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Ok guys it seems like there are no bugs found yet n2o4 and I’m really happy for that 😉

I’ve read someone complaining about the WDR set to ON by default…so I’ll now make a poll, because changing that feature requires flashing again and uploading new versions


52 thoughts on “WDR POLL ————-> VOTE HERE ————————————–>

  1. “man…really…you’re making a bug out of a feature…”

    feature it is good, but so many keyboards it is an excess.
    For example, why i need china keyboard or turkish ? English keyboard has all symbols may I need, it can replace most of others.
    Or why needed to people from Сhina or India ukr keys ?
    I do not know how to rest, but I have so many keyboards only create additional difficulties.

    And its so hard to add 93 to languges.txt ? Or its create some big bug in other part of fw ? If it is so, please told me, and i dont ask again if it is so. 😉

    And what about folder delay ? It is not a bug and present in most of all fw but… 🙄

    I made less packs because otherwise I would have to build lots of things, check them and everything, upload lots of packs, and it takes TOO LONG for me, it’s so not worth the time!…why does it bother you so much having a multiple choice?
    about adding 93 to languages, unfortunately it seems like nokia softwares like ovistore has a limit in the languages that can be available in the firmware…if I add 93, I have to delete another one, otherwise ovistore won’t work anymore…clear? 🙂 I’m no evil, I do not delete languages for fun 😀

    about folder delay, I don’t have the files to fix it

  2. OK. Thanks for answer. I dont like multiple choice because by occupation i must to send many text messages and i need to change lang several times for one message and it is difficult to quickly find the necessary lang. If there are no any way i can replace language.txt without flashing, will have to go back to n2o3 and remember the old days and start again to do my own version of the firmware with oll things which I need. Thanks for bugless fw. 😀

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