cretino di i8910lover..segui i consigli di faenil,sentiti con lui in privato,magari ti riscghiara quella testa vuota che hai.mi dispiace solo che ho scritto in ita e non capisci.tu faenil non fare caso a queste persone…siamo tutti con te e grazie ancpora infinitamente del lavoro che fai!

  20. is there any new news of that gatgets.swf problem withs have forced me to use finger use homescreen.
    Is this possible fix going to be a sis file, reflash or new samsung widgets homescreen swf (moddet to work fully at e:\) and when that fix is going to be relased.
    And if its new gadgets.swf is it relased a separate file or is it bundled with n0204 fw, im interesdet that becouse im using andys v8 pecouse of that handy patcher app and fixed music player.
    Do not get me wrong i have tested your fw too but i jumped to andys fw becouse of constant feacture updates and tweaks, but you are doing wery important work for our omnia’s too, so keep going mate.

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