7 steps to turn your noisy videos into an hd digital camera videos!

This guide is by Fenomeno83, whom I want to thank for his idea 😉
With this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make the videos recorded with your Omnia HD noticeably better, expecially those recorded in low
light conditions, where the picture noise is often high.
The tool you’ll need are (download them from here):
klite codec
gordian knot
neatvideo 2.0 for virtualdub (I can’t attach this one because it’s not for free, you can look for it by yourself)
filmato.avs (avisynth file which contains the path of the file you want to optimize)
The procedure I’m going to show is the longest one to do such thing, but it’s the one which offers the best possible quality.
Let’s begin:
1) Install : gordian knot, klite, avisynth, neatvideo (when it will ask for the path where virtualdub plugins are, point it to the one inside
gordian knot’s folder which should be C:\Program Files\gordianknot\virtualdubmod\plugins)
Now install Yamb.
Ripbot264 doesn’t need any installation, just start the .exe
2) Open filmato.avs with the Notepad and write the path of the video you want to optimize in the line named DirectShowSource, replacing “C:
Save the changes to the file
3) Now open virtualdubmod, which should be in C:\Program Files\gordianknot\virtualdubmod\, click on “File->Open Video File” and select
filmato.avs. If you have done everythin correctly, you’ll now see a frame of the video you want to optimize.
4) Click on Video->Filters->Add, select Neatvideo, and hit OK.
Now click on Configure and then on AutoProfile. Now you can find yourself in one of these 3 situations:
  • if NeatVideo doesn’t tell you anything, a small square will appear, just hit Filter->Apply. Go to step 5).
  • OR: if NeatVideo tells you that the selected area is small, just click YES and then hit Filter->Apply. Go to step 5).
  • If NeatVideo tells you that it hasn’t been able to find a uniform area, you’ll have to select it manually: create a square using your mouse in a BACKGROUND AREA OF THE FRAME (not on the main subject) which you believe to be uniform; if NeatVideo thinks the area you selected is uniform, just right-click on ”AutoProfile using selected area” and finally click on Filter->Apply; in the case it’s not uniform, neatvideo will tell you that it’s not uniform in some channel: if the only non-uniform channel is Y it’s not a problem, just right-click on “AutoProfile using selected area” and finally click on Filter->Apply; if there are other non-uniform channels (e.g. you get “Clipping in B,G channels” message) it’s better to repeat the manual selection of a background area until the only non-uniform channel is Y, or the all the channels are uniform to that area (again, if you get “selected area is small”, just click YES), then right-click on “AutoProfile using selected area” and finally click on Filter->Apply;
5) Now hit on OK, and go back to the VirtualdubMod screen.
Click on video and click on Full Processing Mode.
In Compression select Uncompressed RGB.
Hit OK.
Now click on File->Save and save the file as a Non-compressed AVI.
6) When the process is finished, we’ll have to convert out non-compressed AVI (very heavy in terms of Kilobytes and processing power required to
play it) in a more “portable” format.
Open RipBot264, click on Add and select the AVI file saved with VirtualDubMod.
Select [High 4.0] HD.Blueray.Console as profile.
Mode CQ and CRF 18.
MP4 format.
Select the path of the destionation file and click on Done and finally Start.
The final video will be optimized and portable, but we still have to add audio to it.
7) Open YAMB, click on Create->Create and mp4 with multiple audio, Video..
Now click on Add, and add the original video (where we’ll take the audio from) and the optimized video.
Now deselect the Mpeg4 track of the original video, and leave the aac track of the original video selected, and select the AVC video track of
the optimized video.
Now just write the name and the path of the destination file (don’t choose the same name as the original video) and hit Next to save the final
Here we have an exameple video ( download here):

ENJOY!!! 😀

25 thoughts on “7 steps to turn your noisy videos into an hd digital camera videos!

  1. I just checked them both out running synced side by side. Checked out still frame shots and in all honesty I think the first video is better. The detail around the books in the end tells this I think. more vibrant colours and truer blacks also. It may seem a bit “grittier” but there is detail in that grit. Think this process just takes away not adds. It may be different for high level light idk will have to check the other vids out 🙂

  2. Right! I just rechecked but this time I watched 720p (:/ oops lol)
    Noticeable difference now a lot smoother. like an antialaising angel kissed every pixel lol
    The compromise is slight detail loss but overall good. I suppose most of the detail is too hard to work out anyway so might as well get smoothed over.

    I use xmedia to recode hdyoutube clips to play on my i8910. I tried doing the same with a film took on the camera and found it looked better after conversion than it did before lol Don’t know if it was error correction antialaising or maybe the compression. But it did look better 🙂

  3. so what? is this thing worth the time it needs, or not? I have a really low speed internet connectio, and cant watch the videos my self. rune, did the time (and decreas of detailes.) worth it?

    faenil, pleas answer my comment in your previuse post. ( its #25.) its not good you guys only answer the top comments.7

    man you can’t tell me this, I always answered to ALL THE COMMENTS.
    I just don’t have time now because I’m in a rush to finish n2o4…
    Please, be respectful…:(

  4. @shayan. I’ve yet to check the other clips out so can’t be 100% but from the 2 youtube’d ones shown here, i say yes i think it’l help rescue certain gritty (noisey) dark clips. I’ve heard that youtube compression smooths things over somewhat so it is hard to tell for sure the true conclusion until i see them native mp4 after conversion. It will depend on the video clip in question and a dash personal preference whether it’s worthwhile or not fo you. It does do what it says, if you have a low level light clips with lots of noise then this process snould help elimiate most of it. You’ll have to see for yourself dude, but don’t upload it, you won’t need a good net connection to sample this with your own footage 🙂

  5. As far as does it ‘work’ or not is concerned then it’s a definite yes in my opinion. more so on some clips than others.
    The process will eliminate some detail at the cost of smoothness but from experience with so many good clips that are unwatchable due to noise this will help greatly !
    This is a really good tutorial. The software’s provided are a worthwhile download for anyone who wishes to edit/convert videos.
    Kudos :D!
    Thank you for the effort and help guys i’m sure i will be using this technique from time to time

    so, I uploded them in youtube as a fast method to show something, but remember with it several details lost…if you want watch the real results and make a real comparison I SAID YOU THAT YOU MUST DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL VIDEOS HERE

    so faenil, please delete youtube link..in this manner who want see differences, download original file!

  7. Agree with you Fenomeno. Watched the 4 mp4’s you put up on my HDTV @720p and there is a massive difference between before and after.
    The Youtube clips are not to go by for said reasons.
    One thing that impressed me was the file size difference. 45mb – 25mb. So our clips are better with smaller filesize 🙂 Sweet!
    Well happy with the results thanks 😀

  8. tnx for this helpful guide…
    …but u can use vReveal (a free software by nVidia) for best performance in video quality.
    it’s very simple to use & just need 2 click to enhance quality of your videos.
    i think it’s the best by now.

  9. tnx rune for the information.

    faenil, I publicly apologize if I made you feel bad in any way. I dident want to be disrespectful. I think you are doing a great job for us. god knows how many times I defended you in diffrent forums. so I’m sorry for talking like that.
    I just wanted to get an answer.

    but about that, I dont know how to explain coz I dont know English very well. I know samsung doesent care about this device. in fact, I think samsung want omnia HD dead, becoaus its affects other samsung phones market.
    but, samsung does care about it self. samsung wants to look good in costumers eyes. lately it was giving free galaxy S to dissapointed iphone4 users. its not good for them right now, that a group of it costumers spred the word that samsung abandoned us. I think we have a chans, if we play right.
    but if you think its not worth to try…

    btw, cant wait for n2o4.

  10. i know vreveal too (I was a betatester of this project that born with name “motionDSP”) but improvementes expecially in noisy video with neatvideo are much better…vreveal is good for pixellated videos for examples

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